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Michelin Pilot Sport Experience 2014

Discussion in 'Online Videos' started by willyace, Aug 17, 2014.

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    Oct 18, 2007
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    My Video:
    Michelin MPSE 2014 @ Theright2race - YouTube

    MPSE @ Theright2race:
    Once every year Michelin organized an event called "Michelin Pilot Sport Experience" which held in Sepang International Circuit, specifically for their customers, dealers, journalists and social media commentators from various countries. The selected few will experience first-hand on-track in some of the worlds’ most famous race cars fitted from Michelin’s street to race tires and under supervision of professional racecar drivers.

    For the first time this years, Michelin open it to the public by selecting top 25 players from 6 difference countries in Michelin Pilot Sport Experience - The Right 2 Race online game and I’m one of the winners from Malaysia. The idea behind this proved to be effective as the players had to set the fastest lap time using their knowledge about racing line and braking point in the virtual world of Sepang Circuit. This also tested and proven how worthy for each enthusiast as Michelin will bare all-expense paid trip to this event.

    Spending the 3 days with Michelin was awesome, besides having the opportunity to learn the technology behind Michelin tires and getting to drive all the race cars from Formula 4, Renault Clio Cup, Toyota Gt 86, and Citroen c2 Rally. All of us also get a hot lap with the professional driver Scott Mansell in Lamborghini Super Trofeo or Benjamin Rouget in Formula Le Mans. Everything was very well organized, with the 5 stars hotel, 1 day city tour, foods and especially the gifts was very meaningful.

    Although we won't be racing against each others, but points will be given by the professional racer / instructors throughout whole driving experience. To our surprise during the prize giving ceremony, the marketing director for Michelin Southeast Asia and Oceania Mr. Tony Menard announced that the Champion of the day will win a all paid first class trip for 2 to Le Mans (France) next year 2015.

    I was actually happy, shock and speechless in the same time during the prize giving ceremony. That moment really touched me, even with my past track experience so far nothing could compare to this.
    Everything seem to be unforgettable.

    Official Video from Michelin:

    Champion: Francis Ivan Isada (PHILIPPINES)
    1st runner up: Mitchell Lukasz (AUSTRALIA)
    2nd runner up: Willy Vanilly (MALAYSIA)

    Fong Lee / Jeff Robinson / Richard Thorpe / Adrian Jackson / Mitchell Lukasz / Nicholas Leahy

    Chai Grich / ศักรินทร์ สนหอม / Pon Honda / Gw Theerapong / Kevin Jet / Sadudee Patamatham

    Jin Juet Wee / Shoa Yie Yeong / Jin Wei / Saiful Anuar Mohd Yusoff / Willy Vanilly

    Jonathan Christopher / Pandu Nuhuswantoro / Azhari Hasan

    Francis Ivan Isada / Sung Joon Park / Paolo Alcance

    Datu YogaBrata / Jonathan Ong

    Special Thanks:
    Mr Tony Menard / Ms. Adchana / Ms. Ruedee / Ms. Lena
    Mr. Martin Quick / Mr. Jonathan Lee / Mr. Scott Mansell / Mr. Benjamin Rouget / Mr. Aaron Lim / Mr. Eric Yeo / Mr. Kyle Geekie
    Mr. Thierry Coulon / Ms. Jocelyn Lim / Ms. Charlotte Teoh / Ms. Jocelyn Tauruski / Ms. Zoe Dean
    Ms. Gladys Yeap/ Ms. Nyx Shum / Ms. Cynthia Choong

    And of course all the management & crew members.

    You guys Rocks!!!

    Thank you!!!​
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  2. willyace

    willyace Senior Member
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    Oct 18, 2007
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