Mercedes leads electric logistics with cool Urban eTruck!

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    What comes to mind when you hear about an electric truck? A futuristic-looking, super-aerodynamic cab with all trailing wheels neatly tucked and covered to reduce drag? Not really.


    Here's the Mercedes-Benz Urban eTruck, and boy, an electric truck that actually looks more 'normal' than expected.

    Recently, Tesla revealed its latest Master Plan Part II - they are exploring the potential to build E trucks. But hey, Daimler's Mercedes-Benz is already testing their actual one.


    Equipped with an enormous 212 kWh battery pack with three lithium-ion battery modules, the heavy-duty three-axle 26-metric-tonne rig will haul its cargo with sweet electric torque.


    I just can't take my eyes off the battery packaging. Neat stuff!


    The truck looks very capable and ready for its first delivery job!

    Daimler's plan to give the concept an approximately 120 miles (192 km) per charge makes the truck ideal for cross-town deliveries, particularly in urban areas where internal combustion engine-powered traffic are limited due to emissions concerns.


    Daimler is holding on the fact that batteries are becoming less expensive and more powerful to make their zero-emission truck feasible.


    Will Daimler beat Tesla in the quest to make distribution a cheaper and cleaner industry?

    Oh and please Daimler, give us EV garbage trucks. The diesel ones have been waking everyone up from sleep for centuries.

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