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Medklinn Air Purifier Ionizer

Discussion in 'All OTHER stuff' started by medklinn, May 7, 2010.

  1. medklinn

    medklinn 5 Year | Silver

    May 7, 2010
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    I have a Like New in the Box MEDKLINN Haven Air Sterilizer. 480RM. Very negotiable. In gombak but can ship to you via poslaju. I bought it for RM 699

    The MedKlinn Haven Air Sterilizer incorporates the latest air cleaning technology. This unique device uses a patented, highly-effective ‘Plasma Ion’ technology. The technology been tested by the German ‘GS’ and ‘TUV’ certification bodies and approved as conforming to the relevant and stringent electrical safety and ozone emission standards.

    When the MedKlinn Haven is operating, freshness begins to fill the room. This is like the invigorating smell found near a large waterfall or after a thunderstorm, but in much greater measure. Like a gushing fountain, the MedKlinn Haven floods the room with beneficial negative ions. This continuous stream of cleaning ions quickly bind and remove airborne particles, as well as destroying both surface-bound and airborne micro-organisms, leaving in its place a healthy and fresh environment.

    The MedKlinn Haven is designed for 24-hour, non-stop operation, consuming less than 6 watts of electrical power. Electricity consumption is less than US$0.05/day when used continuously and will clean a room of up to 600 square feet. With massive numbers of negative ions being generated every second, the MedKlinn Haven ensures a healthy indoor environment for you and your loved ones! The device requires minimal maintenance, has no moving parts, is virtually silent and does not produce soot. It’s the best value, most cost effective and incredible air cleaner available in the market today!

    The products webpage is http://www.medklinn.com/cms/products-haven/

    Features & Benefits
    Generates more than 3 million negative ions per second
    Wide and effective cleaning and sterilizing range
    Sterilizing effects on walls and exposed areas
    Minimal maintenance
    Power consumption of less than 6 watts
    Designed for continuous 24-hour operation
    No moving parts
    Silent operation
    No soot formation
    Small footprint mountable on ceiling or wall
    Ozone emission certified to be below the toxic level of <0.05ppm as recommended by WHO and EPA.

    Recommended for use in:

    Condominiums and houses
    Offices/meeting rooms
    Computer rooms
    Hotels/serviced apartments
    Kitchens and canteens
    Food preparation areas
    Restaurants/pubs/entertainment areas
    Fresh food display areas
    Fitness centers
    School and kindergartens
    Day care centers
    Guest rooms
    Public toilets
    Indoor pet and animal areas
    Indoor conservatories
    Indoor livestock breeding areas
    Rubbish and waste disposal area

    Health and therapeutic benefits of negative ions:

    Reduces sinus and allergy attacks from airborne dust and allergens
    Reduces the risk of infections
    Eliminates the harmful effects of tobacco smoke
    Removes offensive organic odors such as from mould, fungi and bacteria
    Reduces fatigue Improves recovery from strenuous physical activities.
    Reduction of house dust and pollen.
    Economic and quality of life benefits:

    Reduces monetary and time loss from illnesses
    Reduces effects of Sick Building Syndrome
    Improves productivity
    Improves quality of family and social life
    Increases alertness and concentration

    More pictures below:

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