Mcchip-dkr Chiptuning ECU Remap, Boost your car POWER NOW!!!

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    What is Chiptuning?

    All modern vehicles are equipped with an engine control unit, which takes control of the software, regulation and monitoring of all engine functions. This includes, for example, fuel injection, the control of the ignition timing or amount of air. When optimizing the software by means of chip tuning this data, depending on the control unit via the OBD socket or by using special equipment and read by our experienced software engineers as efficiently changed so that depending on the type of vehicle a performance and torque will increase by up to 30 % [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Mcchip-dkr Chiptuning (Remap) Benefits

    1) Power optimization [​IMG]

    By using mcchip-dkr power, the main aim is achieving an increase of engine torque, as well as increased power up to 30%.

    How does this affect dynamic qualities of your vehicle?

    At low rotating speeds, the vehicle accelerates better and it has better pulling power. In the upper speed range the motor rotates more dynamically and powerfully, the finite speed is increased. It means more pleasure from driving and more safety buffer for you.

    Power and torque increase of up to 30%! [​IMG]

    2) ECO optimization [​IMG]

    How do we achieve fuel consumption reduction?

    • Due to increased engine torque at lower rotating speed.
    • Due to air masses optimization.
    • Due to combustion process optimization.

    Fuel consumption rate, torque and rotating speed are directly related to each other. Usually higher rotating speeds lead to higher fuel consumption. Increased torque allows earlier to change up into the next gear and helps you to avoid high rotating speed. At rotating speeds with maximum torque the engine, however, is most effective.

    How does this affect the fuel consumption?

    Due to higher torque the consumption in the range of partial load is reduced to 10% depending on the kind of car. In maximum load range, consumption remains at the level of serial consumption. Since at average operating mode the vehicle is moved 90% in the range of partial loads, this means significant fuel savings for you.

    More driving pleasure while reducing fuel consumption up to 15%! [​IMG]

    Why choose us for tuning your performance ride?

    • Over 15 years of experience
    • Custom software development
    • Individual Optimizations
    • Free vehicle hire
    • Free retrofitting
    • Optional Engine Warranty
    • TUV Austria verified

    Price: Starting from as low as 499 € (Approx. RM2345)

    You can find your vehicle model selection HERE [​IMG]

    [​IMG] Q&A - Click spoiler below [​IMG]
    1. Why doesn’t the manufacturer initially equip vehicles with engines with maximum output?

    Of course, it would be possible to equip the vehicles with engines with maximum output directly in the manufacturing plant. However, car manufacturers produce their vehicles for the international market. The terms and conditions regarding different types of insurance, fuel quality and climatic conditions are just some of the items that should be taken into account by the designers when creating vehicles. Therefore, when installing engines, they are forced to accept a compromise.

    2. Can chiptuning damage the engine?

    No, modern engines are controlled by electronic knock control, which remains functional even after our software optimization, and which activates the so-called “emergency running” in the event of a critical state of the engine. Because the increase in power and torque takes place within the limits of tolerance specified by the manufacturer, this does not lead to increased wear.

    3. Do you offer a guarantee?

    We provide you with a functional software guarantee for a period of 5 years. Guarantee agreement for cars and trucks engines can be concluded for an additional charge (in accordance with warranty terms and conditions).

    4. Do I have to include information about Chiptuning in the vehicle technical passport?

    Yes, for this purpose, as an option (subject to additional charges) we offer you TÜV (Technical Inspection Association) certificates that can be easily included in the technical passport. Please inform yourself under our hotline +49 2256/95 69 69 or e-mail info(at) whether a corresponding TÜV certificate for your vehicle is present or can be created.

    5. Can there appear problems with exhaust toxic level control?

    No, the level of toxic emissions of engines remains within specified tolerances.

    6. Which engines are suitable for Chiptuning?

    Petrol and diesel engines with electronic control unit similarly, provided however that in case of supercharged engine (turbo-supercharge, compressor, G- Lader) power increase and fuel consumption reduction are most effective.

    7. Is Chiptuning possible for older vehicles as well?

    Yes, if the vehicle has an electronic engine management.

    8. When it is necessary to increase the power of a new car?

    Vehicle mileage needs to be about 2.500 km.

    9. Is it possible to carry out software optimization of electronic engine management system by yourself?

    No, installation can be performed only in our workshops.

    10. Does fuel consumption increase or decrease?

    Yes and no. Power-Tuning increases torque and power. If you regularly drive with maximum loads, which, of course, is associated with better acceleration and higher finite speed, it leads to increased fuel consumption. If to drive in the range of partial loads, fuel consumption reduces because of increased torque at lower rotating speed. Eco-Tuning increases only the torque. In this case, fuel consumption is reduced in the range of partial loads and in the range of maximum loads it remains the same.



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    Gallery - Some of the cars successfully remapped for MORE POWER and FUEL SAVING!

    39174736_304585936971019_5524377804461834240_ow122.jpg 39169482_304585416971071_5297333858826452992_o.jpg 39136585_304586090304337_2905425825329315840_o.jpg 39206986_304585950304351_4272378460967534592_o.jpg
    audi rs7.jpg audi r8.jpg

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