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Mazda 6, fully loaded, 380whp

Discussion in 'Cars for sale' started by ThunderGod_Cid, Dec 16, 2018.

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    Dec 2, 2005
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    Mazda 6, 2007. Mileage approaching 150k. 30k mileage with newly built engine.
    Engine :
    Supertech Pistons, controlled ring end gaps
    Crower Maxi-Light Forged Rods
    Works FPR
    Oil Cooler
    Ported and Polished
    Engine Balanced
    3inch exhaust all the way to exit twin pipes with Japanese mufflers and 2 resonators
    Unichip Q+, Turbo Module & Injector Driver
    ECU Reflashed to enable to read boost & go into open loop on boost
    BorgWarner EFR6758 Turbo w/ uprated recirculation valve spring
    Turbosmart 44mm Hypergate Ori,
    vented out wastepipe. CAN WAKE UP THE DEAD.
    Aluminium Intercooler pipes
    GReddy Original Intercooler w/ Aluminium intercooler pipes
    Denso Iridium Plugs
    Stainless Steel Exhaust Manifold
    Spal Fan x2
    ARP Studs
    1jz Sleeves for engine block
    Methanol Injection, activates on secondary map by unichip above 0.5bar. Can run without meth
    Cosworth Intake Manifold
    Steel braided fuel and oil cooler hoses.
    Bosch 800cc Injectors brand new
    Dw 255lph fuel pump
    GReddy Oil Catch Tank
    DEI Fire Sleeves & Heat Shroud
    Original Samco vacuum hoses for wastegate
    16V Ignition, not 12v
    Eibach Valve Springs
    High Cams not installed on car to be given FOC
    Gearbox :
    Uprated gearbox customized by LevelTen Transmission USA. Rebuilt by Sun Eng Hup, good for 500whp
    Transmission Cooler – Runs on Lucas Semi Synthetic ATF
    Interior :
    GReddy OLED EBC
    Defi Oil press, oil temp, EGT ori meters
    Kanatechs Single din kit replacing the ori sound system
    Alpine CDA-148EBT Headunit
    German Maestro Status component (3.6k brand new)
    JL Audio 500/1 Monoblock
    JL Audio w6 12inch subwoofer, sealed box
    Zapco 4channel amp w/ processor
    OEM Leather seats, slight wear on driver side
    Aftermarket Gear Knob
    Impulse mega-sized back-up battery for audio and spal fans
    Exterior :
    Car Repainted with Aikka High Solid Clear, OEM mazda blue with a hint of silver dust
    Carbon Fibre hood
    LED bulbs on tail laps, reverse and signals
    OEM HID Front
    Logo blacked out
    Suspension, Handling & Wheels :
    Enkei NT03RR 18 x 8jj rims, original. 5.5k brand new
    Yokohama Advan AD08R all around, 80% left
    Slotted rotors all around, VTTR 6-pot to be given FOC
    TEIN Type CS Coilovers (need servicing)
    Superpro PU Bush all around, entire undercarriage. Should last another 10 years lololol
    Ultra Racing Strut Bars, whole car and rear 23mm ARB
    Entire Chassis Autofoamed with Track Version

    Overview :
    Car is my daily driver, commuting me to & from work everyday. I’m slightly behind schedule in terms of maintenance and it could do a good few days off the road to repair whatever that’s needed.
    Current power is at 330whp without meth and 380whp with methanol. Car was built to be not too noisy on a daily drive, but wastegate would be loud enough to wake up the dead.
    Asking price : 85k nego. It’s abit on the high side, but please bear in mind 100k worth of mods are up there. Turbo is currently priced at 13k brand new .
    Anything, PM.

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