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MadMike's MadBul Feature with Video

Discussion in 'News and Features' started by Temujin, Aug 28, 2011.

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    Nov 5, 2004
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    This is a feature of MadMike's MadBul, the awesome FD3S equipped with 26B normally aspirated rotary engine pushing upwards of 600 horses. This is arguably the epitome of rotary and FD3S goodness, the sound of it is ungodly awesome and in my honest opinion puts any engine to shame.

    MadMike with MadBul

    The rotary is technically two 13B two-rotor engines slapped together to create the 26B that now resides in MadBul. The engine sits low in the engine bay, giving MadBul the legendary handling that the FD3S is famous for. Eventhough the engine is longer than the factory-standard 13B, the FD3S has loads of room as some even have shoehorned Toyota JZ-series engines and even Chevy LS-series engines.

    The 26B. Less rotating parts in an engine that sits low in the engine bay. What's not to like?

    Got dish?

    Driven only by MadMike

    Zahid of Awesome Powered with his lady and MadMike. Jealous now? :biggrin:

    MadBul's spec list :-

    POWER PLANT: 26b quad rotor, Kiwi-RE Peripheral Ports, lightened balanced hi comp RX8 rotors, hi-rev mod, Custom end & centre plates, hand built chromolly crankshaft, 3 window bearings, hand fabricated intake runners, Injection Perfection 55mm throttle bodies, Primary & secondary staged injectors, MOTEC fuel rails, WALBRO lift pump, 60litre Jazz fuel cell, 2 x BOSCH 044 EFI pump, Malpassi regulator, BOSCH 616 coils, Custom MSD leads, NGK plugs, custom alloy sump, hand fabricated tuned length headers, 3.5” stainless exhaust to custom ‘Humpy’ pipe, Alloy radiator, Redline Performance oil coolers, stainless heat shroud, Stewart electric water pump, MICROTECH LT-16, Gilmor drives

    DRIVE LINE:HKS sequential 5speed, HKS PRO2 twin plate clutch, HKS flywheel, MAZDASPEED 4:7 crown wheel on Custom full spool locker.

    SUSPENSION & CHASSIS: TEIN Super Drift equipped with EDFC, Autolign Custom steering arms and offset bushes, URAS tie-rods and spacers, Total Car Produce Magic Custom knuckles, Megan Racing rod ends and spacers with super*now rose joints, Tube frame front and rear from strut towers, Cut rear quarters for wheel clearance, D2 Air Jack setup, Megan Racing trailing arms and toe arms

    BRAKES: Zinolli rotors with EBC pads all ABS removed, B&M launch control kit, D2 hydraulic handbrake

    WHEELS: WORK Equips 18-10 front, WORK Equips 18-11.5 rear, WORK S1 Meister 18-11 front, WORK S1 Meister 18-12 rear, Custom painted at Arrow Wheels & CRE8GRAFX LTD

    TYRES: 245/35/18’s front, 265/35/18's rear

    EXTERIOR: BN-Sports BLISTER wide body, Custom CRE8GRAFX livery, V-LED highway Patrol light kit, Seibon carbon doors - hatch - hood, Hatch glass replaced with polycarb lexan, Origin roof wing, Streetpro kits SARD Wing, Trunk lid modified with vents for rubber smoke escape

    INTERIOR: Carbon Kevlar Racetech seats, Redline Performance Steering wheel quick release hub / boss, SPARCO steering wheel, HKS gauges, TEIN EDFC, 6 point roll cage, Racetech harnesses, Custom alloy dash, Stadium truck window nets, Partition cockpit to fuel system made from polycarb and sealed

    POWER:674hp @ the wheels

    <object height="375" width="640">

    <embed src="https://www.youtube.com/v/eDSXVC32fPk?version=3&hl=en_US&hd=1" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" allowscriptaccess="always" allowfullscreen="true" height="375" width="640"></object>​

    Source: Awesome Powered

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