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    Dear all,

    We trying to get response to a photoshoot in March 16th, location will be announce later closer to date. Time in around noon.

    Here's some details :

    Anyways, german car magazine USED4.NET and german movie maker FORMAT67 is making a coverage of worldwide tuning scene and also covering KL.

    Format67 we write the streets" is the project called. March 16 NOON

    Pls let me know if youre interested.

    sample work : WE WRITE THE STREETS BY FORMAT67.NET - YouTube

    Again, my apologies but the criteria set by the journalists for this particular shoot is - it's for //M cars only... but if your BMW ride is WILD and AUTHENTICALLY CONTINENTAL by nature, i.e. Tom's V12.. not 1JZ or RB or any transplanted Japanese engine... drop me a pm..

    Do let me know if u folks are interested

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