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looking for R34 GTR Bodykits

Discussion in 'The Malaysian Skyline Club' started by tfai1, Oct 31, 2007.

  1. tfai1

    tfai1 15 Year | Platinum

    Jun 11, 2007
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    hey guys im a new here by the way im looking for R34 GTR bodykits ie : bonnet front bumpers fender rear bumper and gtr spoiler if theres available for selling or
    where to buy maybe u all can help..thank you
  2. semperfi

    semperfi Guest

    Depends on what Skyline you have. GTR or GTT. If it's for GTT, there's some mod you need to do if you get a GTR bodykit. Are you looking for OEM or Aftermarket Japanese bodykits. Try looking up C-West, Bomex, Nismo (very expensive), Top Secret and etc. I would recommend going to Kinokuniya at KLCC (Isetan section) and grab yourself a couple of Skyline books. I bought a few from there. Lots of info and website in Japan to contact regarding this matter. Get a copy of High Rev GTR volume 120 or previous edition. It's a Skyline bible but in Japanese though. The books ranged between RM 106 to 200. It has everything from engine parts (brands)-bodykits in pictures. Like I said, a bible!
  3. semperfi

    semperfi Guest


    Judging from your location, Johor Bahru is a haven for Aftermarket Jap parts. Lucky you! You can ask any shop in JB to order for you. Dunno how much they will charge you though. A bomex or C-West FULL BODYKIT cost approximately RM5800-RM6000 tops including air freight from Japan. I do most of my Skyline shopping thru the internet. I bought a spare r34 rear lights for RM400 including air freight from Japan (3 days delivery). Best to buy off the internet. Some people may not agree with me. A few months back I bought a NISMO Led lights for RM3200 + A/Frieght for my GTR.
    Te-37 18" in Malaysia cost RM15k!!! Pro-Te 19" (limited edition) including tires + air freight = Rm13k. Go figure!

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