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Would you concern to take action if there's a crime happening right in front of you?

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    To all fellow members,

    Just would like to share with you about our organization which is licensed by ROS as Pertubuhan Komuniti Anti Jenayah Malaysia or in English would be Malaysia Anti Crime Community Organization. Looking at the name should understand what this organization for, right? But if you wanna find out more about it, click the link to our FB page for information or just PM me for more.

    This is an organization for volunteers who hate crimes or love to lend a hand to the helpless or to do some charity works.

    Interested to find out more, check the link above or Whatsapp 018-2337306 or Wechat ID: Slecco

    Thank you. PKAJ3DAnim.gif PKAJCarCrest.jpg PKAJVision&Mission.jpg

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