Jaguar XJ Sport Debuts and Provides Taxi Service - Nurburgring Style

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    Jaguar has added a ‘taxi’ to their fleet located at its Nürburgring Nordschleife engineering test centre and is based on the latest all-aluminium long wheelbase XJ Supersport; equipped with Sport Pack and Speed Pack Options.

    <!--more-->The Jaguar XJ Supersport 'Nürburgring taxi' brings a whopping 510bhp to the table from its 5.0L supercharged V8 engine that’s capable of topping out at 280kmh rather than the usual 250kmh, thanks to the Speed Pack which raises the speed limit by an additional 30kmh.


    Other than that, everything else is pretty much standard, except gone are the standard leather-trimmed heated and cooled seats, where four race seats equipped with four-point harnesses are now in place as a full bespoke roll-cage completes the interior changes.


    The exterior of the XJ is covered by a non-standard matt-grey finish with the exterior Sport Pack installed which includes a rear boot lid, gloss black radiator grille surround by chrome, chromed aero splitters, gloss black mesh in side power vent, darkened rear privacy glass and 20” Venom rims.


    Jag’s new XJ, that’s usually perceived as a large luxury car often surprises with its outright speed and thanks to it being outfitted with an all-aluminium architecture, it’s now more rigid and lightweight in which to help ferry Jaguar fans in the 'Nürburgring taxi', driven by trained drivers of course for a rather hot lap.


    Thankfully, it’s not a metered-fare for this run.

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