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J*Glaze The Next Generation Car Coating

Discussion in 'Car Shops and Services' started by Alex91, Feb 28, 2010.

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    Feb 28, 2010
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    [​IMG] Hi all,

    Welcome to have a look what we can offer to you.

    What is JGlaze?
    JGlaze is a single-component; inorganic coating that a thin membrane that is shiny, tough, weather ability and waterproof. It will protect surfaces from water for many years and could not lose its appearance.

    Do I Need JGlaze?
    Yes, you really do, that is if you care about car and would like to protect it while maintaining the highest resale price value.
    Virtually every car maker now uses water based paints. It is not possible to achieve a sufficient gloss with water passed paints. JGlaze provides the highest gloss available because it is optically transparent and highly reflective.
    JGlaze will protect the treated surface from oxidation, fading or corrosion caused by the suns UV rays, weather, the element, salt air, substances such as road salt, road tar, mud, dirt, eggs, bugs, bird droppings, tree sap, gasoline, and most used today.
    JGlaze becomes part of your cars paint work finish. It will not come off or discolour, is unaffected by changes in temperature extremes and will not break or wear down under normal wash minor abrasion.

    The Benefits
    Acting as a magnifer, JGlaze produces a glow from deep within paint layers, similar to multiple coatings of paint and reflects it to the surface like no other paint sealant or polish.
    JGlaze is composed of inorganic silicon, unlike organic coating that break down with prolonged exposure to ultraviolet rays and rain and bird dropping.
    JGlaze is unobservant and would not be degraded by light or ozone.

    Exceptionally Waterproof and Grime-Resistant
    As the coating membrane is exceptionally waterproof,
    the surface material is protected from such things as dirt and grime.
    Also, insects stuck to the headlight,
    and bumpers of cars driven at high speed can be removed easily.

    Excellent Hardness and Repair Capacity
    As the coating membrane has the superior hardness of a 6-8H pencil lead,
    the surface is protected against small scratches,
    and coating's glossy sheen makes any small scratches
    that were present before application unnoticeable.

    Weatherability and Durability
    Even after long exposure to the elements, Grace Coat 1000 retains its luster and
    ability to protect against dirtying while preserving the surface material.

    How can we be so confident
    More importantly, as with any process to do with paintwork, the real secret is in the preparation of the surface prior to treatment.
    Our JGlaze services are applied only by trained professionals who know that their reputation and future business with us depends on the quality of the work they do.
    Using the approved applicator methods developed over many years, JGlaze approved service parents receive advance training and know how to get the very best from the process. That is why we can be confident and offer such watertight product guarantees back with written warranties.

    The Beading Water Myth
    Regular wax and virtually all other paint protection products on the market produce large water beads (i.e. droplets) on the surface of the paint. JGlaze produces tiny water beads instead. Droplets can only form on surface with strong adhesion to water. (i.e. the water sticks to the surface). Tiny water beads means the water cannot stick to the car as readily. Droplets contain much more water than tiny beads. This is important for two reasons:
    Rainwater is acidic. While the acid in rainwater does not affect JGlaze, it does affect virtually every other paint protection system. The better the water sticks to the car, the more damage to the paint.
    Rainwater contains dust and other impurities. Larger droplets means there is more dirt left on the car as the water dries off. With JGlaze, your car will usually be cleaner after a heavy rainfall. Waxed cars usually get very dirty in the rain.

    Cannot Be Applied After Sale
    The aftermarket lady is trained to tell customers that paint protection cannot be applied after the vehicle leaves the dealership. Somehow, it’s “too late”. This is not true regardless off which paint protection system you choose. The advantage of doing the paint protection to a new vehicle is that you only have to polish it and you are doing it before any damage has happened to your paint. With a used vehicle you most often will need to repair scratches to your clear cost and reverse some oxidation before you polish it.

    Car Make X Does Not Need Paint Protection
    Not true. All currently used UV absorbers and HALS (Hindered amine light stabilizers) volatilize and are lost from the coating over time and migrate into the basecoat or even into the substrate. This leaves the paint unprotected against fading and oxidation. Automotive paint manufactures have been working in this problem for decades and have found no economical solution to date.

    Light Coloured Cars Do Not Need Paint Protection
    Acid and fall out marks are less noticeable on light cars. You will notice after only about 3-4 years that the paint becomes much duller over time. JGlaze polish does not just protect the paint against acid attacks. It also makes your car easier to clean, and less prone to becoming dirty in the first place.




    Call: 019-2282093 (ALEX) for more information. Thank you.

    How to Get Us

    We are located at
    Swiss Perfection Car Spa
    No. 29-33, Jalan 1/57D, Segambut, 51200 Kuala Lumpur.

    Telephone +603 6257 6619 +603 6257 6620 +603 6257 6621
    Vincent 019 225 4464
    Henry 016 223 0015
    Alex 019 2282093
    Bangkok Branch (Khun Jeab) +086 500 6666, www.jglaze.com
    Hatyai (Ferrari) +089 199 8008
    Brunei (Dave) +073 871 2211

    Email info@swissperfection.com.my

    Website www.swissperfection.com.my
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