Honda S2000 AP1

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    Hello everyone, letting go the S2000 for a more family-based car as the family is expending. I am not removing anything from the car and it comes with the original parts as well. Please Whatsapp me for more information at 012-3597817. Thank you Admin.

    Honda S2000 1999 AP1
    Price: RM140,000.00

    Just Renew Roadtax
    Fully Maintained by Dworks Racing
    Mileage just over 100,000km
    Condition 8/10
    Stock Engine
    Stock Intake
    BC Coilovers
    AME TM02 Made in Japan 17" Rims
    Original 16" Rims
    APR Performance Front Splitter
    GT Wings
    Hard Top
    Defi ZD
    Bucket Seats
    Original Seats
    Brand new Michelin PS4
    Sparco Steering Wheel
    Original Steering Wheel
    OMP 4-Point Harness
    Forged Racing Radiator
    Oil Cooler
    Dixcel Brake Pads
    Dixcel Rotor
    Skunk Gear Knob
    Castrol SRF Racing Brake Fluid
    Glasurit Paint

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    If only I bought this car 10 years ago!

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