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Home Tinting Installation- Protect from UV Rays and Heat

Discussion in 'All OTHER stuff' started by Auto Tint-Expert, Oct 2, 2019.

  1. Auto Tint-Expert

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    Sep 14, 2016
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    We install a wide variety of window film from decorative, frosted to solar and safety film for residential and commercial building. :blush:

    Our films offer industry leading solar rejection, fade and #UV protection, #heat rejection and supreme weatherability.
    ✅Increase Comfort In Your Home or Office
    ✅Add Shatter Resistance for Increased Safety
    ✅Reduce Heating & Cooling Energy Costs
    ✅Help Reduce Fading on Interior Furnishing
    ✅Enhance Building Exterior Appearance

    ✅Professional and Clean Installation


    ✅FREE Consultation on correct and suitable tint to install :blush:

    LOCATION- Klang Valley

    #Decorative Window Tint
    #Frosted Window Tint
    #Solar Window Tint
    #Safety Window Tint
    #Energy #Savings

    #Solar #Heat Control
    #Glare reduction
    #Fade Reduction
    #Increase #Safety
    #Increase #Privacy

    Contact Us : Window Tinting Specialist

    ----->Call: 018-3199068
    ----->WHATSAPPS: http://www.wasap.my/+60183199068

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