give me opinion for ford lynx 1.6M Sedan

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Jul 24, 2005

please give me opinion for ford lynx 1.6M Sedan. I plan to buy this car. Please respond on this car fuel consumption, spare part, engine modification. which one better to buy either honda, nissan or toyota for same ?... your comment is really appreciate tq


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May 16, 2004
Penang / BM
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You're talking about the 2002 model? Lynx LS ? Lynx SV ? Lynx RS type?
If you are, then my dad owns 1, 1.6M, fuel economy too good to be true. After driving for 3 years, it's still good, the only thing change is the gear knob because the laser mark got faded :confused_smile: But was replaced FOC so not really a concern.
Engine and suspension is good for a 1.6l. But if you play drag with GTi or Civic will lose out because 1st gear wasn't strong enough. Later gear is more responsive.

Modification is abundant, depends on your wallet. Not as easily obtain as wira or satria unless you look deeper. One of the most modded car in Taiwan.