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    We have two main campus is situated in Kampung Melayu Subang (near Subang
    airport) and Puchong (Pulau Meranti) is equipped with a professionally built
    driving circuit facility rated as one of the best in Malaysia.

    Lecture halls are equipped with air-conditions and flat screened computers for
    the usage of the mandatory theory course and computerized driving test.
    Students would no longer need to take the driving test at the Road Transport
    Department (JPJ) because JPJ will conduct the driving test at our main campus.
    This would make the students more confident during the test as they are
    already familiar with the routes. Thus making us the ONE STOP CENTRE to obtain
    a driving licence.

    As a sign of recognition, the Road Transport Department (RTD) has awarded us
    the BEST DRIVING ACADEMY IN MALAYSIA based on our professionalism in our
    administration and our operations.

    Type of licences that we provide are class B, B2, D, E, F, H, I, PSV dan

    for in more information plz contact
    Mr. Johan : 019-2205868

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