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Cutting Edges - 2019 Lexus NX300 arrives Malaysia, has LSS+ & adaptive headlights

Discussion in 'News and Features' started by Tom Goh, Jun 19, 2019.

  1. Tom

    Tom 15 Year | Platinum
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    Jul 6, 2000
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    Cutting Edges - 2019 Lexus NX300 arrives Malaysia, has LSS+ & adaptive headlights


    New 2019 Lexus NX 300 arrives Malaysia packing new adaptive headlights, LSS+ and a range of improvements. Despite being largely the same sharp NX, this new one is more bionic with its semi autonomous driving ability. The NX 300 can follow and match the speed of the car in front on highways or in urban traffic, even brakes for you via pre collision braking assist and more.

    235hp / 350nm / 2L 4 cyl turbo / 6 speed auto





    It is all part of the Lexus Safety System +, a compendium of new-age radar based safety features that support driver awareness even decision-making in most driving conditions. The LSS + is currently the most advanced driving assistant system Lexus has ever included as standard.


    There's also the super sci-fi 3-LED headlights, which are brand new and is linked to the LSS + system by means of adaptive high beams. With high beams perpetually turned on, the NX 300 actively seek darkness to throw beams at, even knows when to retard light to avoid glaring oncoming traffic.


    Lexus Safety System + (LSS+):
    - Pre-Collision System (PCS) with Brake Collision Assist
    - Lane Tracing Assist (LTA) and Lane Departure Alert (LDA)
    - Active Cornering Assist (ACA) and advanced Dynamic Radar Cruise Control (DRCC)
    - Parking Support Alert
    - Adaptive High-beam System (AHS)
    - Blind Spot Monitor (BSM)
    - Rear Cross Traffic Alert (RCTA)
    - 8 SRS airbags in front and sides of the cabin
    - NX300 F-Sport has Adaptive Variable Suspension (AVS)

    Blazing Carnelian, Amber CS, Sonic Titanium, Sonic Quartz, Graphite Black GF, Red MC CS and Sparkling Meteor ME. The NX300 F-Sport is offered exclusively in Heat Blue CL or Lava Orange CS.

    Prices and Availability:
    NX 300 Urban from RM313,888K
    NX 300 Premium from RM333,888K
    NX 300 Sport from 349,888K
    22nd June 2019 at Lexus Centres

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  2. ixeo

    ixeo Senior Member
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    Jun 26, 2005
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    Very nice. And I'll buy a Toyota Harrier instead. Same father same mother, just one is uglier and the other one knows how to dress up and make up, while being more refined.

    Same MC platform, same engine, same transmission.
  3. gunnerzz

    gunnerzz 5 Year | Silver

    Jul 3, 2014
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    Is both container in the engine bay which seems to hold purple liquid are the coolant reserve/expansion tank?
    Why need 2?
  4. vr2turbo

    vr2turbo 5 Year | Silver
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    May 11, 2010
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    I remember seeing 2 in the Subaru STi also....

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