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Coilovers for VW Jetta MK6 1.4TSI

Discussion in 'VAG Club' started by apek beca, Nov 4, 2012.

  1. apek beca

    apek beca 5 Year | Silver

    Aug 7, 2011
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    I just came to realized that there a VAG sub grup at ZTH.
    This could be very useful... At times I've got lots of stuffs to ask.
    I'm on a VW Jetta MK6 1.4TSI & have been modding my car bit by bit.

    My next target is suspension/coilovers.
    What's a good brand? Currently I'm targeting at CLAWs.
    It's heavily promoted with very positive respond at another forum.
    Could says that it's so good that it clouded other suspension systems/brands.
    Unless those top branded over RM4-6k ones. What about the lower priced?
    Some are only close to RM2k.

    The damage is RM2650.00-RM2800.00.
    Just says my max budget are RM2800.00, par with the CLAWs.
    Claw's website: Claws Advanced Suspension System
    Knows of anything better? Better price?
    Understands that if one pay peanuts then they'll get monkeys.
    Surely don't wants that... I'm on H&R Sports Springs now.
    Seems okay but it's too low. Rubbed my body kit...

    It's 1.4TSI only but at times I do enjoy higher speed with tighter conners.
    Once in a while I also burns rubber.
    It gotto be Stage 1 or maybe even Stage 2 ready.(If I finds the right downpipe, hard for Jetta)
    I'm waiting for the new map from APR to be released.
    Heard that there are problems with the APR maps now.
  2. kcng

    kcng Senior Member
    Senior Member

    Jun 24, 2008
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    u are not afraid of the 250 NM max torque that this dry sump 7-speed DSG can take ar?
  3. apek beca

    apek beca 5 Year | Silver

    Aug 7, 2011
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    STAGE 1 don't have to re-tune the DGS if STAGE 2 then gotto do it.
    Actually STAGE 1 wanna tune up the DGS also can.
    Best to re-tune gearbox as well, go APR la...

    Stock already 240 torque ma... Stage 1 can get around 280-300 hopefully.

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