Cefiro excimo yr 2000 (2.0) ABS light-up

Discussion in 'The Cefiro Club Malaysia' started by brownbear, Sep 11, 2014.

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    Hi, everybody.. good day,
    My car had the ABS light-up time to time, is not permanent light-up, sometimes it just goes off and sometime back again. l went to workshop, the mechanic scan thru and saying the ABS sensor shorted. Is very costly, but no choice l got it replaced. The following day, the problem still exist, some scenerio. Some of my friends told me, perhap not because of the ABS sensor problem, might due to control board mildfunction. Did any of you facing such problem like mine. Appreciate you can share with me the solution. TQ.
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    I am not driving a Cefiro but my car has ABS.
    i faced the same problem with u,the light on comes up intermittenly.From my exp,u should not worry abt the ABS module as if the module is broken then the light will be on the whole time.
    Most of the time something is burnt on the circuit board and will cause the warning light to lit up the whole time.

    I must say that yr mech is right as he has run diagnose on the car.Now i am facing same problem as yrs but i know all sensor are in good shape.In my case i knw that it is caused by my battery which has been left disconnected for a week plus.Even the manual state that the ABS warning light might lit up due to low power supply.

    Just change the sensor.mind sharing how expensive it is?
    if u dont replace it,u wont have ABS not functioning.However,normal braking system remain functioning as usual.
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    Can be connection problem, can be sensor problem, can be ABS module problem.

    But before all this check to see that all 4 abs sensor are clean ans free from dirt and oil/grease. Also check and clean the abs sensor ring. Make sure all are clean and free from dirt/oil/grease. Check the ring from stone damage.

    You can check from diagnostics which wheel is suspect. Then just swap the sensor right to left and see if the diagnostic problem turns up on the other wheel, if it does, its sensor problem.

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