Can the new Focus RS beat the Golf R in a drag race?

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    The new Focus RS is Ford's latest contender in the AWD hot hatch battlefield, just after the appearance of Volkswagen's mighty new Golf 7 R.

    I know how everyone loves seeing new blood compete each other in a time attack. But there is always a spot for good, ol' skool drag race in car enthusiasts' hearts, right?

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    Evo Magazine has pitted the AWD hot hatch from Blue Oval against the King from Germany. Power and torque from the Focus RS are 51hp and 90Nm more than that from Golf R, but the Golf benefits from 48kg of weight advantage.

    Both cars are equipped with manual transmissions.

    On paper, the cars are almost similarly capable, with slight advantage towards the Focus (in my opinion).

    Zerotohundred acceleration is 4.7 seconds for the Focus RS, a half a second quicker than the Golf. However, the Golf seems to catch up during the higher speed run. This video demonstrates just how the Golf can out accelerate from zero to 200km/h quicker than the car it loses the entire drag race to.
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