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Discussion in 'The Hyundai Coupe Club' started by outcast, Jan 12, 2011.

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    hi everyone, I posted this thread is to having a sharing.....
    Since I compared Subang Mr Lee and Sun Eng Hup price, I found that sun eng hup price was more cheaper than mr lee.
    Althought sun eng hup didn't keep too many stock of Hyundai Coupe but the price compared is more lower than mr lee price.

    I asked for 2 absorber price from mr lee is RM280 but what I get from sun eng hup was RM220.
    also with a set of engine mounting total of 4 pieces from mr lee was RM480 and I only get from sun eng hup on RM420.
    Other things i asked from sun eng lee is a low arm total of RM180 per pieces, but i haven't asked mr lee yet.....
    all the above things is same brand as mr lee provided.

    Sorry to mr lee ya.... I just post what i saw, haha.... :listen:
    Hopefully mr lee could lower a little bit price more for out Coupe Fans! haha........ :burnout:
    Don't block me, Don't delete my thread.....Help...... :driver:
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    may i know, where is sun eng hup?

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