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2015 Thailand Toyota Vios One Make Race

Discussion in 'Racetrack Junkies' started by DC5_Kate, Jan 6, 2015.

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    Photo Credit by MotorTrivia

    'Driving talent wins races here, not the size of your budget'

    If you are any sort of driving enthusiast, we can safely assume you have entertained the notion of going racing. So how do you make that notion real in a world where we all have concerns about budgets and time? Well, there are ways of cause! Together they are what we think are the best ways to start out in motor racing.

    There are options for you to go racing on a budget, or to make racing as simple as possible, with an arrive and drive setup.

    The championships we feature here are one-make series where cars are all equal; meaning driver talent and skill win races, not the size of your budget. The championships are exclusively open to novices, giving you a chance to race against drivers with the same experience as you.

    Right, it’s time to get on the grid.

    Arrive and Race system! Hassle free! Come race with our Professional Race Team in Thailand Toyota VIOS One Make Race! Email otomi@atsomr.com today to get your seat in 2015 season!

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