2006 Honda Civic FD2

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    For sale Honda civic FD2 ( Civic 2.0 ) 2006.
    1. New color - Vivid blue pearl (B520P) >> DC5 blue color code
    2. Rebuild front seat - PU leather
    3. Rebuild center console armrest - PU leather
    4. 18" rays gramlights 57Pro (ori japan)
    5. Piping ori fd2r till muffler. Extractor custom made.
    6. Facelift rear lamp/front bumper w/ mugen front skirting
    7. Adjustable abs - Gab SS 32 steps hi/lo soft/hard
    8. Carbon fibre front bonet
    9. Original FD2R spoiler

    All condition tip top. No need repair.
    Just need to change front wind shield due to its crack on top right driver side.

    Price negotiable.
    Dealing with direct owner.

    Thanks for viewing!

    #FD #FD2R #FD 1.8 #Civic 1.8 #Civic 2.0

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