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    Brake Pad?

    anywhere i can get stoptech brakes?
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    Any recommended steering locks?

    if they come after you while you getting into your car.. what lock u have also useless liao.. 60% stolen are gti's? .. why they so gila gti la? ..
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    Have you been builied ??

    molested by teacher considered an offence liao.. thats beyond being bullied ler..
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    Black Skyline R34

    member of zth? if not, you posting here, would he be reading this post at all?
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    Klang Anyone?

    i'm a n00b-b33 .... where is andalas mamak at?
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    Elmo hates Proton, but has to drive one

    not easy la .. to hate someting and not use it.. its cheaper then most cars out there in the market.. which leaves most people choiceless when it comes to buying cars at that sort of price.. they've been in the industry for quite some time now.. and yet they cannot produce better quality cars...
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    Klang Anyone?

    hmm mother nature caused the flood which then produced 1000 damaged cars.. thats 1000 cars for mechs.. not bad hor.. good for economy.. ppl spend money.. imagine if hicom there flood.. all those new protons parked in the open air.. succumbed to flood waters.. wonder who gonna buy those...
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    Klang Anyone?

    *yawn*... so what else is new besides sampling cars?
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    Klang Anyone?

    heh.. like taht if i put my nick rr-silverghost.. means i drive rolls royce ka? :p or or enterprise means i command that star trek enterprise intergalactic ship ka? :p :p is freezing here man.. and the locals are eating ice cream like nothing liddat.. nyasing ah.. why doesn't it snow here...
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    Klang Anyone?

    andalas mamak next to mcdonalds?
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    Klang Anyone?

    happy new year all.. :p
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    Klang Anyone?

    allo .. kings of klang tt.. mana tt tonite? or don have?
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    Car Broke in Klang Parade area

    u whack one chinese guy there? waaaaaa... :O :O :O
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    Klang Anyone?

    uncle seng.. :p uncle mike .. papa leed .. this 3 la old regulars .. or i'd prefer to call them the 3 kings .. muahahaha.. i where got regular.. got blue moon oni see me ma :D
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    Klang Anyone?

    klang zth family growing.. but all the old regulars donno hilang where.. cept for the few active ones.. :)
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    Notebook Security Thread

    9. prankster.. put a 'bomb' in a notebook bag, triggered when it gets out of signal range(means no communication between bag and car).. notebook bag handle/strap made outta metal, connects to the 'bomb', once out of range it lets out few hundred volts of electricity, disabling the thief, then...
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    KL Road Bullies Discussion

    crazy.. :P ignore oni.. they taunt you head on to the nearest police station.. you taunt them they mark you ... next time they spot you.. shit happens.. :blink:
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    can someone teach me how to forget my gf?!!

    be occupied, do something, anything at all, once he's free his mind will wander around and shit happens.. she obviously aint worth it.. so don't waste time energy on her.. go hangout with friends and do stuffs..
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    Car Broke in Klang Parade area

    nowhere is safe anymore.. day or night.. break-ins happens.. fast car slow car big car small car..
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    Genting Reverse Downhill GOD

    he wanna proof that it can be done and he's the first to do it..
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    Klang Anyone?

    hmmm should go or not eh.. hmmmm
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    Party Time !! Anyone interested in Disco gatherings?(K.L)

    blacksamurai: u consider old folk meh?
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    Klang Anyone?

    d3s lonely ah? i buy u a big papaya.. draw a figure .. make a hole.. you not lonely anymore la :p drive to penang la.. on the way take the old roads there.. got so many things to makan.. got car in penang also easier.. can go places.. take plane there then you rent a car susah ler.. one car...
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    Klang Anyone?

    whats sai nin neh mean? wash tits?
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    If u met pick pocket, wat would u do?

    yeah next time u see him again .. take his pic post it up somewhere.. let others know what that ahpek is up to.. if ya can't do anythin bout it i'm sure with his picture online and ppl wary of this.. someday he'll b caught red handed.. :D
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    Klang Anyone?

    mike: mana ada batu api... jes an imaginative perspective of looking at the quarrel :p anyway enough wif that.. i'm bored.. donno when can travel again...
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    Klang Anyone?

    hehe.. when you coming back?
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    Klang Anyone?

    kinda funny watching 2 giants fighting over tt session.. both also softy.. both also very fast siu hei.. say abit one will marah.. then the other oso marah.. kakaka.. tis funnee.. one say the other giant controlling his life.. like they're both in love.. marah marah ady then suddenly diam...
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    Klang Anyone?

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    14-7 ghost day (story)

    wat if u get transparent see thru umbrellas? :p satria_95: where didja get that from?
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    Petrol price might increase again

    if nothing is said in the papers then not true loh this posting.. jes some persons curiosity oni.. for nothing later cause havoc everyone go jam at petrol stations for no reason then when trace where the 'news' came from it traced back to .. jialat..
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    FREE Security Measures

    don't u check your car first before you get in your car, normally check the wheels still there onot.. see any scratches onot.. any weird stuffs on the windscreen front and rear.. see the tyre anybady kacau anything onot.. then only get in and start.. then move away.. make it a habit :)
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    its aliveee.... the thread is active again.. :)
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    ZTH Car Spotted ... !

    but not everyone has a camera phone readily to take pictures ma.. or maybe they driving passing by cannot snap a quick pic.. but it'll be nice to see spotted car pictures :)
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    irritating movie goers

    bring pillow sleep there got ler many do that.. bring blankets cover body because very cold also got.. those days some bring bottle of soap bubble and start blowing in the cinema, or throwing popcorn at ppl, or burping aloud after a quick gulp of coke.. hmmmm..
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    Almost hit a fxxker yesterday.

    hmmm.. fish scaler..
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    Klang Anyone?

    no need malu la.. jes go for the tt la.. all also very young la.. all 18 - 20yrs old nia..
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    Beware when u park at SS2/72

    park short while like go for dinner/lunch come back car nomore wheels or park overnight wake up and found car without wheels? ...
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    Almost hit a fxxker yesterday.

    yeh yeh fckin blue b8 rempiting on the kesas hway back to botanical gardens..
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    Klang Anyone?

    out of curiosity, anyone read this yet? wasnt that the car that someone advertised here many months back?
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    team fuze member car got stolen

    can be more detailed and specific ah? like when the car got stolen? and when were those pics taken eh? cuz i think i saw a similar gti with similar rims n fins in seremban last fri, 2nd day raya, bearing that num plate..
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    team fuze member car got stolen

    gone la the car.. stickers can be removed.. then it'll look just like any other sgti on the road.. no plate oso never post how to spot the car?
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    Klang Anyone?

    where the rest of the members? all crash their cars and die already ah? or all mod their cars kau kau now all go into hiding scared kena sabo? kakakaka...
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    need advice for buying notebook

    acer notebooks got alot of problems ka? i'm using a travelmate .. so far no problems.. hehe but this travelmate shipped from the uk to here... would there be any difference? i dunno.. ibook g4.. nice very nice..
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    Act of War

    dunno how to install ka? or the pirated cd corrupted already? or that cd installing the game plus spyware together.. :O
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    Klang Anyone?

    so this thurs got tt onot? bkt tinggi or bdr baru klg? where the organizer? :p
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    Not My Day..... diu !!

    no police or security guards there wan ah? since so many ppl visit the place for morning/evening jobs and stuff.. our park here got security.. even when after midnight go security ppl of 3-4 patrolling the park as well as the car park.. hmmm.. never report police ka? sekali suggest ask them put...
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    so quiet ady suddenly..
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    Some Funny & Weird Malaysians

    eh? his name really BET BET FRED ka? .. didn't know got chinese surname BET before.. hrmm...
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    Klang Anyone?

    mike: khamis where go for raya tt? where that eattle? ... heh.. heh.. hehh..