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  1. (WTS) Used Kia Forte Android + DVD Headunit, Android + DVD + WIfi + GPS + Bluetooth

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    Proton 4G13/4G15....Satria/Wira/Saga

    Is it u young boi new in automotive? Yes.. ur izzit fuel injection? 1.3 and 1.5 wira and satria is same body chasis... they have same parts mounting point. ---------- Post added at 08:43 AM ---------- 6 hour anti-bump limit - Previous post was at 08:41 AM ---------- Wow.... diy...
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    Mercedes Benz SLS AMG 6.2L RARE

    only rm100,000????
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    WTS - Straight Flow Muffler

    wat the best price for one???? can swap with s-flow?? kaka
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    reduce "subsidies on existing " , voice up ur opinion.

    let do lik thailand... kaka....
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    Auldey Race Tin Cars - R/c Cars That U Can Modify

    kaka... wat part u wan?? u can always go jalan pasar!~
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    [WTS] Ferodo Zero Brake Pads..non imitation

    bro.. pm the price for wira 1.5 for both brake pad
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    [After12] DON Limited Edition Performance Brake pad

    bro.. pm the price for wira 1.5??? include installation ah?
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    Toyota Supra 2j Twin turbo (A) For sell

    sold already ... but i have an extra supra 2J NA auto engine with gearbox for sell
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    Snooker cue "CM1" 95%NEW for sell

    bro.... wat the legth?? and the tip size???? where ur location pls kindly sms me at 0163378577 and wat the lowest price u can give?
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    Shipping cars to sarawak, sabah & labuan from port klang with lower price rm1750.00

    Re: Shipping cars to sarawak, sabah & labuan from port klang with lower price rm1750. well izzit shipping car to there will lost stuff.. my gf shiped twice and always lost car stuff.... from spare tired to jack....
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    wow~~~~ 6k??? engine almost blow lo... i rev until 5k engine also bising.... i dunno... i jus know this gearbox previous was on 1.3satira.... modded... i jus swap with him... plus topup.... tat all.... others i dunno.. bro.... wat size rims u use??? i use 15inch.... i think my top block got...
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    well all saga, wira gearbox for 4g15 same la... Need change driftshaft one meh???? i tthink i no change driveshaft one wo.... i dunno cos i no c them change .... well.... LAst time my auto rm50 only 200km.... not rm50 i minimum 250km/hr summroe i always high rev.. u know la.. manual sure drive...
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    well... Uk spec gearbox is 4 speed... but now all wira is 3speed gearbox which will fix the problem of uk 4 speed gearbox which always spoil... convert to manual is much better...
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    KAYABA gas shock absober

    bro.. pm all ur absorber type price for Myvi front... i wanna used back Original spring... so which is suit?
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    IMPROVE Suspension Products (Extra Warranty Period)

    bro... how much for front myvi.... for propex and comfort
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    wira auto gearbox problem

    bro!!!! 04 model??? then congrat... ur gearbox will die... i have the problem b4... when u go uphill on 1 and 2.... got jerk anot??? tat time i have jerking goin uphill and traffic got delay 2-3 sec only move... i send back to proton lucky under warranty they overhaul the gearbox for me and...
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    [WTS] Rainy Boneless / No Fulcrum / Soft Wiper For Sell

    hi... can i know how much izzit for myvi and wira if i get it together???
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    High pass and low pass filter

    so u mean i should push the switch to high pass on my amp to push my woofer?
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    High pass and low pass filter

    thnx for the offer ... i have few fren working in aCC can tune for me.. just i wanna know the basic... As i don't simply past my car to Acc shop i dun know well.. cos My car was stolen once... Just wanna b safety ..
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    High pass and low pass filter

    helo, I lik to know how to set it.. What does it mean high pass and low pass filter... My player is pioneer... default is at 100 for high pass and low pass is 100 on the player setting ... So my amp also have this selection... if i wan my amp to push 12 inch subwoofer.. so i should...
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    proton WIra 2004 problem

    thnx to all pro... welll My exshaut system hav change when i in auto... i removed CAT and put a mid box.... but my end mmuffler is S-flow.. My mid-box hav done back preassure as auto need it... so now when i in manual... for 1st ans 2nd gear.. i have abit choking if i release accel too...
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    proton WIra 2004 problem

    hi to all expert need ask... My wira is auto and i converted to Cable clutch manual gearbox... with 1.8 Flywheel, Preassure plate 1.8 and 1.8 clutch on my WIra 1.5 2004 model... But i did now change the ecu... Will i need to change to manual ecu to have the better performance and...
  24. Toyota Supra 2j Twin turbo (A) For sell

    Car Saleman qoute is RM88k, After discount i think is rm80k But u go thru me is RM70k, Still can nego.... FYI there is no loan for this car.. if u really wan jus call me... no sms or pm 0163378577 (Yap)
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    Supra Wanted

    i have a supra 2j twin turbo for sell.... if u interested pls contact me... 0163378577
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    Wira Aeroback Sifu Pls Help~~~

    izzi ur car is putra engine???
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    high tech crime

    well.. this device i knew it 3months ago... u can get it in china.. just for rm500.....
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    Where to buy this clip?

    if i not wrong.. those clip is lik for hang something.. lik side skirt .... izzit?
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    Autometer gauges - AFR, Fuel Press., Shift Lite

    bro... the shift light i need to find my self the rpm chip?
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    clear stock need cash only super offer

    bro... the side mirror auto flip no pic?
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    I Found Silver Perodua Viva >> WQM 780

    well.. i found a scraped satria... at Connaught McD... din take pic... anyone free to go take a look??? engine still there.. jus all stuff taken out
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    old,broken laptop

    contact me.. i hav a broken laptop.... casing broken.. key board not function... take all rm50... no ram no Hdd... the board... LCD and the power all working...
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    Proton Wira MMC Side Mirror (Relay/Switch)

    bro... cannot flip one a///???
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    [WTS] Audio VU Meter.. Cheap..

    bump!!!~~~~ Nego!!~~~~~ Grab it..
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    DIY Knocking Fender!

    Re: DIY Knocking Fender!~~~ Well... if spray whole fender i need to sandblast it.. lazy la.... summore temperory only... next year i spray whole car.. i buy auto spray... which giv a fine finishing lik metalic shine
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    DIY Knocking Fender!

    Here some DIY pic of DIY knocking to save some $$... To reduce the ugly or my car... since next year i will sray whole car.. keke... Well i spend 5 hours doin it.. This my 1st time Knoncking... Last time i only DIY fix front bumper and knocing Front Bonnet... minor accident.. It mayb not...
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    mohawk 12 woofer with box

    bro.. pm me ur price if u send to kl... i mean COD..... double coil?
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    find tis guy out

    well... made a report saying this fella disturbing u. .then police can trace hp number nowadays.. then u rich ma, find lawyer sue him lo... keke...
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    find tis guy out

    lol!!~~ Cheras got one myvi... pink... with fur on dashboard.. kakaka.. the special pink in leisure mall area
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    My Satria GTI been stolen on 20/05/09

    wat.. in taman connaught summore ah... i stay nearby... i will b alert of this car.... bro... did u try looking for ur car at taman ikan emas.... last time my car stolen and was found there b4 my fren..... i was so lucky... within 24hrs i found back.... police was always slowpoke
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    spoiler led light repair?

    well i chaned b4... normallay when it burn one led.. then 4 led will die together... mean u need to figur which led burn to get the other 3 led to on back... use a 3-5v battery and test eat battery..... then u found the burn one jus replace it.. then all will light up..... but normally u also...
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    Apexi Power Intake

    bro... how much with the wira adaptor??
  43. Y

    Many small parts from Wira 1.6 Dashboard & Some other parts

    bro... wat the price for the cup holder.. got pic ma??? reply me in pm..... Bump: bro... wat the price for the cup holder.. got pic ma??? reply me in pm.....
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    [WTS] Carbon Fiber Hood *Available All Type Of Car*

    hi... do u hav carbon fibre hood for myvi??? pm me..
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    Apexi Power Intake

    bro.. can i ask y some ppl sell the filter only lik rm160??? i jus wanna know wat the diff.. both also same product... can u quote me the full setup for wira 1.5 2004 model..
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    defi link bf -white-

    bro... pm me ur best price...
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    Satria Interior Stuff 2 let go

    pm me best price for Gear console *in very good cond W/gear lock mechanism Rm50
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    My car had just been stolen

    lol... proton oem immobilizor easy to disable use magnet... my fren tried and show me... to start a car is more easy.. with one wire.... :> malaysia car is so easy to stolen....
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    Autoguage 2inc vaccum+pod holder

    bro... come wit the visor and meter stand??? where ur location.. pm me pls..
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    APEXi Power Intake Air Filter Universal (NEW) RM185 part#500-A021

    bro... can u pm me the price if possile i wan lik the one in ur pic.. wira... wit the red ram for support to chasis... my car is stock filter.. i wanna upgrade... thnx