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  1. minivan

    R.I.P Marco Simoncelli. A sad day at motoGP@Sepang

    I don't condone such reactions. But to put things into a bit more perspective, the crowd didn't know what was happening. They were kept hanging. Its was not communicated to them by the organisers what was the situation. Even when it was announced the race was cancelled, it wasn't communicated...
  2. minivan

    Driven: Lamborghini Gallardo & Nissan GT-R

    I've driven a mildy tuned 530whp cobb-tuned GTR and that for me was already mind blowingly quick. This has 700 ponies! I know what u mean by having to adjust ur driving style. U really have to double ur focus range and attention, coz the horizon just comes to u so quickly! Think of a spot in...
  3. minivan

    Most powerful Lotus Ever. The Evora GTE

    The center lock wheels look gorgeous! and 444ponies in a 1276kg body.... pergh!
  4. minivan

    RS4 B7 Owners

    It was only yesterday, i was on my way to KLIA (in a rush) and was doing like 160-170 already, when i saw a blue dot getting bigger real quickly in my rear view mirrors. Gave way and it flew past me like i was standing still! It was a blue RS4 B7.. very nice..
  5. minivan

    Breakfast Blast! Blue Jackets super Sunday drive to Port Dickson

    Awesomeness! I so need to get a higher paying job!
  6. minivan

    [WTS] 2000 CL1 Honda Accord Euro R

    Wah... dem, en route to bogey/par/birdie/eagle/albatross already bro? I tot was still contemplating the other day... :biggrin: OK la bro.. for sake of debate la.. if price is a factor, what's your take on TSi vs MK5 GTI? :biggrin:
  7. minivan

    Tony Fernandes buys over Caterham

    Do Caterhams have air conditioning? :-P
  8. minivan

    Godzilla battle, R32, R33, R34 & R35

    What was the state of tune of each car? The 'older' Godzillas don't seem stock, while the 35 looked relatively stock...
  9. minivan

    It’s down the wire for the 2011 Red Bull Rookies search

    Mark... u should have taken a jumping shot pics with the girls like Ari there la? :biggrin:
  10. minivan

    BMW burns some oil with the 520d

    I am sure BMW have done their research and have found the diesel here to be 'good enough' albeit not at the quality of european diesel. If not, they wouldn't bring in their diesel variants.
  11. minivan

    Honda President confirms NSX successor based on HSV-010 back on

    Ape da.. whoever can get subcon to open up a FB account i'll treat you to whatever type of rice you want.. :biggrin: Not yet bro... but someone is trying to see how much loan he can get (the 3rd someone!)
  12. minivan

    Honda President confirms NSX successor based on HSV-010 back on

    Whats with all the talk about food here?? Lunch time is near and its making me hungry la...
  13. minivan

    Finale Report: The game was brought as the times were attacked for The Finale

    Damn.. so he still has something up his sleeve if somebody breaks 2.19!
  14. minivan

    Reasons NA>Turbo

    Turbo have to pump fuel +- every 2-3 days. NA can go on for about +- double that.
  15. minivan

    Megane Renault Sport 250 Cup - Hottest Hot Hatch now available here for RM230,000!

    Re: Megane Renault Sport 250 Cup - Hottest Hot Hatch now available here for RM230,000 Being the 250 Cup, I think the Golf-R is a more worthy rival as opposed to the 'normal' GTI... ---------- Post added at 09:09 AM ---------- 6 hour anti-bump limit - Previous post was at 09:06 AM ----------...
  16. minivan

    Time To Attack Sepang Round 3 - Old record time finally shattered by new Champion!

    Re: Time To Attack Sepang Round 3 - Old record time finally shattered by new Champion Superb smooth driving... salute :top: Turbos feel so much more 'relaxed' compared to a NA's run.
  17. minivan

    just bought dc5R

    Re: just brought dc5R See... i wasn't kidding when i said get hondata and just by-pass them (if ur CEL are o2 sensors laa), as you can get a used k100 for around RM2300-2500 now...
  18. minivan

    just bought dc5R

    Re: just brought dc5R Replacing them is like a 5 minute thing. Easy, but they are RM500 a pop! used! and theres 2! So if both need replacing, thats RM1000! And then theres no warranty/gurantee they'll last... Mun lee doesn't have them. Last time when i called they quoted me RM200 each, and...
  19. minivan

    just bought dc5R

    Re: just brought dc5R the K o2 sensors are expensive but don't last that long. Get hondata and just by-pass them :biggrin:
  20. minivan

    DC5 Advice

    It gets better over time, practice makes perfect :biggrin:
  21. minivan

    DC5 Advice

    The orginal thread where it all started, thanx to Mr. BB1 Man! Hey, i might as well use this original thread to wish Mr. Lightningfield SELAMAT PENGANTIN BARU bro!! Go easy on da first night bro... huhu ... jangan jadi cam kat Pasir Gudang!! :biggrin::biggrin:
  22. minivan

    Dyno Chart Comparison & Calibration Registry

    Power runs to get read-outs would be as low as RM50 (if u know them well enuff la) to abt RM80.. Dyno rental with own tuner is RM250/hour.. Them tuning... ,dunno have to kawtim with them..
  23. minivan

    Lotus pulls a world first by unveiling entire new product line-up

    Damn.. you lot are a tuff bunch to please.. I think they look awesome! Lotus needs these new futuristic design ques, and i personally love em. More so as they want to compete with the 'big boys'.. ---------- Post added at 01:44 PM ---------- 6 hour anti-bump limit - Previous post was at 12:59...
  24. minivan speed challenge series ANYONE?

    Conrod or conrod bearing gave way, then it hits the block la.. making a hole... Cause dunno yet... simply a failed conrod or its bearing, or even a failed oil pump causing low oil pressure to the required bits...
  25. minivan speed challenge series ANYONE?

    I just wrote in another thread actually... Nways, engine is out. Can visually see 3 holes, 2 on the block (conrod tendang la ni) and 1 hole on the oil sump.. fate of head not known yet.. Been asking around abt engine kosong, including a member here.. :biggrin:
  26. minivan

    Dyno Chart Comparison & Calibration Registry

    4th gear 8000rpm heading to turn 7-8, them kaboom!! HUGE plume of smoke behind me, blinding Freen who was behind me. Front and rear windscreen spewed with oil. Full over on the left side grass heading to turn 9. Cabin starts filling with smoke. I get out and jump over the safety barrier, marshal...
  27. minivan speed challenge series ANYONE?

    What???!! :biggrin:
  28. minivan

    Dyno Chart Comparison & Calibration Registry

    There are tuners who can tune the torque curve without it really dropping. When my car was on e-manage, my torque curve would drop as low as 17-16! and it was all over the place. With Hondata my tuner got me a map where thruout the entire rev range, my torque never dropped below 20. Peaked at...
  29. minivan speed challenge series ANYONE?

    All so freakin fast now!! :top:
  30. minivan

    Trust E-manage

    Hmmm... Yeah tru dat... eventho it looks and acts like a standalone, technically it would be a piggyback.. thanks for pointing that out...
  31. minivan

    Trust E-manage

    I use to run e-manage. Doesn't do much really. Its basic function would be controlling A/F ratio similar to a SAFC. Then if u have the ignition harness, u can advance the timing a bit. Then it can control injector upgrades (only applicable if u upgrade injector tho)... thats about it. It not as...
  32. minivan speed challenge series ANYONE?

    Re: Thanks for welcoming me! Hi there Doc. Welcome! However.... Is it just me, or theres actually nothing there on the linked page?
  33. minivan speed challenge series ANYONE?

    Gua going straight to SIC ard 11-11.30 ish.. meet up there je..
  34. minivan speed challenge series ANYONE?

    Not a bad idea.. since we're gonna be there pretty much morning till afternoon.. and there's usually not much stuff to eat there.. Ok.. i'll think of something to chip in the pot luck.. OK.. drinks are on me.. I'll bring energy drinks and stuff...
  35. minivan speed challenge series ANYONE?

    I'll probaly be going there around 11-11:30 ish and catch up with u guys then...
  36. minivan speed challenge series ANYONE?

    See u guys there.. kinda made a last minute decision to joing, but OTD full so i'll be trying out the speed challenge for fun..
  37. minivan

    RIP Shazwan @ Blueimp

    Owh bravo... :congrats: Such an intelligent... such a mature reply la uncle... Your replies thus far speak sohai-ly of you... Have a nice day uncle. Drive safely... Godspeed...
  38. minivan

    RIP Shazwan @ Blueimp

    Whats with the hiding behind new nick? Newbies wouldn't not be interested in threads like this.. Cowards.. Ok peeps, not my war here... peace and out...
  39. minivan

    RIP Shazwan @ Blueimp

    For your sake, i hope i don't see a thread called 'RIP motorfreak' in the future.. then u'll be remembered for this rather 'delightful' reply to a thread... but it won't be coming from me. It'll come from someone at ur level...
  40. minivan

    RIP Shazwan @ Blueimp

    From the moment you and mr jim posted here, i could sense that you guys were out to provoke. Newly registered, focusing on this particular thread trying to be some righteous prick goody too-shoe.. Most here know what he did was wrong, and what people want to take out of it is a life-learning...
  41. minivan

    RIP Shazwan @ Blueimp

    Any loss of life is sad and tragic. While fate has determined that he move on to the after-life, we who remain here on this earth should take lessons from this tragedy and let it serve as a reminder as to how fragile we all are and how life is too.. Al-fatihah.. dan semoga rohnye dicucuri...
  42. minivan

    Selamat Hari Raya...

    yeah, many r talking abt it on Facebook.. Condolences..
  43. minivan

    Selamat Hari Raya...

    I was.. Minor retuning kat jc punye dyno..
  44. minivan

    A hole-in-one for the Volkswagen Golf 1.4 TSI

    Are bodykits and suspension kits easily available here for this car inorder to make it less of a hair-dresser's car?
  45. minivan

    izit wotrh it buying dc5 type s?

    Owh yeah... forgot... --->
  46. minivan

    izit wotrh it buying dc5 type s?

    The US market gets the 200hp Type-S, which is effectively and toned down version of the JDM Type-R. Still 6 speed, but you don't get LSD and some other stuff. Not sure if they even have it in RHD though... The Type-S that we get here through grey importers is the 160hp version which has a 5...
  47. minivan

    Buka Puasa 2010

    Is parking easy there bro?
  48. minivan

    Buka Puasa 2010

    Been super freakin busy guys!! family stuff, work stuff, car stuff also (its with john atm) Gua follow je.. just say when and where..
  49. minivan


    Akuma, u crack me up la dude! Ni sekor lagi: You know what... yeah, some thought/basic science/intelligence - whatever you want to call it comes into play when modding. But, you shouldn't be too blurdy kiasu and precise down to the last millimeter about it either. Wheres the fun in that...
  50. minivan


    Wow, i missed out on a lot of the hot debate. So freakin busy at work today!! Maybe i'll just add a bit more... The 'branded' ones still have to work around certain regulations/industry practices like JASMA in Japan or some state laws in the US on emssion and noise or noise regulation in the...