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  1. ddv_nk12

    Knocking sound from engine

    ouch.. i hope it isn't that knocking noise
  2. ddv_nk12

    looking to buy car lock transmission where to find in malaysia

    Have you heard of Construct gear lock? IMO, way better than the one you posted above. If u r keen, pm me ur car model and I will check if it is still available.
  3. ddv_nk12

    Consider to buy R35 Recon

  4. ddv_nk12

    DIY Windshield Scratch Repair

    Yes.. Glass Mechanic. Now I remember. I didn't know they moved. I polished my windscreen sometime in mid 2012.
  5. ddv_nk12

    DIY Windshield Scratch Repair

    There is a windscreen specialist in SS2, PJ. I can't remember the name of the shop but it is right opposite Pelita. An elderly man does the polishing there and he is good. I was satisfied with his job. Quite pricey but worth it.
  6. ddv_nk12

    Cash Buy Car - Issue

    I went through this before. First, I paid some deposit. Then, the seller will send the car for inspection. Once done, pay cash and immediately bring the seller to JPJ to transfer name. I did this. Some even did online transfer while waiting at JPJ to transfer name. U will want to minimise...
  7. ddv_nk12

    To those who drive slow and hog the right lane

    Yeah, I agree with u. At times, I have seen some drivers start flashing from so far away especially with their blinding HID lights. Regardless of whether you are driving an Audi or a Ferrari or even a Myvi, there is no need for that. For all you might know the car in front of you in being held...
  8. ddv_nk12

    To those who drive slow and hog the right lane

    Keep left unless you are overtaking. It is not too hard to understand, is it? From what I see, it is usually those uncles in their S Class having a chat with their wives while driving leisurely on the right lane. U can try honking, tailgating and flashing headlights. They won't move. I...
  9. ddv_nk12

    Illegal Vehicle wanted by police and JPJ! (Selangor & KL area)

    Only if they can still run away. lol:nurse::rofl:
  10. ddv_nk12

    Where to buy VOLTRONIC product in Johor Bahru ?

    Go to Xtreme Motorsport in Permas. Same row as Torque Racing. I get mine there. However, I don't think they have the full range of Voltronic products but I could be wrong.
  11. ddv_nk12

    eg swap engine costing?

    If I am not wrong, that 25% rule works something like this: Lets say EG/EK factory displacement is 1600. so, 1600 X 25% = 400. And so, 1600 + 400 = 2000. So, K20 can be used in a EG/EK.
  12. ddv_nk12

    used car for weeekend use

    Wira or satria 1.6 well fits your budget. It's not that bad a car after all. I would suggest getting a stock car or with minor mods only.
  13. ddv_nk12

    Old car or New Car with the same price???

    Gotta agree with u. The policies in our country is one of the reasons for the Japanese cars here not on par with the rest of the world. :banghead::banghead:
  14. ddv_nk12

    Illegal Vehicle wanted by police and JPJ! (Selangor & KL area)

    This is strangely quite common. I have been hearing quite often lately. I have also seen two different lorries, with the same registration number and road tax. People can copy the car model, colour and even change their number plates. But how can they get the road tax stickers? Are there...
  15. ddv_nk12

    Suspension - Testimonials please

    I have been using my coilovers for more than a year now. I have tried playing with the setting all the while. From what I have experienced, the harder it is, the better the cornering and I personally find it better on the highway because it is not that bumpy. When set it soft, it's more...
  16. ddv_nk12

    Dilemma on choosing Recond Sport Car

    Lol... This is still not over?
  17. ddv_nk12

    Selamat hari raya aidilfitri

    Selamat Hari Raya Maaf Zahir & Batin to all my Muslim friends here. Drive safe! Those serving rendang daging, please PM me the time, date and venue of your open house!
  18. ddv_nk12

    imitation rims - are they really not reliable at all?

    Scary. Every time I see a rim in that shape, it really freaks me out.
  19. ddv_nk12

    Daddys club

    Thanks Iszo. My baby is due in about 4 weeks. Time's moving very slow. Can't wait dy.
  20. ddv_nk12

    .: Exhaust Modification Corner :.

    Why does the same exhaust sound differently/louder or 2 different cars? What are the other things that affect it besides being different cars? Piping size? Type of engine? With/without silencer/cat con/resonator?
  21. ddv_nk12

    Daddys club

    What's up dads? Just a quick one. When do u buy a breast pump? Some people say it's better to buy after delivering to know whether milk can be produced or not. They say that it would be a waste to buy it if milk cannot be produced. While some people say milk surely can be produced, so it is...
  22. ddv_nk12

    Consume engine oil

    Not sure the exact amount but it is quite a lot. What engine oil are you using? Sometimes, when the viscosity is too low, for example, 0W30, you could experience this. I experienced this when I was using Amsoil 0W30 previously but the loss of engine oil is not as much as yours. Could it...
  23. ddv_nk12

    Post the pimp cars--Pimp My Ride Malaysia

    How do you like this? Not in Malaysia. And this, just remembered I still had this pic:
  24. ddv_nk12

    My Snail Rebuild Integra DB8

    Just a small purchase I did last week. Hand damn itchy. Don't do anything for the car, everything is itchy. This was the old one: Btw, it's up for sale if anyone is interested. And something I have been waiting for for quite long. I just prefer this steering wheel in every way...
  25. ddv_nk12

    Hammond drives the icons: Integra Type-R

    No ehdrian. I am also hoping to watch the video.
  26. ddv_nk12

    what should do after engine transplant??

    If not yet tune, I suggest to run in first. Then only go dyno tune. While running in, don't rev too high. Drive slowly.
  27. ddv_nk12

    Tire Price list Zth

    Just stopped by a tyre shop in Masai because it sells Deestone tyres from Thailand. Never heard about it before but lately many have been talking about it. So, I decided to check out the price. Here's what I have gathered: 215/55/16 RM220 215/50/16 RM220 215/50/16 RM210 205/45/16 RM210...
  28. ddv_nk12

    >>any Seremban People<< N9

    yeah, nothing like being in your hometown and if Seremban is your hometown, that's the best place to be. Home sick dy myself.
  29. ddv_nk12

    gear ratio?

    Wow, if this calculator is correct, then my top speed would be awesome!!!! But scared to try. Tyre Diameter = 1855.43 mm 1st Gear = 70.5 km/h 2nd Gear = 108.18 km/h 3rd Gear = 156.18 km/h 4th Gear = 205.7 km/h 5th Gear = 268.53 km/h
  30. ddv_nk12

    Honda Radiator coolant on the floor

    If u say it's on the passenger's side, then it might be the water pump. For Honda's there's nothing that has anything to do with your coolant on the driver's side except the water pump. Check your water pump. It could be that. It can't be the hoses or the spare tank because those are on the...
  31. ddv_nk12

    Goodyear F1 Directional 5 vs Michelin Pilot Sport 3

    How much is the D5 and PS3 for 205/45/16 or 205/50/16? Tyres need to be changed soon. Currently on Yoko A-Drive.
  32. ddv_nk12

    Honda CR-Z: Manual or Auto?

    Couldn't agree more!!
  33. ddv_nk12

    LSD GEar box oil change interval

    Yep, I second that!!! I am a satisfied user of this gear oil. As mentioned, can be used for both LSD and non LSD. Price is about 200 bucks for 4L. U only need to use 2L.
  34. ddv_nk12

    Deactivate Steelmate 838G Voice

    There was a typo is the topic. It was supposed to be 898G. Sorry my bad. But thanks anyway Izso because the link you gave me actually gave me some ideas on how this works. Anyway, I have found out how to turn off the voice warning function. I tried pressing all buttons and with different...
  35. ddv_nk12

    Deactivate Steelmate 838G Voice

    I have this Steelmate Alarm. I am not sure but I believe it's the 898G model. This alarm came with the car when I bought it 2 years ago. So, I don't have the manual. I tried Googling for it but I still can't get it. A seller in zth also said that he doesn't have the manual online but can try...
  36. ddv_nk12

    porsche cayman 2.7cc years 2009 vs bmw z4 23i 2.5cc years 2009

    I would just go for the Cayman. It's just a personal choice. If it was me, I wouldn't mind the engine sound of a Porsche. To me, that's music. If possible, try test driving both and see which you'd prefer.
  37. ddv_nk12

    Head screw broke

    I've already done it. I used my OEM washers. My mechanic said they were still ok. Thanks all.
  38. ddv_nk12

    Head screw broke

    Oops!! Not yet la. I am not using my car though. No time. Gotta wait a few days more. Hopefully I'll find time to do it on Thursday. Btw, those Skunk2 washer is damn nice. How much is it?
  39. ddv_nk12

    Head screw broke

    Hmmnn.. something to think about!! How much is it? Need to consider. Every penny counts these days. Lol
  40. ddv_nk12

    Head screw broke

    That's good. Lol Thanks mate
  41. ddv_nk12

    Head screw broke

    Thank you. So, roughly less than 50 bucks can settle la?
  42. ddv_nk12

    Head screw broke

    I managed to drive back yesterday. I checked every a few times throughout the journey. Not much of oil leaked. Here are the pics. It's not the head screw. My bad. Hahaha I will be getting it done tomorrow. Is it an expensive fix? I'm not really a DIY guy. So, I will be sending to my...
  43. ddv_nk12

    Head screw broke

    My head screw broke. The one near the spark plugs. I don't know how it happened but only 1 broke. And my engine oil is leaking through the broken screw. Is it an easy fix? Plus, I'm now in my hometown. I am going back today. Is it ok for to drive for about 3 hours and get it done tomorrow...
  44. ddv_nk12

    Aircond wont work when hot, works well when cold or at night...

    High chances are that it is about time to change your compressor. Get it checked and f necessary, change it. Do not keep it too long. I experienced it before.I used it until really not cold and by that time there was a very very loud noise from the compressor whether your A/C is switched on...
  45. ddv_nk12

    Interior lighting is getting dimmer even without turn on the headlight

    Yeah, voltage stabilizer would help you little. I was using one before but for some reason it spoiled. So, I can see the difference without it. Would like to know if anyone here can recommend a good piece of voltage stabilizer? I was using Pivot Raizin previously. It was good but I feel like...
  46. ddv_nk12

    polishing inner part of neo's headlamp

    I haven't came across anyone doing this. But if there is a way of or if there is anyone doing it, I might be interested too.
  47. ddv_nk12

    Car stolen help pls

    No car is safe these days!! Hope you can get it back.
  48. ddv_nk12

    Daddys club

    Yeah, I have most of it already. According to my sources, that is my wife, my mother and my mother in law, hahaha, we have it all already. My wife is a first time mother. The other two last thought about this almost 30 years ago. I'm still not sure about their credibility. Hahaha. But I think...
  49. ddv_nk12

    Old car or New Car with the same price???

    As for me, it is different. To me, I thought, I'm gonna live only once, and since I can afford the car I liked since young, even though it was more than 15 years old, I decided to go for it. Well, it has been with me for 2 years now. And yes, I paid a lot for repairs, wear and tears, let alone...
  50. ddv_nk12

    Daddys club

    It truly amazes me how much you guys know!! I must learn from you guys! Salute to each and every zth daddy!!!:adore::adore::adore::adore::adore::adore::adore::adore::adore: