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  1. detomaso_runna

    Landcruiser 80 stuck in Penang!

    0174260355 vibrant auto
  2. detomaso_runna

    Drifthouse Infinite Exhaust System Customizations and Fabrications

    pm saya untuk package audi tt. downpipe to catback. catback nak macam akra style. thanks bro
  3. detomaso_runna

    28th VCM Sepang Trackday and UR Euro Car Club Challenge

    trackday now 480. with price. but limited slots. can check the forum. if interested contact them bro. the euro challenge is 150.
  4. detomaso_runna

    Any Audi TT/TTS/TTRS owners here ?

    bro, audi tts recond now priced around 240k. don buy s-line. straight away buy tts if u got budget. oh ya. maintenance is the same like vw. not much different . i used to have bmw. and if ur ook with bmw maintenance. then u definitely ok with audi . cuz bmw cost far more expensive than audi...
  5. detomaso_runna

    28th VCM Sepang Trackday and UR Euro Car Club Challenge

    details available below. Gambar TT Club Malaysia | Facebook and Volkswagen Club Malaysia, VW Golf GTi, TSi, Polo, Passat, EOS, Scirocco, Tiguan, Touareg, Golf R, Scirocco R hope to see u guys there. :)
  6. detomaso_runna

    Used VW Golf Mk5 - is it worth buying?

    8. charcoal canister rm480 9.pcv delete rm300+ - (no more pcv headache) 10.engine oil 5liter rm285 (5liter ROWE) just additional info. hehehe bro lan_evo, sorry to hear about ur mk5 problems. but all i can said. dsg fart is awesome. hehehe summore if u change the downpipe etc. my...
  7. detomaso_runna

    Used VW Golf Mk5 - is it worth buying?

    just buy the car. make sure vagcom first before u buy. be fren with vw people first. all i know the mk5 engine gti is ok. since my audi tt using the same engine. and the fc really good.
  8. detomaso_runna

    New Jaguar Supercar to be Powered by a 1.6l Engine?

    i doubt they gonna use electric motor assist. basically, the main point of racing and supercar. is produce enuff speed and horsepower to speed junkie. and to get speed and horsepower, the engine must be very light, and the car also must be light. electric motor assist comes with the motor...
  9. detomaso_runna

    Car Custom Made Coil Mat MANY COLORS TO CHOOSE

    bro. pm me if boleh untuk audi tt. thanks
  10. detomaso_runna

    [wts]Coozauto: Volkswagan Golf GTI Air Suction Kit

    custom ar bro? looks like neuspeed style!!!
  11. detomaso_runna

    Any Audi TT/TTS/TTRS owners here ?

    wah bro. seriously u don hab fb ar???? well time to create one then. hahahahaahaha
  12. detomaso_runna

    Daihatsu detomaso 1.6 manual

    i own detomaso also. hehehe selling slightly a bit expensive than urs. since mine too extreme. hahaha bump for ur car bro. :)
  13. detomaso_runna

    Gran Turismo 5 - Academy Edition Soon to be Released!

    wahhhh!!!! golf gti interior sooooo real!!!! must buy!!!!
  14. detomaso_runna

    Ariel Atom Set To Scare Jeremy with 700HP Upgrade

    love the r888!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  15. detomaso_runna

    The 2JZ - Now Sky-Rocketing the Toyota 86

    nice pic bro. huhuhu for me i'll go for hks supercharge. no lag. should be suitable to sustain the power band of the engine and while drifting. summore produced by hks and comfirm stable. the 1st pic is the centrifugal type of supercharge. same concept as turbo turbin but operated using belts.
  16. detomaso_runna

    New Jaguar Supercar to be Powered by a 1.6l Engine?

    bro, even F1 is 2.3 liter. huhuhu what im thinking is. the supercar in future adapting the F1 technology. shoter block. shorter crank. etc. but can churn out amazing hp. even F1 soon gonna be 1.5 turbo. but the horsepower is still remains 1k hp. ---------- Post added at 10:55 AM ---------- 6...
  17. detomaso_runna

    The 2JZ - Now Sky-Rocketing the Toyota 86

    boxer engine is nice. torque is high. BUT , remain standard is betta than modified it. to turborise the engine. which i tink some people would do. is like taking a freaking risk.based on my experience having boxer engine car la. changing to 2j is the best thing. just that the mounting part...
  18. detomaso_runna

    The 2JZ - Now Sky-Rocketing the Toyota 86

    old tech betta than new tech. 2j still one of the best engine ever built.
  19. detomaso_runna

    Daihatsu detomaso 1.6 manual

    bump!!!! nice car!! :)
  20. detomaso_runna

    Any Audi TT/TTS/TTRS owners here ?

    no problem. anything just pm me. :)
  21. detomaso_runna

    Driven: Audi A1 S-line – same-same, but different.

    i wont say audi is uncle-ish. come on. audi is a symbol of executive. far beyond VW. and to compare golf mk5 and audi a1 is a terrible mistake. why don u compare mk5 with audi tt? same engine what. but which one is more eye catching and chicks magnet???? u tell me. hahaha from the way ur saying...
  22. detomaso_runna

    VW's Polo GTI sees a price increase?

    hehehe. add 30 k. but u get same car which worth 137k last year. perghhhh. now all polo gti owner selling their car. and x rugi. looks like a express gold bar for me.
  23. detomaso_runna

    Any Audi TT/TTS/TTRS owners here ?

    bro. find VAG in facebook. audi club also in facebook. think there more lively than here. :)
  24. Audi TT-Rs Original Grill

    bought extra. fully imported from germany. still wrap inside plastic. the picture is examples of my car. fitted with the same grill. can nego a bit.
  25. detomaso_runna

    Aston Martin Officially Opens Showroom Doors!

    well, i wonder why they didnt show their 1.3liter cygnet worth 350k??? hehehehe
  26. detomaso_runna

    VW's Polo GTI sees a price increase?

    same same but price increase.i just cancelled my booking due to price increase. better buy recond mini cooper with that kinda price. or buy vw mk5.
  27. detomaso_runna

    LAUNCH: Ducati Malaysia Reveals CKD DIAVEL (From RM109,888)

    hahahaha no worries bro. this is launching picture. once u buy this bike. comfirm u get additional "free gift" sitting behind u. hahahahahaha
  28. detomaso_runna

    Honda Launches 9th Generation Civic into Malaysian Market

    seen this. think looks betta than 8th generation.
  29. detomaso_runna

    Veedubs attack Sepang Go-Kart Circuit!

  30. detomaso_runna

    All-new BMW X6 makes its way to all BMW dealerships nationwide

    reason having x6. looks badass!!! but the new x6. look ..................................................... (++)'
  31. detomaso_runna

    Ken Block - Gymkhana 5!

  32. detomaso_runna

    Peugeot 308 VTi and Turbo - Facelifted for 2012! (From RM102,888 OTR)

    nice car. nice handling. still i would add few thousands getting polo gti.
  33. detomaso_runna

    Special auxilary features of the Toyota 86 that make up the iconic FR Coupe!

    tom, truth will be out soon???? lalalalala when ar?? wanna write in memo. :p mind givin us some hint about the owner of the "leg" and "hand".. :P
  34. detomaso_runna

    Audi Q3 launched in Malaysia – priced from RM258k!

    u cant compare 86 and q3. suv and sport coupe is two diff categories bro. if u wanna compare vw tiguan and audi q3 its okay la. haiyer. if u still wanna compare. compare the fuel consumption. Q3 beat 86 anytime. peace
  35. detomaso_runna

    Wear Your Helmet Today, It Keeps Death Further Away

    simoncelli death cause of high speed impact. and also cause rossi tyre at the neck and simoncelli neck airbag x function. this dude was lucky he didnt end up to be like simoncelli case.
  36. detomaso_runna

    H&R Suspension Setup

    pm me audi tt mk2 non_quattro. 2.0 2007
  37. detomaso_runna

    Two Forties 72Hours BROmance Tour - Shaking Up The South!

    niceeeeeeee!!!!! sure u guys hab so much fun!!!
  38. detomaso_runna

    VAG Owner's Count

    VAG Owner's Count Lets start a count to ease our TT/gathering in the future. Nickname(Name)-Make-Mode-Color-Year 1. AXeL(Axel)- Volkswagen - Golf GTI MK6 - Carbon Steel Grey - 2011 2. Sarbath(Nazreen) - Volkswagen - Golf GTI Mk6 - Deep Black Pearl - 2010 3. WGR2233(Zaihan) - Volkswagen -...
  39. detomaso_runna

    Phenix Digital Canbus Slim Ballast HID Xenon Kit

    bro. i check ur website wrote 249rm?
  40. detomaso_runna

    What The Duck? Farmer Disrupts Traffic by Taking His 5,000 Ducks to the Streets

    bwahahaha donald duck marching on the road of china. i wonder whether got people trying to steal those duck and roast it. :p
  41. detomaso_runna

    LAUNCH: The New 2012 Honda City - Where To Next? (From RM85,980 OTR)

    its how they trying to increase the price. and untung more. slowly their car will exceed 100k. within 2yrs. new model should be more expensive than current model. for sho
  42. detomaso_runna

    Art of Speed to Bring in "Kustom Kulture" into Malaysia

    re: Art of Speed to Bring in "Kustom Kulture" into Malaysia awesome!!!!
  43. detomaso_runna

    The All-New Subaru WRX STi 2012 is Now Available in Malaysia!

    i rather bought another version8 than bought the new wrx sti. quad exhaust on boxer engine? wtf. ej25? should wait for spec C version.
  44. detomaso_runna

    2012 hyundai elantra

    tested both. engine wise. i choose preve. everything else. elantra. :)
  45. detomaso_runna

    The TOYOTA 86 is finally here in Malaysia! - Specs and Prices

    NA boxer. bwahahaha i seeeeee many second hands in coming. boxer engine + na = high FC
  46. detomaso_runna

    Honda Gold Wing (2012) - Plan To Go Everywhere! (RM174,900.00 OTR)

    wait till u see ducati panigale. almost 200k. huhu