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    good workshop for turbo cars at skudai/taman universiti

    0176065808 ah hao his work shop is near tmn tun aminah
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    Johor Newbies Needs Help....

    hi mokh, how long have you drive this car, is it daily use it? i test drive one recently, the feel is firm and comfort.
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    JB/Southern Altezza

    the stock air intake had been replaced by open pod also :(
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    JB/Southern Altezza

    checked the jkb, it is the z edition, but got few things need attention, the top gasket area got leaking, the radiator got leaking, the mileage is not 80plus but almost 150k, means the car needs to be repair/service before use. the timing belt and water pump already cost 1.5k, plus the servicing...
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    Johor Newbies Needs Help....

    hi, u can try this guy, 黑鬼,his work shop is at taman gaya, located near the era maju tire shop, his no. 0167175661. u check with him whether he knows how to install and the price before let him do.
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    JB/Southern Altezza

    they look also the same, but why the jkb is newer model? they are both 02/07 ---------- Post added at 10:01 AM ---------- 6 hour anti-bump limit - Previous post was at 09:58 AM ---------- hi Ling23, i am going to try a manual unit first before i decide.:driver:
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    JB/Southern Altezza

    i have view the jkb876, the physical condition seems ok, but the wilaya with neo bumper is attracted me more. the other one from ks auto also very similar to the wilaya plate tezza, but not sure that one sold or not.
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    JB/Southern Altezza

    nope, this one is johor plate, jkb 876, the one i saw is wilaya plate, the geran stated the owner name and he is from usj, not good to post his full name here, christian name is eric ---------- Post added at 12:28 PM ---------- 6 hour anti-bump limit - Previous post was at 12:23 PM ----------...
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    JB/Southern Altezza

    it got two owners, the car is in good condition, but i think better get my mech down to double check again before confirm it.
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    JB/Southern Altezza

    hi all, i am interested to get altezza, recently saw one unit and test drive it, no. plate WTD9963 (BFE 3), any KL member know the history of the car?
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    Car pool to Tuas, Singapore

    to tuas for what purpose?
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    Hyundai Genesis Challenges An Arrow?

    chey, i tot it started from 0kmh, like that where got fair?
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    New Toyota Camry 2012

    so many anti-T members, i wondering why so many ppl hate T brand.
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    which one is the best?

    how about altis 2.0v? interior space quite alright.
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    Manchester united football club

    i think we need to get in midfielders and defenders as well, since giggs and scholes are getting old, we can't only rely on them for the next season.
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    A Beautiful & Sweet Petite Girl ~ Serene Tan

    pretty girl... last photo remind me of the girl in the movie 'avatar'
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    Wedsport RS5 14" for K-Car (5pcs rims)

    hi, is it pcd100 and pcd 114.3 or pcd110?
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    Anyone good exhuast shop in JB?

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    Any ZTHians in Singapore?

    hi, i am working in sg, but stay in jb la. here is very cold and quiet...