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    Car Suppliers Developing Next-Gen Electronic Brakes

    but it can be a matter of life and death...
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    Proton Persona 2008 - First Drive

    I agree that proton car nowadays handling is very2 good. I love my wira se just for it handling. Compared to my mums iswara aeroback 1.3l... it is totally on a different level. I am assured that Persona handling experience will be one of the best. Congratulation Proton... hope to see Proton...
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    Driver's attitudes in KL

    Welcome back to KL... haha
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    Satria Neo explode in KL 2008~!!

    There you go... thank you Proton for replacing the owner a new car.
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    Drivers please aware...Robbers using egg technique to commit crime on high ways

    I think you've done it once!!! haha... somebody catch this guy, lol
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    ATTENTION Few bad seller in here

    Hehe... tht is because no one propose ur name yet... well, since i've bought CAI from you. I know tht you are a trusted trader. Next time I buy CAI give discount OK? Please add Skywalker... p/s I enjoyed doing business with Drex-chan.
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    Drivers please aware...Robbers using egg technique to commit crime on high ways

    hehe... i hope you get ur chance. Just dont lose grip of your bat, then the bat flying and hit my face, cause I'm there, what a fate!!! haha. Either way i think i should put my steering lock on the passenger set as well, good habit anyway...
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    Save Petrol - Fuel

    hehe... there is a technique okay... i dont know whether it is true or not or it is just my feeling. Basically you need to press the lever/nozzle thingy slowly when refuelling... see, when you fuel at a faster rate... many bubles and you basically lost some quantity, so refuel slowly. A UTP...
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    Drivers please aware...Robbers using egg technique to commit crime on high ways

    hehe... imagine you are driving, window is up, you see a motorcyclist snatch somebody bag... then you going to turn down the window, search for bat, strecth ur hand outside, swing, tht is lot of process involved, lol
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    Save Petrol - Fuel

    that is for RM30 for 200km which is like half the tank... full tank may go to 400km and if include reserve tank should be more dont know how much never tried. I control my fuel by limiting myself to refill after three days working. By doing just that (not refueling after two days etc...). Lets...
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    Save Petrol - Fuel

    yes... if im not mistaken... by reducing switching gear and use appropriate gear i save 2~5 km fo RM10. Which means before is RM10 = 68km, now RM10 = 70km. It is all about how u drive.
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    Save Petrol - Fuel

    yeah i used to own one... love the fuel consumption, the pickup... love it.
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    Save Petrol - Fuel

    haha... see ur own signature la... "WHO CARES ABOUT FUEL CONSUMPTION?"
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    Save Petrol - Fuel

    turning off the aircond... my wira se 4G15 manual save me about 5~10km for RM30... usually get 200km with aircond but now can get 210. But I drive for about 90kmh most of the time. Then again if you drive faster... may need to close window and switch aircond because of drag... furthermore...
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    4G15p - can do something on this plant?

    wow... very tempting indeed... hehe. Yes... I agree that if you have a powerful car basically if you can control your right foot, and furthermore by only pressing (a little bit, cause car already powerful, no need to press hard like stock one, still no go... end up using much fuel) when need to...
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    dont worry if driving license left at home

    see first image... written there "The Star 7/1/08"
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    Drivers please aware...Robbers using egg technique to commit crime on high ways

    People trapped and in fear can do things that they really cant imagine, even to hurt or kill just to survive or be safe... just like in the movies, hehe
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    4G15p - can do something on this plant?

    hehe... to have a 0-100 in 7sec for 4G13... tht must be satisfying and an accomplishment in itself. furthermore got LSD gearbox one lor... VR4 brake system... strut bar... you can play with Vios and eat them anytime you want, hehe. Wonder about the fuel consumption for RM10 how may kilometres...
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    Drivers please aware...Robbers using egg technique to commit crime on high ways

    waaa... you are so knowledgeble about this topic. wonder are you in law enforcement or not? why you go to australia for firearm training? a bodyguard? i have to agree with you that warning shot is dangerous... you dont know where the bullet going to end up... but then again, to shot two bullet...
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    Drivers please aware...Robbers using egg technique to commit crime on high ways

    you cant just shoot people. must shoot warning shot first. i always see it the movie, guess it is the same... but why 2 warning shoot? suppose it will be one warning shoot and if the other person who gonna commit crime do not flee, than can shoot... maybe the person with the gun is a lousy...
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    GTi vs VVT-i vs 6A12(m)

    Car Talk General car discussions Car Modification All on modifications I think the name of the thread and its definition suits this thread and its location in the current time. If not, sure admin have delete cause they already stated to start a thread at correct forum. Maybe Sifu Jin can...
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    4G15p - can do something on this plant?

    I use same car as you. Basically if you press gear two or three there is a lag in throttle response. Iridium spark plug will help this problem, I chose heat range 5 Denso. Definitely you need to de-cat. Dont put performance plug cable, I think no difference and it interrupts with your sound...
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    Minor Fender Bender Turns Into A Riot In China

    The police never came back... haha useless
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    Destroyed Die-Cast Car Models

    it is something new and i like it
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    Satria Neo explode in KL 2008~!!

    "Buy a Proton, and a life insurance, or two!!!"
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    GTi vs VVT-i vs 6A12(m)

    tell ur vios friend to comment here la... tell him to watch out for the illusive wira se maroon, haha.
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    Cancel EON Loan, Possible?

    For me, better waste no time and ask EON Bank directly or ask Proton customer service. I bet this is not the first time they encountered this. Must be a solution and a definite answer. The longer you wait, the lesser the probability of you to have a new BLM saga instead. Dont wait, just ask the...
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    Satria Neo explode in KL 2008~!!

    go to the press, this will hurt proton image so bad I think they will repair of give new car and give compensation for emotional stress.
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    Ferrari SUV - Im Not Kidding!!

    maybe ferrari have been pushed to make an SUV because proton plan to do the SUV? haha
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    Anyone know when is the last expire day to renew roadtax?

    Haha... jackpot!!!
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    Handphone drivers caught on camera - submitted to Polis Trafik

    For me, I dont care what in Fvel mind during taking those video. I think it will be because of his past experience, maybe 80% "GOTCHA!! You'r going down bish! I'm going to tell on you" and 20% "hmm...that road user is endangering other people, I need to stop this." and that 20% maybe to...
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    Handphone drivers caught on camera - submitted to Polis Trafik

    yeah... you mentioned about your viewcam... show me how you mounted in on the car? Maybe you can post it on DIY thread. I think this will be my new hobby, taking movies of people driving not in a legal way. It must be fun, cause absolutely most of this people is not that kind of loaded (have...
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    GTi vs VVT-i vs 6A12(m)

    100m 1) GTi 2) Perdana 3) Vios 400m 1) GTi 2) Perdana 3) Vios (Far away) 1000m 1) GTi (Block Perdana) 2) Perdana (Close, cant pass cause GTi driver is a good blocker and have better response car) 3) Wira SE Maroon 4G15 (M) (Chase Perdana next) 4) Vios (Eat my shit)
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    New Myvi VS S/hand Prelude

    if you put it tht way... I think i'm gonna go with prelude... damn cun la wei. Myvi rim too big. If smaller maybe i choose myvi, hehe. Cmon la dude, if you want to use for getting from point A to B (eg. work), honestly you should choose practicality (MyVi). Someone (Joeker I think) said that...
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    ENKEI J-Speed 15x6.5jj [WTS]

    individual rim weight?
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    Wira SE Brake System Related Mod

    is evo1~3(all same) rear disc is plug and play for wira? for saga iswara is plug n play... thnx bro huakenny. Im now thinking of getting VR4 brake servo, VR4 front disc, for rear... either evo1~3(same), or GSR(is it same as evo1~3?). For GSR rear disc brake, is it plug n play? since it is brake...
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    Wira SE Brake System Related Mod

    ahh... I've tried to search through zth forum but still cant find. I've seen the image... so far there are two types tht I know related to either VR4 or evo3 masterpump... the 0.9 inch and 1 inch type. I think the 0.9 inch one is marked as 14/15 on the masterpump. I dont know the details but...
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    Wira SE Brake System Related Mod

    i know using better brake pad, brake effect should be better... i already use RS performance brake pade, compare to the stock one sure good. I want more, I want rear disc brake that is for better performance. So we already know wira 1.6 is plug and play, is it okay if put VR4 double layer servo...
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    Wira SE Brake System Related Mod

    Thnx for the detail reply... I think i dont like it if the stud is much shorter after fitting the disc over it... ugly. Basic theory or not... it is a new knowledge for me, thnx. If anyone know the other method of modding the vr4 rear disc to fit saga iswara... let me know ok? better if...
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    Wira SE Brake System Related Mod

    I totally understand tht this mod is for saga iswara and this mode is plug n play for mirage disc and need mod for vr4. Upon understanding tht, so I asked what is the mod for vr4 tht need to be done? why? why mirage no need to mode. what is the difference? I want to know the details... I asked...
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    Wira SE Brake System Related Mod

    Yeah I know the person is talking about saga iswara mod and I know saga iswara is PCD114.3. Saga iswara is PCD 114.3 and VR4, and GSR is also PCD 114.3. But why does it still need to have mod even though it is PCD 114.3. So it must going to be something related to the "tapak", knuckle...
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    Wira SE Brake System Related Mod

    Okay, I have been thinking for a while and I think I do need to improve my braking system. So my car is Wira SE 1.5GLi 4G15 manual PCD 100, rim standard 16". I want to upgrade to full disc. Original is PCD 100. 1) VR4 -> PCD 114.3 (Double layer servo) 2) GSR -> PCD 114.3 3) Mivec -> PCD 100...
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    [DIY] Steering Wheel Balancer

    I just did the DIY wheel balancer. It took me hours to go to shop buy the required things and de-assemble and then re-assembling it again. Checked hone still functioning and test drive the car already. So the effect of this wheel balancer is it can return to its normal position faster, right...
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    >Disk brake GSR 114.3 1set

    No picture? item still in car? price cannot reduce? brakeline is steel type? pm me plz. Is this include installation? twin pot? brake pad type? how many % left? reason for selling? condition of disc? have been skimmed?
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    4g67 engine for sale

    how long already have been an engine lantai? pm me price plz?
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    {wts}many japanese h/cuts

    you dont provide installation? what is price for mivec 1.6? how about 4G67? is this included lorry charge to bring halfcut until workshop(KL area)? plz pm me ok? VR4 complete front and rear (including knuckle, handbrake cable, disc, servo, master pump, bla2...) is how much?
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    [wts] vr4 front disc brake with knuckle

    VR4 servo & masterpump, calliper, brake pad included? my car is wira se 1.5 manual rim PCD100. If need to change rim just get PCD114.3 rim then can put the vr4 brake system right? Plz pm me best price. how about rear one? prefer complete set... price plz pm
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    recaro semi bucket wif sabelt-rare

    lolgager wont buy those seat
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    Some item for sale - Store clearance!!

    Wrong!!! I bought already 1 month la... still not patah. wht the need to buy ori side mirror. Better buy cheap one and use money to pay toll. :=). If you selling below RM8, maybe i buy, hehe.
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    Honda Malaysia services sux!!@@!

    buy a proton then. you'll get a cassete player. problem solved. hehe...