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    cost for placing intercooler in 1.0 aura

    not costly at all la bro..go find some interfooler ranging from 250-300 is enuf..then go to any shop that can do welding, ask them to do weld it at the front. and then cut a bit ur bumper to make the interfooler visible to need to do a lot..ok? cheers..:biggrin:
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    Nissan bluebird

    email me the picture..
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    satria neo cheap2

    please clear it for me too, i'm interested..thank you! :driver:
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    3m carbon sticker!!!

    wheres the contact no? how much per meter? pm me or email me at
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    Brand new intercooler

    vr4 size - delta fin how much?
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    AR42/AR48/AR50/ AR60/ AR70 Turbo 'new'

    T25 AR48 please...thanx
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    Starlet Glanza V 00/07

    nice one lol :rofl:
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    suzuki swift!!!!

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    [WTF/B] T25 from CA18DET

    Salam and good day to all, Im searching for this turbine, anyone who has and planning to sell it, or that thing just stuck in ur store room, u might want to let it go, just call or msg me ;) budget around 400..or u suggest me..thank u! 016-3115049 :wavey:
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    Starlet GT for sale

    chill bump for u gap..nice car by the way... :itsme:
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    boost controller

    Bro, please PM me those 2 item prices.. INTERNAL BOOST CONTROLLER EXTERNAL (F1-Z) BOOST CONTROLLER thank u.
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    15" for trade!~ or sale..(prefer trade)

    SOLD..thank u to all...
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    15" for trade!~ or sale..(prefer trade)

    bro g201gts, u got PMed...bumps!~
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    15" for trade!~ or sale..(prefer trade)

    bumps!~ still available..
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    15" for trade!~ or sale..(prefer trade)

    too big la bro...sorry :_: i'm searching for 14" or 15"(offset 40-45) :_:
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    15" for trade!~ or sale..(prefer trade)

    fadliey , sorry tak minat sgt CE28 :_: jem4G91 , what are the spec?got tyre? invicta , still available!~ :_: g201gts , got tyre also or not??? :shades_smile:
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    15" for trade!~ or sale..(prefer trade)

    morning bumps!~ :_:
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    15" for trade!~ or sale..(prefer trade)

    magic , u got PM :_:
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    15" for trade!~ or sale..(prefer trade)

    details.. sorry for's the detail.. PCD = 100 Offset = 38 Width = 6.5 :_: bumps!~
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    15" for trade!~ or sale..(prefer trade)

    monstaville & gambitz27, u both got PM :_: still available..bumps!~
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    15" for trade!~ or sale..(prefer trade)

    NSkyline,u got PM :_:
  22. 15" for trade!~ or sale..(prefer trade)

    Item(s): Prodrive 15" Rim Package includes: with tyre 195/50 Price: RM900nego Warranty: - Dealing method: COD preferable Location of seller: Kuala Lumpur,Ampang Contact method/details: sms to 012-2878217 (due to my speaker phone faulty,juzt sms can) Age of item: Halfcut n...
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    send SMS for free ! get it here for FREE!!!

    i still dun received it... :_: thanx
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    Need Help with cb70 problems ASAP!

    ya too..its hard for me to enter the 1st gear..even i was just refueling the gearbox oil..:cry_smile: :cry_smile:
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    Looking For Cb80 Carburator

    powerful GGTI...wahahah...ya la lenteng,he owns one :shocked:
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    Port And Polish...with minimum cost..

    good job bro..:angel_smile:
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    15" Sportrims only for RM400 with free tyre!

    aiyaa bro..check the date 1st lorr..a year ++ already this thread..haihs..:mouth_closed:
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    Daihatsu Charade 1.0 plastic lining

    u have 3 options then : 1 ) Go to Daihatsu's Retailer and ask for a new one - this would cost u a bomb!~ 2 ) Go and change to new set of doors n u get them in a good condition :_: 3 ) Or go to Perodua's Retailer and ask for Kembara's - this one i'm not so sure but some people said can fit...
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    TDO4 twin fin FOR L2 wth downpipe>>>>

    3cylynder engine?gtti can fit or not? :_:
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    send SMS for free ! get it here for FREE!!! :_:
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    Well...Which daihatsu is the best?

    woit is,thread ni da lama berkubur :_: jgn la korek2 lagi..huhu..thread ni byk menimbulkan masalah terutama budak love_gtti in peace :mouth_closed:
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    Port And Polish...with minimum cost..

    bro diablo,change to CB70/80 lorr..99hp stock one :_: hihi..juz kidding..
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    Nardi Stereng Wheel(which One Do U Like)

    haha tibun..what la u..he want to sell his things..but the title confused already..thought it is an opinion thread :_:
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    Smaller piping for exhaust will cause to high FC?

    bout FC i dun really sure but bout the power MAYBE there is a slightly limited bcz there's restricted area there.. its my 2 cent..wait for another forummer for comment :)
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    Need some advise in changing 4e to my G100

    waaaaaaaa...isnt this a daihatsu's forum or toyota's? :cry_smile:
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    Port And Polish...with minimum cost..

    this workshop has a very great workmanship...honestly..the result is great :_:
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    Port And Polish...with minimum cost..

    how about daihatsu's breed? :_:
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    maybe he meant straight 6inline RB26 :_:
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    Wts - Portable Dvd Player

    me too bro,not trying to insult u but juz a suggestion,how bout u go n buy at Shinco?u got a new one,sumore its more cheaper aite??no offense to evrybody.. free bump for the seller..!~ :_:
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    engine for charde

    very less hassle is CB60/61 but the parts are damn hard to find..last week i went to several hafkat in kepong,i found 1 of this in aura body at kepong hafkat and another 1 at jalan sungai besi but as a "engine lantai" complete wif all wiring n harness... :_:
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    Which auto flip side mirror would fit on a G100?

    waaa..really?200hp,thats too much woo..any comment on that speedy taiko?? p/s:aaron,i've heard L5 side mirror can fit in g100 wif minor mod oni at the tapak..happy DIY!`:_:
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    4e-fte or cb70? Ntg. technical, just price comparisons :P

    xtremeleo is using 4EFTE :_:
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    b6 turbine problem...

    throttle body also can create such white smoke out of exhaust :_:
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    b6 turbine problem...

    how bout servicing ur turbine?
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    HONDA B16A below RM7K- Urgent sale

    hehehe..thats what exactly what i'm trying to tell him without any offence :retarded:
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    HONDA B16A below RM7K- Urgent sale

    no offence to u but wtf??if u want to buy the car,buy u spray urself lorr...what the hell he is going to spray for u?:mouth_closed:
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    Gtti Front Seat for Sale...

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    Gtti Front Seat for Sale...

    GTti front seat for sale , i'm not provivide the me 012-2878217 thanx :_:
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    GTti Stuff for Sale...(56K user beware!~)

    u got PMed :_: