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  1. Wts : Hks max iv gt coilovers

    Selling on behalf. A mint set of hks max iv gt coilovers for 1999-2002 nissan s15 silvia. Almost new still in box with complete accessories. Warranty 2 years still active. Guarantee no leak etc. reason for sale coz upgraded to ohlins. Used less than 1000kms . Highly negotiable. Kindly...
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    Silvia S15 For Sale

    Sad, another s15 being given up. Ya dunno why so many ppl like sunroof. In our stupidly hot country it will just make things worse and the rubber seals all will need replacing which cost a bomb for the s15. Worlds best cars have no sunroof. GTR, GT-2, M3's, Goodluck with the sale. Good...
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    Toyota Supra

    Lets all get something right. Its An originally GE car....which means it has no turbo, automatic with a cool factor detachable roof. Pics suggest a GTE transplant but still no proof of 6 speed manual? could also be the equally good 5 speed manual right. Price a bit marmitey....could be lower.
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    nissan skyline gtr 34

    Come on la dude be reasonable. Im an r34 gtr owner myself. You own a 800(supposed) bhp gtr but no camera to take an actual shot. Instead, you show a 'almost-look-like' pic. Your price is way off the mark. And pls dun compare with a 1980's Ford GTO or what. Those are CERTIFIED classics. You...
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    First Impression: RCS Suspension - Velocity Sensitive Dampers

    Firstly congrats to yet another homegrown full on talent backed with r & d. Up to this point i was giving up hope thinking such breed of ppl exsist no more in bolehland. Perhaps its also a wake up call for everyone else to start having more research backed into the products they sell. Its all...
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    Track s15

    I have PM you. Pls check. RE-bump.
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    Track s15

    BUMP. Keep your original cars and use this to thrash around. Price highly negotiable. I mean, highly.
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    Track s15

    suday nite bump
  9. Track s15

    HI there, I have an s15 silvia spec-R with SR20det and 6 speed manual transmission track car (no documents ) to let go. Initially bought the car for an autoshow event in Australia but plan cancel due to lack of funding. Car is fully functional and price HIGHly negotiable for serious buyers...
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    cheaper japan n uk unreg cars

    Boss....did not receive anything la. Can you re send pls. Just to recap... 1. i choose car from trade car view and let you know. 2. you quote me the price inc your 25% 3. car ships out to port 4. car arrives at port and i load it onto trailer and take back. how much for the last step. I...
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    Nissan Skyline BNR34

    Of course la, wanna be frank to help out potential buyers...and i actually own one so dun wan ppl getting conned buying the wrong car bro. Teh-ais? why selling la wei? its...not my business...but if ure only asking 155k, isnt it worth keeping ah? cos myself also too sayang la to sell. Just...
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    cheaper japan n uk unreg cars

    Hey boss....i sent u a PM about bringing back cars for track use. Can you pls explain. Cheers
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    Nissan Skyline BNR34

    Very good point Gouki,. Im a GTR34 V2 Owner and i think it is not. The interior shot shows the rpm gauge is evenly spaced out all the way. Vspecs should have 1000-3000rpm indicator compressed and then only evenly spaced all the way till redline. Also the MFD ...switch the mode till you get the...
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    ARC, NISMO, Billion, Nissan Skyline Silvia Fairlady Feb Sales

    Hi there. PM me the price of the S15 silvia aircon filter and do you have the NVCS SR20DET actuator? mine kong ady wanna replace. Thank you
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    Nissan Skyline GF-BNR34 M

    Im an r34 GTR M spec owner and just my advise to potential buyers. If what you guys say abt this driver is true then reconsider. Not even at RM70 000+ can you restore a GTR for anything under RM30k to make serious profit. RB26's are strong but if not maintained have major issues with the oil...
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    SECTION Spec - RM/A8 suspension for S15

    Bro, why selling la? This is one of the best coilovers for s15...using on mine also...Awesome...can whack potholes etc and wont break ur bones...Hopefully someone will buy...TEIN all is pure crap compared to bump for you.
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    Imported cars cheap - loan arrangeable!!!

    Once again the stupidity of some Malaysians shine wonder we will never maju. Every time some innocent party comes here and post cars for much lower price than market price the first thing everyone does is cast doubt over seller. Im not affiliated with any of these sellers but when...
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    Toyota Altezza (TRD Specs) for Sale

    Dear Zulzzie, Please clarify, you mentioned your enine is a 6 cylinder and yet its also has BEAMS and VVTi? Correct me if im wrong but the BEAMS screamer of a 4 pot is only on the 3SGE engine variant. Also you said TRD specs. Does his mean you have the optional TRD chrnographic...
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    Cheap Nissan 300ZX for track purpose only

    Can you source for me another 300zx as good as the earlier one. We are willing to pay. Cos we got contact in JPJ to legalise the car. So much appreciated. Thank you.
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    Apexi Afc Neo Raya Salez

    Haha You Stupid Kiwi...Capt Barry's Mazda could do with one man...selling on behalf of whola diu?
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    Goodies for s15 members

    gentlemen, and ladies... As im new here id like to contribute to the silvia forum by offering the original nissan service manual (e-manual) to our s15 silvia members. It contains the recommended feactory service intervals, so u can print and follow, as well as lubricant info etc etc. Its a...
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    Purchasing An S15

    Hey bro, just got my s15 couple of days ago . Now smile everyday to work. First of all there is no such thing as a 'brand new' s15 silvia. Nissan closed production late 2002 for this model. The ones you see in malaysia have all done at least 20,000kms and this is still considered like almost...
  23. L


    hi can i view the car? serious buyer me your contact details. i only hope im not too late
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    Imported New & Used cars for Sale

    hi bro, im seriously looking for a celica st205 GT-4 . Do you have this model? thank you
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    Imported Unregistered Cars for sale!!!!

    hi looking for a st205 celica gt-4. have or not? pls pm me
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    Engine For Sale.......

    hallo bro, interested in evo 2. Engine kosong but with wiring, AF sensor, Throttle body, intake manifold. The turbo if dun haf its ok, alternator also if dun have ok but prefer if have. Best price and location please. Thank you