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    Magnet will make my car fly?

    Mr 51yrs oldie guy, are you in the field of automotive engineering RnD ? Which division, what year to what year, in what car company? Hotwheels ? Some things does have effects, but not practical. A cow's a cow, but seems like u take a cow as a dog. LOL. Keep on shootin, wannabie old man! And...
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    Magnet will make my car fly?

    This is very old debate, few years ago I was curious, smashed a couple of hardisk and put the magnets to the fueline and mechanical fuel pumps, and it actually have some different at the low end torque, the respond improved. Maybe it was me or my butt phsycology problem, so I test my frens' butt...
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    reflash ecu or use e-manage?

    Interesting Q, I also would like to know
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    No topspeed after installation b.o.t

    NO, dont go there, later kena chicken chop, pm me, I tell u where to do and worth ur $$
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    when vtec ask myvi for game...

    just let them pass, then u beam 9 them lor......light travels faster than speed :P
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    95 satria gsr rs

    as a forummer, you should guide this fellar to the sale section, not made fun of him.
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    Perdana 4G63T fuel consumption discuss...

    rm10 for 50km is pretty average for city driving with a performance engine
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    Kancil Turbo with Microtech

    if only microtech, are u willing to sell ?
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    WTS: Toyota Harrier 1st Gen 98/00

    mmmmmmmmmmm............nice ! 3 liter!
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    Post the pimp cars--Pimp My Ride Malaysia

    no, its a 1:1 r/c car....LoL
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    L2 and L5 Boost Cut Modification

    hehehe, still waiting the diagram
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    4G92 SOHC Turbo Potato

    nice job.....
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    Increasing power on Satria 1.3gli

    Re: Increasing power on Satira 1.3gli nice theory you got
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    (WTS) Apexi Power Fc for GC8 Ver3 and 4

    only can be use on gc8 ? other model/make car can use ?
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    Dynos in M'sia

    to ensure a safe dyno, engine oil must be fresh, engine no leaking in tiptop condition, nothing will blow, unlesss tuner pushes beyond the limit, likely to happen to most standalone ecu cars which has NO limiter or cuts
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    Increasing power on Satria 1.3gli

    Re: Increasing power on Satira 1.3gli however, Pro Rallye spark cables does improve mid to high rev range, smoother and better respond.
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    Fuel price in May 1st 2010

    i hope this isnt true....rm3.90 can create a revolt amongs EVERYONE !
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    Increasing power on Satria 1.3gli

    Re: Increasing power on Satira 1.3gli 1+2 costs about 250-300 in total, dont waste your time in it, get yourself a aerospeed LCP for about 250-300, that will improve your engine respond.
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    Which GPS navigation is most suitable

    hey guys, which smart phone is the cheapest with gps ? as in 2nd hand set. thnx
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    4G63T change light crank pully discuss...

    are u using mytlogy ? littlewagon ?
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    4G63T change light crank pully discuss...

    for unichip, go to puchong RS Tuning, call the tuner, Robyn012 286 1100 ---------- Post added at 10:53 AM ---------- 6 hour anti-bump limit - Previous post was at 10:52 AM ---------- Its the matter of what aluminium is being used to make the LCP, cheap one usings 6xxx quality alloy which...
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    Lighten Crank Pulley

    oh hi, taufufa.....whats up ? you wanna share too ? your whole engine is balanced and lightened ? hope to hear from ya......sifu
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    Lighten Crank Pulley

    damn rich :thefinger: but good buy !
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    Lighten Crank Pulley

    it is NOT the increament of 1 or 2 hp, it is the improvement of the engine respond