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    Solid Pull Up Bar(Wall Mount)

    bumb bumb
  2. Solid Pull Up Bar(Wall Mount)

    We are supplying the most solid Wall mounted PULL UP BAR you can find in the market. Tested and Experiment Approved. Please call or Whatsapp 0125228087 for more information/inquiries. Thank you!
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    honda ek

    still available?
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    Hot hatch daily driver - Renault Clio RS 197 - RM105,000

    nice bumb for you...=)
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    Toyota Supra 2JZ 3.0 - Show room condition

    nice n bump!
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    Honda EG

    pm for best price pls...10q
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    honda ek

    pm for best price? 10q
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    Honda Civic FD2R 2010

    nice clean bump!
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    Ohlins & KYB shocks

  10. Satria Gti seat railing

    Full bucket seat railing from Satria Gti (DRIVER SIDE ONLY). Suitable for Satria, Wira n Putra etc. Price Drop!! RM99 Pls call if interested. 10q
  11. Civic EG6 B16A distributor

    Used B16A(double socket) distributor Good Condition(upgraded to Type R distributor) for sale. Suitable for all B16a series. Price drop~!!!! RM350. pls call or whatsapp me if interested.10q
  12. Ohlins & KYB shocks

    (front)KYB & (rear)Ohlins shock absorbers both made in Japan. Good condition, No leaking.(upgraded to Tein Adjustable) Good for track and hill climb. Definitely better than local made adjustables. Suitable for Civic EF, EG, DC2R. Price drop!!!! RM350nett. Please call or whatsapp if interested...
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    Honda Integra DC2 (M) letting go off my baby ride

    does the car comes with a set of car pictures and videos from the red top boy? =) anyway nice ride bump for u....:driver:
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    Honda civic eg6

    lol nice pic u took from the bump for u.....
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    BMW E36 320i (M)

    nice and bump for u!
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    Murcielago Involved in Yet Another Superbike Showroom Crash

    lol i cant help myself but laughing out loud....
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    JPM's 2012 Super GT Biggest Super and Performance Car Gathering

    even Tsuchiya took pics of both the baby blue R8 and the SL55...:congrats::top::driver:
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    Honda Integra 2.0 manual turbo 450 BHP -96

    nice bump for u!
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    ek 2 door for sales.....

    nice bump for u!
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    perfect eg6 For sell

    excellent mods!! pics free bump for u!
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    Honda Civic EG 2Door

    nice bump for u!
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    Honda Civic EK4 SIR

    nice bump for u....
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    Nissan Skyline R33 GT-R

    another awesome monster in bump for u....
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    lighten crank pulley (alloy)

    imho, i dun have much prob with a smaller lcp as i am using one now for >5years. the only thing tht matters me is tht it does makan ur belt slightly faster(below 30k km?) and the rotating sound produced from it while idling(still baearable). advantage, i dunno bout the hp but u definitely feel...
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    Engine Oil Change

    lol tht sounds like coming from a mother....anyway its a very good example....cheers! =)
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    EG6 vs EK4 vs CL7R vs EP3R vs FD2R vs AP1/2

    find a EF or CRX with a b18cr and suitup handling and braking will be good enough to catch up with de fds...cheers!
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    EG6 vs EK4 vs CL7R vs EP3R vs FD2R vs AP1/2

    for performance, i will choose eg6(lower budget)wit their potential handling and light weight fd2r(higher budget) guess i dun need to mention much. for comfy + lil performance = cl7 my 2cent. :beer:
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    2 Digit Car Plate for Sale ( WDV 79 )

    whts the best price u r asking for??
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    Ohlins & KYB

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    Coverage: HIN KL 2011 - Honda Hot Import Nights Concludes!

    damn the civic EG!!sweet....not to left out the v12 beemer too...=P total awesome!!
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    Honda eg Spoon style frontlip & air duct

    can u give me ur best price for the lip?thanks.
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    Nismo Festival 2011 Coverage - Fuji Speedway

    absolute syokness! great cover...:top:
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    satria gti seat railing

    driver side only....10q!! bump!@!@
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    satria gti seat railing

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    Ohlins & KYB

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    Cutting edge Flatberry BB by Porsche Design

    damn....close to 10k??!!wtf??!!
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    Infinite NA Headers and Extractors

    hi can u giv me ur best price for 4-1? thanks.
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    ATTN: drivers who only uses the fog lights

    lol true....cant help it.....
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    Astina B8 turbo

    nice ride bro!!free bump for u~~
  40. Civic B16A distributor

    Civic EG6 B16A distributor B16A distributor for sale. good condition. suitable for all B series. Price RM399 nego. pls call if interested.10q 012-5228087 eddie
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    eg6 original 92/99

    can u giv me ur best price?10q
  42. satria gti seat railing

    Full bucket seat railing taken out from Satria Gti (DRIVER SIDE ONLY) suitable for satria wira n putra etc. RM129. pls call if interested. 10q
  43. Ohlins & KYB

    (front)KYB & (rear)Ohlins shock absorbers both made in Japan. good condition no leaking. good for track and hill climb. suitable for civic EF, EG, DC2. RM558(nego). please call if interested. 10q 012-5228087 eddie
  44. B20B block for b16a b16b b18c type r

    B20B block for b16a b16b b18c type R vtec B20b block only for sale. full block with crank conrod kings bearings piston piston ring etc. good condition. suitable for all B series, b16a b16b b18c type R etc.Price RM668. Pls call for more details.10q 0125228087
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    First Impression: 2011 VW Polo GTI

    i wonder whats the weight diff btw the 3 door n the 5door.....hmmmm
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    First Impression: Lotus Exige S - Plenty of bite to match its bark

    If only the price is half of the actual. still lovin it! :driver:
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    Cars at the Pits: RCA Track Day July 2011

    thanks handsome....just curious.....anyway catch up soon.... :beer: :beer::beer:
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    Cars at the Pits: RCA Track Day July 2011

    is the civic coupe a left hand drive?