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    Honda Civic FD 1.8 Facelift Nov 09 Taffeta White

    sweet ride b.u.m.p!
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    OEM DC2 TYPE-R muffler

    pm best price oem dc2 r exhaust
  3. P

    SPOON Exhaust Pipe-B

    pipe size ?
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    *Genuine* APEXi Power Intake Air Filter *Clearance* RM220 only

    apexi silver with universal adapter pls.. pme
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    Kaitospeed: NGK Iridium IX Spark Plugs

    pme me for d15b thx
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    Honda City, CRV, Accord, Civic ACCESSORIES

    for civic eg9 got?
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    eg9 autofold side mirror

    pme best price thx
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    [WTS] 16" DC2 rims /w AD07

    pm best price.. and other rim pic pls.. thx!
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    Honda Prelude BB1 H2.4 Big Vtec

    pm price pls..
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    DENSO Iridium Power Spark Plugs

    bro h22a pm me price + pos to swak.. thx.
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    crx original ef8

    pm best price bro..
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    Nissan Skyline G-TT

    price bro.. thx
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    [WTS] TEIN Super Street (Offer)

    tein sv4 pm me...
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    17" Ray United Arrow S-05 JAPAN

    mind selling the center cap? pm me if do the price.. thx..
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    High Performance Braided Brake Hose for Sale !!

    bro pm me for sm4.. front disc rear drum thx + post to swak..
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    EXEDY Racing Clutch

    pm me h22a sm4 thx..
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    Stock Skyline R34 GTT

    loan details bro.. thx
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    list all of car one car halfcut (sparepart)

    r34 n fd2r price..
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    Honda Civic Eg 2doors 93

    any major accident?
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    RB26 silvia 180sx for sell....

    is the engine endorsed? best price.. pm me.. thx
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    WTS : Greddy Power Extreme II Exhaust !!

    pm me best price n the original pics... this got silencer?
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    [WTS] TEIN Super Street (Offer)

    bro sv4 got? honda accord sv4..
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    GAB Suspension Authorised dealer

    honda sm4/sv4 hilo how much thx
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    H22A Type R engine

    u sell seperately the h22a-r??
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    SAMCO Silicone hose for Sale !!

    h22a honda accord sm4 got?
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    BOT civic SALE ' new parts'

    h22a bot kit how much thx
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    /////Alpine CDA 9886-(Item no.15)

    Best Price-RM570 + RM20 postage fee..??? not 560??
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    Pioneer headunits 2010

    5250.. pm best price..
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    Re: [WTS] 100% STAINLESS STEEL EXHAUST EXTRACTORS (4-2-1 & 4-1 DESIGN-Use ARGON Weld bro for h22a how much?TITANIUM NITRIDE coating + MANDREL BENT galvanized steel (for selected cars)
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    H22A complete topset

    best price? got pics??thx.. pme
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    [WTS] TEIN Super Street (Offer)

    bro pm me sm4 price.. thx
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    BOT civic SALE ' new parts'

    how much for the h22a bot? pm me best price thx..
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    [WTS]Satria tail lamp blacken face

    bro, this best price how much? ship to sarawak can??
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    [SKY] Honda Civic 96 Tail Lamp LED (Crystal)

    bro pm me best price + post to sarawak miri thx..
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    (EA) Viper & Clifford Car Security System

    bro pm me price for viper 5901 lc3 and clifford matrix 12.5X thx
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    Find Your Original/Branded Radiator Here

    Re: New Dual Layer Aluminium Radiator Civic EG/EK Dohc Vtec Manual Fully Copper 3rows (47mm) RM450!! best price for this one.. pm me thx
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    satria 1.8 v-design front

    the front part ... if V shape...
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    Satria Mivec RS, Ori GTI bodykit

    pm me best n last price? accident history n how many owner already thx.:adore:
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    90/94 FWD Celica 3SGTE RC

    engine bay pics got?
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    RX-7 Veilside Fortune Widebody Kitted (Loan Available)

    Re: RX7 Veilside for Sale free bump for u!!!
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    Ek4 (Ori) 2 door

    73k?!! wow... so expensive... free bump thou for nice car..
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    (EA) Viper & Clifford Car Security System

    CLIFFORD Black Jack 5 AvantGuard 5.1 IntelliGuard 770 pm me price for this 3 thx..
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    [EA] Focal Component Speakers

    which of this two are better?quote for price price for both thx.. pm.
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    Honda prelude spider

    how much ur price? pm thx