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  1. faruck

    Mitsubishi evo8 6speed 03"

    eat STI? nice one bro! :rofl:
  2. faruck

    Kena Summon, Don't want pay go court

    go to court on the written date in the summon..the judge will ask u whether u want to plead guilty or not..just plead that u are guilty..then the judge will ask u whether u want to make rayuan or not..then just rayu that u want to kurangkan the amount of the summon..been there done that bro..i...
  3. faruck

    Voltage Stabilizer

    hot inazma bro..but beware of fake ones
  4. faruck

    Matching sports spring with stock absorbers ...appreciate feedback

    better find adjustable terus if like that? :idea:
  5. faruck

    Matching sports spring with stock absorbers ...appreciate feedback

    i know bro..but this is not the case that the spring masuk x happens because of the spring is too short..if the spring masuk xngam it happens a lot to those who just changed their ori spring to sport..dat one because the pomen from hugo klang shop pasang..they usually follow their heart...
  6. faruck

    Matching sports spring with stock absorbers ...appreciate feedback

    if eibach spring can masuk 2jari n comfortability acceptable for me because my accord n f30 use eibach..h&r 1 jari n stiffer..bcause h&r spring shorter..but theres some people complained bout h&r..they said sometimes they heard the spring like tendang when corner..
  7. faruck

    Proton GSC Spied!

    looks cheap??
  8. faruck

    WTS Proton Satria Neo R3 Clubsport

    1000x likes!!!
  9. faruck

    Liqui Moly Products

    which engine lube u recommend for high compression 1.3l rebore to 1.6l campro ?? and let say if i want to use it for a f1 engine..6 cylinder twin turbo..can or not mr biochemition?
  10. faruck

    which brand of 195/55/15?

    can the ' bunga ' last long ??im affraid if we use this kind of tyre botak cepat ?? no use pakai sekejap then buang ??
  11. faruck

    Chinese New Year Wishes for 2014

    happy chinese new year to all zth'rians..wish you luck in the Year of the Horse :ridinghorse:
  12. faruck

    Which car better to get amoi?

    muka like uptown!! if put him beside ex5 i think lebih kurang sahaja..maybe ex5 looks better
  13. shell helix 5w-40 ( 1 LITRE BOTTLE )

    SHELL HELIX ULTRA 5W-40 Formulated to offer Shell's maximum engine clean up, improved fuel economy and cold starting. Shell’s ultimate Active Cleansing Technology - up to five times more effective at removing sludge from dirty engines than a mineral oil Longer protection thanks to enhanced...
  14. faruck

    which brand of 195/55/15?

    195/55/15 daily drive just use yokohama parada spec 2 laa..the 'bunga' damn pretty..good hydroplaning..jauh looks like semi slick..murah oso..170-190 oni :biggrin:
  15. faruck

    satria neo r3

    got it for 80 bucks only...klang maiii :burnout:
  16. faruck

    Extreme Engine Modifications

    that white evo!! damn so scary !!
  17. faruck

    Suspensions for Satria Neo CPS

    pm me the price bro and age of the item?if possible the pic of ur adjustable if ur willing to snap? :burnout:
  18. faruck

    Nangkang NS-2R Semi slick review?

    thats what i thought too bro..
  19. faruck

    Nangkang NS-2R Semi slick review?

    bro WAJA2003.. which one is better in terms of gripping..205/50/r15 kumho ku36 or 195/55/r15 nankang ns-2r?? bcause for now im using the kumho ku36..but its digging my pocket..nankang is lot cheaper..
  20. faruck

    popular JDM iconic aftermarket wheels one of my fav set of wheels..since the other taken already by our zth'rians heee... ---------- Post added at 01:08 PM ---------- 6 hour anti-bump limit - Previous post was at 01:04 PM ----------...
  21. faruck

    egine stall while driving

    i thought that was normal??? :hmmmm:
  22. faruck

    Skyline on fire?

    till today i also wonder how....... :alberteinstein:
  23. faruck

    Choices of cars to buy?

    proton suprima s? FC not that bad..interior n exterior a lot better than honda bandar n toyota veus? sharing my 2 cents :flute: ---------- Post added at 11:54 AM ---------- 6 hour anti-bump limit - Previous post was at 11:54 AM ---------- or this one Proton P2-30A Global Small Car illustrated...
  24. faruck

    Do you think a bad looking face will spoil his/her image?

    another lelsley thread :sleep:
  25. faruck

    Passo YRV K3VET for sale

    only bcoz of the title u guys want to fight2 using ur keyboard ahh??common laa.. we are zth'rians laa..peace!
  26. faruck

    BMW 328ci E46 Coupe(B)

    i tell u awal2 that i only want teh tarik can ahh??
  27. faruck

    JDM Meet at Sepang 7 Dec '13

    thought u owning a blm??
  28. faruck

    TTA Merchandise

    they have different sizes of the sticker..mine the biggest..maybe u talked about the smaller size?
  29. faruck

    TTA Merchandise

    the tta sticker was 15ringgit that day..the t-shirt 45ringgit..bought both of it and wear it with pride..heeeeee :smokin:
  30. faruck

    JDM Meet at Sepang 7 Dec '13

    why only jdm?? Mdm cannot ahh?? racist lahh u all :tongue:
  31. faruck

    toyota supra 3.0 (m) twin turbo

    nice...except the spoiler..hehe
  32. faruck

    wheels questions

    for me to see u better stick to the normal design that most of our petrolheads using like TE37,ce28,rpf1,rp01,regam,etc.....because its simple ..
  33. faruck

    Normal vs swirl center bullet

    ok bro..noted with thanks
  34. faruck

    Normal vs swirl center bullet

    tq bro
  35. faruck

    Normal vs swirl center bullet

    not a satisfying answer that i was lookin for..anyone else?
  36. faruck

    Normal vs swirl center bullet

    which one is better??anyone can tell me whats the difference?? help me solve this confusion.. :hmmmm:
  37. faruck

    Need some advise from Sifu's here

    then if tayar bocor how?bring along solarturbine ahh? to sotong the tayar? kikikiki
  38. faruck

    Volkswagen Models - The correct choice

    mercedes benz clc bro :top:
  39. faruck

    wts: HOLDEN Monaro

    malaysian gettin richer :adore:
  40. faruck

    [WTS]R3 Satria Neo Original Tonnka Extractor

    pm me best price bro
  41. faruck

    [wts] satria neo performance parts

    hwl still got warranty x bro?
  42. faruck

    Honda CRX Delsol B16A Vtec

    more pic pls
  43. faruck

    Honda Civic (M) EG6 B18C Type R

    best price and registration no??
  44. faruck

    Discussion: what makes a vehicle fun to drive?

    satria neo clubsport + k20r engine !! weeeee :thefinger:
  45. Bmw m5 4.4l twinturbo unregistered

    BMW M5 4.4L V8 2012 cheapest in town and history of m5 f10 :banghead: * Black leather Seats * TV Tuner * Electric Glass Sunroof * 20 inch M Alloy Sport Rims * Surround Vie Cameras (5 Cameras) * Bi-Xenon Lights * LED Lights * Heads up Display * Cruise Control * Heated Seats * DVD...
  46. faruck

    civic type r (EP3)

    million likes lahh bro!!!!!!!!!!! :adore:
  47. faruck

    My review on kumho ku36, and toyo r1r.

    jooi seng at far the tire was great..not so noisy..wet condition also ok..u can enjoy the tires when day is hot!! :rock:
  48. faruck

    used car stock clearance

    so which one is ur friend contact number?
  49. faruck

    used car stock clearance

    bro can i know where can i view all the cars??