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    Proton Exora 4 to 6 speed auto swap.

    Hi Guys, I was just wonder if anyone here has information about swapping the older 4 speed auto to the newer 6 speed auto transmission for a Proton Exora 1.6 L CamPro CPS. Is it a straight bolt on swap ? Does the ECU need to be changed ? Any input would be greatly appreciated :D Thanks
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    Restoration Progress of Soichiro Honda's Gem, 1965 Honda S600

    Mm....this thread needs to be updated :D
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    RB20DET Problem

    dafaq ? workshop ? DIY bro Dam.. there you go Diy Aac Valve Cleaning & Idle Reset. - Skylines Australia
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    Battery Or Starter Problem

    It really sounds like an alternator problem or some accessories are leeching power off the battery when the car is turned off. Start up the car and use a multimeter to check the batter status/power. The alternator should charge the battery when it falls past a certain limit or some car just...
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    IS250 couldnt start!

    Your explanation of your problem is very vague. So your car can not start. When you turn the ignition on , do you hear the fuel pumps come on ? Does the battery have charge ? When you crank, does the starter motor turn over ? Do you have fuel pressure ? Please do not just say that your car...
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    Random Shot: Jaguar E-Type

    Wow, That is a beautiful car :P Would love to see more of it *hint*
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    DIY projects

    I hope those are not your finished ports in the pics. If they are , I would suggests that you do not sell them as is. There are a few points to take note of. 1. All the ports be it exhaust or intake need to be chamferred/beveled out. Those area are important as there are opportunitiess for the...
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    17 inch Blitz Deep Dish type

    What car was it on before ?
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    Bukit Putus Hillclimb Track Day

    Awesome pics :P Love that matt black FC :D
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    Project Z Week 10 : Car stripped and padding needed

    Mm.....will it be strong . How is this analogy Break a stick , easy huh Break 20 sticks , not so easy huh how about 50 sticks ? Did you know that the lotus elise extruded aluminum chassis is bonded together ? Basically glue holds that car together, no welding no riveting :P If you do...
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    Project Z Week 10 : Car stripped and padding needed

    There are many ways to strength the chassis when you have it already stripped out. Spot welding on the chassis or even adding metal sheet to certain places to enforce weak areas. To a full on roll cage . If the interior is still in tact, than you would have to limited your options to bolt in...
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    Problem with a Haltech

    It is a Sport2000 running a 13B single turbo. Do you have a base map for this configuration, bro ? Thanks
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    Problem with a Haltech

    After wiring up the haltech to the 13B. The car can start but will not go WOT. After warmed up the won't start up again . Has any one had similar problems before ? Thanks
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    SAMCO Silicone hose for Sale !!

    Hi Andy, Could you pm me the price for a Samco radiator hose kit for a fc3s. Thanks
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    Request: Chassis Schematic - RX7

    Damn that is gonna take you forever :P try this one
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    fc3s after market bodykit

    I know how you feel. There are no off the shelf bodykits for the FC3S around. Mostly of the time they are from half cuts. You can always ask a shop to custom a body kit for the FC. They could use a Mazda 6 or 3 as a base, The newer body kits for those cars look good eg; Ken style Mazda3...
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    Datsun 510 Talk.

    That is easy, Bigger capacity more power . SR20 and CA18 are more common platforms with lots of after market parts too.
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    Inquiry: Ultra Racing

    Srf ?
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    Engine Management System

    Soon ? is he learning Power FC ? i want to learn too :P
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    Rx7 Fc3s / Fd3s Turbo kit for sale

    that was a bit quick :P hope the guy likes it
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    Rx7 Fc3s / Fd3s Turbo kit for sale

    post the pic up thanks :P
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    Washing Rotor with Water + WD40

    Actually this method has been used on FCs for awhile. If you hit up the rx7club forum, they use this method to clear out the carbon deposits sorta like steam cleaning :p you can look at the linky below :P Althou i am not sure about the WD-40...
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    Bridgeport rotary

    Rotary engine porting can be classified under, stock port-mild port-street port-bridge port-J port- Peripheral Port. It goes from stock to largest. I would put bridge port in the weekend car range and anything above that racing engine. Street Port-...
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    Bridgeport rotary

    Bridge port vs Peri port I did write a long post about this but it just did not matter . The fact is , if you are drag racing peri port the 13B. If not just a normal street port will do the job.
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    Bridgeport rotary

    To answer sb3, Yes it will give better power is the higher rpms. That is what the porting does. To move the power band into the higher range. Porting for rotary engines are a double edged swords. The more extensive the porting work done, the shorter the life of the engine. Heck, you can Peri...
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    Bridgeport rotary A good reference about porting and how it affects the engine :)
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    FD3S or S15

    I am sure a lot of rx7 owners won't say this but i will. Stick with your S15 if you are already used to it. Rotaries are like lovers... they give you a bucketful of problems but when you hit just right .... it is all gravy :P :thefinger::rofl:
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    Toyota V8 CELSIOR

    No need to convert to a manual , you can get a higher rpm torque convertor and use a rachet shifter. The amercians and australians love their V8s , you can try looking up their forum. See what you can learn from there. Lexus V8s are known for their smoothness and long life. ps; if you are...
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    For Sale: Apexi Suspension kit for FC3S

    ??? there was no reply in my inbox ??? Could you send the pm again :) thanks RER
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    26B@Quad Rotor Engine

    oops :) ps; read this thread ghetto 4 rotor build -
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    26B@Quad Rotor Engine

    Haha... You are a damn joker :P 26B Let me tell you why i found your thread funny. The R26B engine was a race only engine found in the Lemans car which mazda ran in late 80's or early 90's. It helped mazda be the first non American /European winner and the Only one that ever won without...
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    RX-7 VeilSide Fortune & RE-Amemiya AD GT Kit Widebody for Sale

    Re: RX-7 (FD) Bodykits for Sale - New and Used Any pics ;) :biggrin:
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    RX-7 VeilSide Fortune & RE-Amemiya AD GT Kit Widebody for Sale

    Re: RX-7 (FD) Bodykits for Sale - New and Used RE-A GT2 Wing 1600mm - Does the stand fit a FC ?
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    4pcs Jic suspension ..for sale

    Any pics would be greatly appreciated . What model JIC suspension are they ?
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    [wts] FC3S 13B RX7 halfcut

    :P my bad . Should have read it better ;)
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    [wts] FC3S 13B RX7 halfcut me best price of front bumper with side skirts :) thanks
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    [wts] FC3S 13B RX7 halfcut

    What is the condition of the bumper ? Any pic of the clutch ?
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    Wts:rx7 Fc3c Halfcut Big Intercooler

    Pics help sell sell sell :P
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    Thermostat for FC3S

    Any mazda parts dealer would be able to get them for you :) these parts should be cheap. So don't let them con you. You might have to wait a bit, cause i doubt them would have them on hand.
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    FC3S Exedy Single Clutch

    Any Pics :P
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    Raybrig Head Lamp for Sale~~!!

    Are the head lamps glass or plastic ? :P
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    Thermostat for FC3S

    It still is best to go with OEM on this one like your oil filter. OEM would still be better. The part numbers are N3Y6-14-302 for the oil filter 8AF1-15-171 for the thermostat set if you are looking for other part number try - Rotary Engine Mazda RX8 Renesis RX7 Turbo...
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    FC3C Tail Light For Sale

    hee hee ... just curious why take off the taillights ? ;) nice vert FC you got there :P
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    RX7 & RX8 attraction with the ladies? Your opinion?

    mm...that would be a tough choice for me . As my friend once said - You are so crazy about rotary cars, that if that was a naked woman and a well modded FD , you would sure head for the FD. haha... and well, he was right ... to a certain extent :P
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    Turbo for sale/parts

    Mm...what model are the model coils ? Willing to separate them out :P
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    Plz help microtech & haltech dilema

    Mm...why would you wanna do that ? The newer Haltech E6K can control the electric stepper motor for the OMP. The LT series has already superseeded by the LTX series of Microtech ECUs. For a DD , i think the haltech would make a better choice. For race, than a Microtech might be better. As for...
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    FD3S Chassis,10k obo..very negotiable. much for the instrument cluster ;)
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    Many FD3S parts for SALE...

    Any pics ?
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    Hump defender

    Kinda stupid if you ask me . Why all the damn rollers that would fail sooner or later. Why not just a long strip of nylon or abs plastic ? It would be cheaper and easy to replace.
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    Learn to tune your own car

    Interesting problem. Try a slow WOT. does the boost still spike ?