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  1. wsukun

    Ae86 trueno for sale

    MFG year 1991? Production year for JDM chassis ends until February 1987. Good luck with sales though :D
  2. wsukun

    ZTH Cheras KL

    count me in :)
  3. wsukun

    Cash Buy Car - Issue

    which year of manufactured/registered of the said car you intending to buy? let me guess, this is your first ever car purchasing exp?
  4. wsukun

    Random Exotics Pics 2

    you know what they say? just the tip.. but in this, the whole schlong!
  5. wsukun

    Michael schumacher - accident

    lol you guys funny la. on a serious note, the sooner Michael become conscious aka. "wake up" from coma, the better. why? because the sooner, the quicker Michael can recover. He definitely needs a long period of rehabilitation. long period of coma is never a good thing. muscle will weaken (but...
  6. wsukun

    Got cheated in mudah Of a Kancil Deal

    don even bother settle with him through email. report to your nearby station and provide all the details, phone number, names used, banking details (receipt and etc), text messages.
  7. wsukun

    Got cheated in mudah Of a Kancil Deal

    is this the one? anyone from johor willing volunteer to bait him out and catch this fellow red handed? Perodua Kancil Turbo (M) - Cars for sale Johor - link will be deleted sooner or later so i prntscrn the thing
  8. wsukun

    Civic Eg6 (original) (M)

    fantastic package at attractive price. glws
  9. wsukun

    Asking about Mazda GTX/Interplay GTR

    last month. the chassis still perfect, no collision whatsoever. minimal rust, white in color. tucked behind the garage open air. the workshop near the warung eatery area. cant exactly pinpoint the location here but i know the direction. mostly that should be a track chassis and cant register otr
  10. wsukun

    Asking about Mazda GTX/Interplay GTR

    i saw one at a garage in subang specialize in (b8/b6/323/sampan and etc..) when i did a photoshoot. behind the shop lays an original interplay 4wd chassis with everything stripped but just rear axle still intact. rotting under rain and sun.
  11. wsukun

    Stolen Toyota Sport 800

    did u try to share the news on facebook or similar platform? dont you yourself or your family have a better detail pictures of your dads car?
  12. wsukun

    Stolen Toyota Sport 800

    dude, did u share it on facebook or similar platform? need some pictures and more info!!
  13. wsukun

    WTA about MR2s

    nice hardtop sw20. they are pretty rare considering u have one thing less to worry about (water leaking and etc). try to join the mr2/mrs facebook group first. dont be hasty on purchasing one for yourself. scout around and ask other mr2 past/current owners about the history of the car. that...
  14. wsukun

    Random Exotics Pics 2

    epic watermark
  15. Suzuki Cappuccino EA11R

    Suzuki Cappuccino EA11R (Zenki - The 1st model more tuner friendly) F6A engine. Yr made 1992. Its come with 2 digit Penang reg number. MODS free car.. all in original condition except for the exhaust diameter increased to 2". Genuine mileage 34,000KM only (seldom driven). Car is tuned to...
  16. wsukun

    Toyota Corolla AE86 Sprinter Trueno (M)

    for extra around 12k, if i have that amount of spare cash, i would grab that red levin in a heartbeat. i can vouch that's one of the most best prime example ae86 in Malaysia, period! with that hard to find, freaking expensive maroon (zenki) interior, only hachi owner will understand and go...
  17. wsukun

    Toyota Corolla AE86 Sprinter Trueno (M)

    currently booked by a cool guy who just took a minute to view my car and place deposit almost instantaneously.. added: thanks for the share ZTH on Facebook. AE86 really selling like hot cakes if price is "right".
  18. Toyota Corolla AE86 Sprinter Trueno (M)

    Added 28/09/13: Car currently booked by a person and deposit was paid. Added 18/10/13: Papers were signed and car is officially sold today. Thanks everyone.
  19. wsukun

    Labuan Tyre VS Kota Kinabalu Tyre Price

    care to elaborate bro sirdex90? why not recommended to do it in Labuan?
  20. wsukun

    Rare Toyota..

    interesting headlights. those are for the Philippines market right? and about the taillights, is it pnp? sidemarkers just like cars from the states.
  21. wsukun

    Honda Fit - Xtreme Makeover

    LOL, guess some of you dont speak sarcasm. lovely detailing job zckid!
  22. wsukun

    WTS : daihatsu Detomaso 1.6 auto

    clean ride! u relocated the battery already right?
  23. wsukun

    Failed at Puspakom because of pillar sambung

    so u "passed" the inspection test and currently driving ur ae101? *just read it. paiseh
  24. wsukun

    Dilemma on choosing Recond Sport Car

    kinder garden? do they hand out free kinder bueno?
  25. wsukun

    Dilemma on choosing Recond Sport Car

    OP change to more relevant title la, ".........SPORTY LOOKING car" most of the forumers including me misguided with the term sport car la.. again, tough times like this buy the red levin i posted la. sporty looking little car. cheap to maintain. NA ma. wan upgrade turbo also no problem. FR...
  26. wsukun

    used car for weeekend use have plenty SEG, some 20v some carb motor selling under 13k
  27. wsukun

    Japan Mine's Exhaust Systems ( BNR34 )

    fast fast buy since u r rebuilding urs too :)
  28. wsukun

    Time when you can't forgive yourself

    thats the worst nightmare imaginable especially to any parents out there... i think i had enough internet for the day after reading this news. in the mean time, i was curious, this is basically a case of involuntary manslaughter right?
  29. wsukun

    Hammond drives the icons: Integra Type-R

    awesome share!
  30. wsukun

    ZTH Cheras KL

    its not they are not keen. its because thats not easy to find specific part of bushes that need replacement unless you are bringing it for them and let them do the hard work for you btw, mind telling what year of car u driving?
  31. wsukun

    My review on kumho ku36, and toyo r1r.

    wahhh mhwong.. running ad08R on ur SEG ahhh.... u upgrade ur 20v to turbo d meh?
  32. wsukun

    what is the best tire for 165/55/14

    ad07s were discontinued. and yes they are the last neova to have the 14" option. from ad08 onwards, smallest is 15" i am looking for 185 section. i dont mind its used tyre or NOS. can you help me ask your friend how much is he/she letting it go? thanks vr2turbo!
  33. wsukun

    Abandoned Cars

    got pic?
  34. wsukun

    what is the best tire for 165/55/14

    have 185 section of ad07 or not "123"
  35. wsukun

    Selling stock or modded JDM from japan not SG cars

    Hi mate. can u please PM me the cheapest price of a CRX EF8 chassis? preferably without the glass top option. btw, your stock fd3s which year is it? thanks!
  36. 2.75inch Tanabe Hyper Medallion S-Flow Muffler

    2.5inch Tanabe Hyper Medallion S-Flow Muffler Inlet flange size 2.5" Outlet tip size 4" With original jasma tag and everything. Never been altered before from flange to tip. Minor scratch and dent on the bottom, or else, this is a perfect condition item.
  37. wsukun

    Spark plugs

    i dont know if im wrong but once u using mineral based lubricant, u have to stick with it for ur next consecutive changes. unless u using fully initially, then u can change to semi and further up with to mineral based that stick with your budget. not the other way around though. regarding your...
  38. wsukun

    Abandoned Cars

    the rex really caught my eye. thanks for sharing!
  39. wsukun

    Nissan GTR Malaysia almost kills us VIDEO

    second this
  40. wsukun

    Abandoned Cars

    theres no exact way of telling if an eg hatch is for example EG6, unless u have a peek under the chassis code on the firewall. sunroof can be retrofitted to almost every cars. and they only come in as an optional package. some genuine eg6 do have some sunroof. some don't.
  41. wsukun

    Abandoned Cars

    i can see the potential of this thread. @SF, i think thats a Suzuki Fronte. do u still able to locate that car? would love to see if the owner selling it or not. thanks
  42. wsukun

    My Snail Rebuild Integra DB8

    thats the trait of a good father
  43. wsukun

    Looking for 2 doors Interplay 4WD or 2WD with B8 210 engine

    interesting info regarding the lancer conversion. i've forwarded the contact details to your ZTH inbox about the Pulsar GTiR. cheers.
  44. wsukun

    Looking for 2 doors Interplay 4WD or 2WD with B8 210 engine

    converted 4wd interplay are pretty rare let alone original 4wd. i've seen 2-3 units for sale in duration of past 6 months. but they are just FR 2wd with normal 2 interplay chassis. good luck on finding this little pocket rocket. btw, there's one converted 4wd pulsar gtir for sale for 40k...
  45. wsukun

    JDM used safety harness (sabelt, tomei, scotch)

    any pictures of the schroch?
  46. wsukun

    Honda Color

    got this excerpt from honda-tech 2000 Civic Electron Blue Pearl Clearcoat B-95P Iced Teal Pearl Clearcoat BG-41P Sequoia Green Pri Metallic G-89P Clover Green Pearl Metallic Clearcoat G-95P Champion White Clearcoat NHO Taffeta White NH-578 Vogue Silver Metallic Clearcoat NH-583M...
  47. wsukun

    Rare Toyota..

    sarawakian spotted
  48. wsukun

    You're just damn poor and stupid if your car is a cheap junk!!!

    whos driving what story aside, whats the story behind? the guy jumping queue or what? folding side mirror to squeeze in tight space to drive ahead? is that the story?
  49. wsukun

    When the car owner passes away, the car also dead ended?

    so you are saying your friend didn't complete the name transfer from the initial owner when purchasing the car?