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  1. Toyota avanza 1.5 A 2014

    Year End Big Deal Brand New 2014 all in rebate Rm 4200 1.3 E MT RM 62,732.15 OTR Nett 1.5E AT RM 69,733.50 OTR Nett 1.5G AT RM 73,433.50 OTR Nett 1.5 S AT RM 75,733.50 OTR Nett Call 012 7444 007 George KL/PJ/Cheras
  2. Toyota altis 1.8 E & G

    Brand new year end deal Toyota altis all variant All in rebate rm 4500 Toyota vios 1.5 (j) All in rm 6000 Toyota bios (e) (g) &TRD All in rebate rm8000 Call 012 7444 007 Geo
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    [wts] Honda Civic FD2R 2009 Local AP

    mugen RR still available... only notes not much available... hahahaa
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    Federal 595RSR Promotion- Size: 195/50/15

    205/55/16 any tire available for rm 200 -250 hahah
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    The 2JZ - Now Sky-Rocketing the Toyota 86

    in other words .. this 86 is just a hype...gimmick... what a waste ... just get the body ..only...oops sorry for toyo fans accept lor
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    The TOYOTA 86 is finally here in Malaysia! - Specs and Prices

    this car is good ..under the original category... not much upgrade or power you can boost from this engine... very limited...
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    Honda CR-Z - The drive and overall review of the first JDM sports hybrid!

    a diesel turbo can smoke him away.....:hmmmm2:
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    Orders for the Toyota 86 is open! RM 243k for manual, or RM 249k for automatic

    get a legendary S2000 this is a good buy
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    Servicing a gtr34

    Worms ............?......?
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    LAUNCH: LEXUS GS (From RM375,995.30 OTR + Ins)

    CT head... with IS250 rear... hahaha
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    Satria Gti Stolen @ Palm Spring Kota Damansara

    Gti was hot after watching the video... gues:smokin:
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    gtr r33 original

    is this car belongs to Jxx 3digit no. registration kah... since mentioned blue.../????
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    Toyota Supra GT500 Twin Turbo

    thumbs up... is this supra used to be blue colour...... staying around k...hills area.... supra with the blitz bodykits the best.... for me good luck for your sale
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    FN2 Civic TypeR, pls advise

    car overprice... performance wise driving or racing around street should okay depends on driver skills. needs.. beginner advanced or pro level... track guess ..find out jeremy clakson comment
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    nissan silvia s15(600 hose power)

    how bout the s2000 is it for sale also...
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    Project Z Week 19 : Forged Racing Radiators for the Z

    those good looking models...reminds me of maria ozawa......:love:
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    Honda Integra DC2R

    is this car still available.tq
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    New Inspira, 07' civic or 00' Altezza which one better?

    Ford TDCI is also a car that can be classified as a best car in the category segment car now.... a very pleasent drive in every aspect .... from one of my friend car.... too bad price a bit >>>>>>
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    JDM Integra DC2 Type R 96 (picture needed) tq
  20. F

    Hot new Lexus CT200h to be launched next week - RM168K onwards!

    CRZ coming to our shores.... quite true... my buddy told me june or july... tru or not not sure?????
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    Honda Civic 2.0 Type R 08 Js Racing

    sure kah never track before...
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    2:28:249 FD2R Vbox video by Kazama Autoworks at the Time To Attack 3

    he's style of driving very similar to the gymkana japan champion (do appear in best motoring ) .. most of british driver drive like this.....without heel and toe.. good driver doesn't need to explain style of driving true skill ... don see anything wrong....
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    NEW MAZDA3 MPS 2.3L Turbo

    euro cheaper than yen...mah.. thats why nowdays car from europe all the way.....
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    Civic Hybrid to cost under RM110,000

    around 90k to 95k will be good for this bird.... insight will be coming to our shore o not????? honda malaysia....
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    2010 JPM-CIMB Time Challenge - Supercars Gallore!

    guess the 458 ferrari must owned by the JPM...... ?????
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    Honda Civic FD-2 Type-R

    what mileage bro....
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    Toyota Prius now RM35,000 cheaper thanks to government incentives - RM139,900 OTR

    should wait for the honda... see what can they offered should ask honda to bring in the insight or the CRZ....
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    just bought dc5R

    Re: just brought dc5R did u check ur engine oil level... sometimes this could happen ... o2 sensor very rare... since just bought.. my b18c until now runs no prob at all...... cheers
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    Honda Civic FD2 R (Type R)

    agree so..... look like jc racing fd2r.... confirm. if those bodykit are real from mugen...
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    Auto Detailer - Malaysia's Premier Car Detailing Studio

    know wont be cheap ... any idea price range... rm300 to 500...or 500 to 1000 per session???? kindly advise
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    Subaru imprezza sti V9 S204 for sale (Limited edition) VERY RARE

    how bout a register Mugen rr 2007 sell for 200K in 3yrs time from now... should not kena taruk... by all bro... right.... hahahahah
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    Subaru imprezza sti V9 S204 for sale (Limited edition) VERY RARE

    keep the s204 rare edition.. unreg .. selling 250k
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    Subaru imprezza sti V9 S204 for sale (Limited edition) VERY RARE

    not as rare as mugen RR i guess. for a s204 prefer to keep stock .. bit on a high side.. post in a foreign country u might get a buyer ... all the best
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    Roads for spirited drives

    touge 300 japan
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    My Fren Ek4 B16a Kena Tapau By Le 4agze!

    Re: My Fren Ek4 B16a Kena Tapau By Le 4agze! mme result tells all. the H finished ahead of the T in all category... with the current K20a around doubt that any N/a around will match the Vtech power.... hahahahha B18c.B16b or A also ichiban
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    ek 2 door forsale

    fd2r is better than dc5.... go for s2000 if notes approved
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    Nissan Skyline R33 GT-R RB26 (ORI)

    fast car tune by northern guys.... if no accident history ... and bit lower price should be okay... but the big snails around wont be a friendly drive in here....
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    Lexus tightens its vice grip on the LFA

    symbolic of a person who wants a product which others cannot get eg. enzo ferrari ... others from others....:idea:
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    Nissan Silvia S15 for sale

    ooiyo fast car... how come selling.....
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    2010 Merdeka Millennium Endurance Race - Practise Day 1

    any n/a class picture honda.. spoon js racing ...or etc
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    Which GPS navigation is most suitable

    thanks for the advise... actually me not so good in it stuff... don mind clearer step ...tq
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    Which GPS navigation is most suitable

    hi all the sifu... currently using goozee GPs bought last year... any idea how to update maps ... ask those reseller ask me to sell my gooze cause it used crack software... agree.. should sell or used and update..tq
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    K-series mod kaki pls come in

    heard rr half cut arriving soon...but also depends on bidding buyer from H.K to decide ... any news or rumours
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    Challenge! Prices of R32 GTR

    any idea where is this legendary R32 can1 .... owner still driving or this car or already R.I.P. miss those inline 6 and rare bodykits ---------- Post added at 11:11 AM ---------- 6 hour anti-bump limit - Previous post was at 11:08 AM ---------- based on my search... there are currently one...
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    Asking about Honda Civic 1800cc FD

    go for fd1 1.8 better value... bro. what ever twin cam or single cam if u r no racer boy .. no different... even with more torque still a normal twin cam ...unless if u r k2oa craving
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    Urgently looking for an EP3

    beemer got 2 unit of ep 3 ... good luck with ur shopping ---------- Post added at 10:21 AM ---------- 6 hour anti-bump limit - Previous post was at 10:18 AM ---------- bro... why ep3 as ur option...
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    Any DC2 integra in the house?

    midnight wangan after that?????
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    FD2 ride comfort

    dont worry there still thousand of Fd2r available in the world
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    Last Call for Student AP ( Japan )

    bro confirm car more than five year ... from production cannot bring in. no matter how.. check with a used car importer...
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    Engine Oil for high performance engine

    Re: Engine Oi for high performance engine vtech b18c or k2oa better dont save... sometimes depend on how old and how long u have maintained it. depends on situation my point of view