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  1. Darth

    Mitsubishi Marketplace Links - Parts & Others

    Hi Mitsubishi team, Anyone of you done port and polish on your cylinder head? is it hand ported or cnc ported? With only RM 1600 you'll get all the job listed below CNC Ported Head Skimming - mild Grind valve Enlarge valve seat Re-profile angle valve job Polishing combustion chamber Flow test...
  2. Darth

    Subaru Marketplace Links - Parts & Others

    Hi all, anyone tried cnc porting for your Subaru? Here in Nasty Port Flow, with our 5 axis cnc machine porting job is much better and the most important is accurate. Do visit our fanpage for more details
  3. Darth

    CNC cylinder head porting

    Hi guys... Have anyone of you tried our cnc head? Have you guys heard Nasty Port Flow? Nasty Portflow is the only company which have 5 axis cnc cylinder head machine in Asia. With cnc machine, porting job can be done within maximum 4 hours for each cylinder head. The result? We received...
  4. Darth

    Mivec mods

    my suggestion is port and polish....
  5. CNC cylinder head porting

    We offer services on cylinder head modification(Porting and Polishing/Multi-angle Valve job/etc) of any kinds engine model/type for your needed performance. With our new ROTTLER P69 5 - Axis CNC cylinder head, head job can be done more quickly and the most important more accurate. Price range...
  6. Darth

    Nasty port flow

  7. Darth

    Nasty port flow

    sorry guys.....its been quite sometimes didnt updates this thread coz bz with the head (thanks for support)....but our pages on FB usually been update daily if we are not all members here can check or asked orrr any updates from us at FB : NASTY PORT FLOW | Facebook
  8. Darth

    Nasty port flow

    Dear guys....sorry coz seldom online...for any enquiry...please call 017-7774571@016-9014283(zam)...or catch us on Facebook...
  9. Darth

    Nasty port flow

    PM been sent..... BUMP!!
  10. Darth

    Nasty port flow

    Orledi send PM.....BUMP
  11. Darth

    Nasty port flow

    Gud day......BUmP!
  12. Darth

    Nasty port flow

    dude do call us upon your request...quit busy rite now with so many head(Thanx to our customer).......seldom online.... ---------- Post added at 12:26 AM ---------- 6 hour anti-bump limit - Previous post was at 12:19 AM ---------- [/COLOR]Outside klang valley..can send to us by...
  13. Darth

    Nasty port flow

    welcome dude!!..... to all if got any enquiries you all can PM@call directly Zam aka Nasty Port Flow....since i'm seldom online.........
  14. Darth

    Nasty port flow

    thanks too bro for trusting and believing in us...... BUMP!
  15. Darth

    Nasty port flow

    do call much easier since seldom online(bz at Nasty Playground):biggrin:.....dont worry 'tara gigit munyer':smokin: ...or come visit us. *Some PM already replied.
  16. Darth

    Nasty port flow

    BUMP!! Our new websites just click it to see more action :biggrin: Nasty Portflow :biggrin:
  17. Darth

    Nasty port flow

    BUMP!! HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR from NASTY PORT FLOW Crew. Workshop will open on WEDNESDAY-17/2/01
  18. Darth

    Nasty port flow

    PM have sent. BUMP!!!
  19. Darth

    Nasty port flow

    chicano,sexycar...PM been sent.Thanx. jinkl,hehehe...okeh we will wait for it :biggrin:....till then... BUMP!!!:wavey:
  20. Nasty port flow

    http:// Cylinder Head We provide services for cylinder head modification of any kind engine model:- *Porting and Polishing Cylinder Head *Grindvalve@Valve Lapping *3angle valve seat cut /valve seat...
  21. Darth

    Carburetor Section

    Re: Carburetor & Injection Section unker..wanna play weber back ka??hohoho! yesterday see SU carburetor been turbocharged on old mini....damn need 'peti ais' wan....the mechanic said can go up boost 1 bar....walayweehhh.....:banghead:
  22. Darth

    Strengthen Engine Mounting or Engine Damper

    go for Solid Teflon engine Mounts.........btw,not suggested to install all with it...just front or the rear of engine only...
  23. Darth

    DIY Voltage Stabilizer

    ermmmm.:hmmmm:..i found this after looking around on the net when looking info bout direct power system..
  24. Darth

    DIY Voltage Stabilizer

    Direct Power System?....hehehhee:idea:....didnt used cap at all.............
  25. Darth

    Custom Polyurethane Engine Mounts

    MYTH ka tyco?:hmmmm: been used it almost 2 years...never cracked the chasis lor....if you see clearly the will notice i said in the 1st places...i'm using it for the back mounting only....peace....
  26. Darth

    Custom Polyurethane Engine Mounts

    i'm using for my otr car and still using it...okeh need to install all the mounting with it...just at the back...bcoz dont want engine lean backwards when hi rev...minimize power lose...feel better and like changed to new clutch.. btw its NOT PU but mine is TEFLON.:biggrin:
  27. Darth

    Carburetor Section

    dis thread still alive..............fuyoooo...........:adore:
  28. Darth

    trinity VS exedy

    who said?:smokin:most of my fren using triniti on the road...on evo...on B8 an even on L200....all car using on the road wan... triniti you can still used/match with OEM clutch cover for it.....and exedy 3 puck you need to used wit it complete clutch cover.... if im wrong...pls...
  29. Darth

    Any Good REcommended Clutch?

    TRiniti OS giken hehehhee...
  30. Darth

    Autogauge AFR gauge

    narrow band vs wideband....wideband is the best and show exactly ur afr...narrow band like chirtsmax tree''......hehehhe..pening edi.... see some video on youtube..
  31. Darth

    port and polish

    straight to the improves ur air flow inside the head..thus improve performance.... this is my experienced....for efi and carb the porting n polish style were diffrent....for carb cant be done same like for EFI.
  32. Darth

    Walbro Fuel Pump - copies or genuine?

    one of thing to determine is by the 'round'clip to attach the filter..original is like 'bunga'wan...china made just round only.. and this is some info on diffrent on walbro pump.usually find 255liter/hr
  33. Darth

    Carburetor Section

    tengok..unker orledi dewa carb lor....
  34. Darth

    Carburetor Section

    aiyah..unker been there,done that..summore salah disisi were mean to be broken only by human...not kambeng....lor...hahahhahaa....nakal okeh....jahat tak boleh...hehehehehe
  35. Darth

    Carburetor Section

    skywalker....sume oem carb from japan wan were equipped with computer box...but the correct term is CPU-carburetor Program Unit.....i've seen it....the purpose of it is can alter AFR byit self using the input from EGT... ...thats why if,using the carb without the electronic thingy...your afr...
  36. Darth

    Fuel Saving Devices - Read before you buy !

    a very good fuel saving devices is VACCUM METER...with it you can monitor the engine load....and you can control your kaki to push the pedal lor..... others is...TUNED UP your car...and a good the carburetor engine owners....need to service da carb and tuned up......
  37. Darth

    BR clutch

    ermm..last time also my fren using br on its L200 turbo.....also barai wan....pitty him..the flywheel also fren from ipoh wan but works in S.a n my osmates....hehehe... seanlee,try TRINITI lor......
  38. Darth

    Reopen BTS or reopen New Track in Klang Valley...

    ermm.....heard rumours that MAM will reopen a small track at bukit jalil....3 in 1 complex....CCT,Dragstrip and speedway(already there)..not sure cct track for go-kart or wat..
  39. Darth

    regret to install a mukuni carburator :( using MIKUNI 2 barrel ar?....the secondary open by vaccum meh? wat i know.....since the secondary is operated by vaccum and not mechanical likes weber dgv.....the secondary open on 3K need to check the diaphram on the linkage to secondary is working or...
  40. Darth

    Carburetor Section

    here are some sample of it...i found on the net(nowdays easy....just abit click here and there..u got info)hehehe.....on the pict are adjustable fuel regulator and it means the vehicle were using electronic fuel pump to supply fuel to weber...
  41. Darth

    Carburetor Section

    for sure can used electric fuel for adjustable fuel regulator it was needed to adjust the need to know ecxact pressure to pump it into weber....if not...ur weber carb will not sure how much pressure that mechanical OEM fuel pump supply to...
  42. Darth

    JB-JL K&N Open Pod filter

    *Item for sell *Click the link>> TQ.
  43. Darth

    Open Pod Air filter

    BUMP!!for this morning
  44. Darth

    Open Pod Air filter

    BUMP!for dis afternoon....................
  45. Open Pod Air filter

    Open Pod Air filter For L5 Engines *M's K&N Air Filter *RM150 nett *For L5 engines (JB-JL) *washable and long life *complete with adapter and bracket *got hole for air flow sensor fitment *olredi clean it up!Plug and play only call/sms 0176727295,shah Alam.self collect.COD terms.
  46. Darth

    Kei Car ~~ Vip Styles

    In Japan,they got so many term of dressup the car such as Loco,CAL-styles,street-racer,old-street racer,VIP,VIP sport,retro, and so many other. But we look on VIP some pictures that i gather from the net.Hope we can share.if you also have it and kindly posted it here...
  47. Darth

    Want to VIP me car hehe

    In VIP Sport also....maybe you can look into it... if you event cross with K-Styles magazine at Kinokuniyo..maybe you can make it as reference.........
  48. Darth

    Ford Cortina MK3 rebuild

    nice car man....can built as OLD STREET unker fred say....Ramly maybe can help you on the built back.......i remember..Karamjit also got Ford Cortina...
  49. Darth

    D1gp World All Star

    Tdjan in action......>>
  50. Darth

    D1 Grand Prix World Cup Driver roster is up!!!

    D1GP WORLD ALL STAR>>>> Tdjan in Action and other superb drifters....