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  1. xMika

    Superstrut hell

    hello superstrut kakis .. any lobang to get superstrut arms from halfcut shop ? saw any st202 or st205 superstrut ?
  2. xMika

    Superstrut hell

    Hello ~ where are all the superstrut kakis :driver:
  3. xMika

    Tyres japan 195 50 15 goodyear eagle revspec rs02 80%

    PM location n year of manufacturing .. thanks
  4. xMika

    Need help on clicking noise!!!

    found this on youtube lol .. sounds like normal 4A-GE - How They Should Sound - YouTube
  5. xMika

    Superstrut hell

    the machine shop is at USJ 8 ..
  6. xMika

    Superstrut hell

    I'm still using the superstrut .. but knocking and car will swerve to aside when letting go off the gas .. haha .. quite fun but only I can handle the car .. other ppl drive keep asking oi why your car like that ? .. I'm trying to replace the ball joints with new ones .. bring to machining shop...
  7. xMika

    Superstrut hell

    Where is all the superstrut taiko hah ....
  8. xMika

    Superstrut hell

    hello ? anyone ?
  9. xMika

    2009 proton satira neo suspension dangerous fault

    wtf am I reading @.@
  10. xMika

    YRV Engine

    bolt on turbo la ... easy can keep the manual box
  11. xMika

    MRS engine burning engine oil

    could be the camshaft and timing chain oil seal already kong lor ... if no white smoke or smoke then its leaking .. not burning d ..
  12. xMika

    proton perdana tt AWD

    AWD ? Holy mama is it legal lol ..
  13. xMika

    Want 2 modified my dad's toyota unser 1.8gli

    Those who says Unser got a heavy body .. have you ever drove one actually ? I drive Unser to do delivery everytime and I think this car is quite light considering its size .. the equipments and all the parts on the car of this size is so damn minimal .. very practical car there is not a single...
  14. xMika

    Steering Wheel Vibrate When Cruising Above 100km/h

    tyre problem .. try swap rear to front ! had the same problem as well but just fixed it 2 days ago ..
  15. xMika

    castrol magnatec causes con rod bearing damage?

    YES !! BARDAHL MY FAVORITE !! hahahahaa :rofl::rofl::rofl::cheers:
  16. xMika

    3SGE engine (manual vs auto)

    ok know I know where the source of info about the titanium valves from Toyota S engine - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
  17. xMika

    3SGE engine (manual vs auto)

    if you ever seen an altezza with 6 speed manual its the 1G-FE inline 6 cylinder engine ..
  18. xMika

    3SGE engine (manual vs auto)

    All the blacktop beams 3S-GE BEAMS are auto version .. theres no manual version :) I'm a redtop 3s-ge beams owner myself so I know ^^
  19. xMika

    Help! Blacktop no power and thirsty like SR20

    floor engine or whole halfcut ? If full halfcut seldom got problem .. maybe you should check if the vvt is working or not .. if there is no acceleration around and above 4k rpm then your vvt maybe not functioning ... And one more thing, why are you trying it on RM10 amount of fuel ? Test full...
  20. xMika

    3SGE engine (manual vs auto)

    dual vvt-i blacktop beams 3S-GE all comes with titanium valves
  21. xMika now available in a magazine!

    Re: now available in a magazine! how come all the lambo & lotus photos are not in HD format ha ? so pixelated la .. i see also pening
  22. xMika

    3S-FE,GE,GTE Discussion/Gathering

    buy aftermarket adjustables or coilovers should be the best option ...
  23. xMika

    3S-FE,GE,GTE Discussion/Gathering

    pretty care carina ... definitely you'll need better/stiffer suspension ..
  24. xMika

    ST 150 & AT 151 Corona

    all at fb page haha ..
  25. xMika

    [WTS] k3ve engine myvi 09

    I can assure that this engine have no problems .. sat in it before its good and loud haha .. owner want upgrade YRV engine :)
  26. xMika

    TRD Super Strut Suspension CELICA GT4 ST205

    The springs also TRD ones ? Can I buy the springs only ? If want me buy the whole set give me a very very nice price I can't reject haha ...
  27. xMika

    D2 Racing Suspension Coilover Kits

    Do you have any for Toyota Celica ST202/ST205 with superstrut suspension year 1998 ? Thanks :)
  28. xMika

    BC Racing Adjustable Suspension

    Do you have any for Toyota Celica ST202/ST205 with superstrut suspension year 1998 ? Thanks :)
  29. xMika

    Superstrut hell

    yes it is different ..
  30. xMika

    Superstrut hell

    its quite easy to get super strut arms isnt it .. just look for ST202 or ST205 which is quite common in halfcut shops ..
  31. xMika

    Rare Toyota..

    yes carina coupe is damn rare ..
  32. xMika

    3S-FE,GE,GTE Discussion/Gathering

    who else ? haha ... 3S live forever !!
  33. xMika

    3S-FE,GE,GTE Discussion/Gathering

    enjoying the redtop beams now haha ..
  34. xMika

    Superstrut hell

    I think no point trying to adjust camber on Superstrut because it will stay at 90degree right angle to the road lol ..
  35. xMika

    corona st171 with 3sgte from st185 - shocks question

    come join us at the facebook " Toyota Corona Owners " club .. more info available at there :)
  36. xMika

    3S-FE,GE,GTE Discussion/Gathering

    I also checked toyodiy, if says S50, 52 or 53 for corona gearbox then it is haha ... Turbo MR2 uses E56 ... non-turbo uses S54 .. i think so
  37. xMika

    3S-FE,GE,GTE Discussion/Gathering

    ST171 gearbox is code S51 .. S54 not yet on the market that time until the celica/mr2 period ..
  38. xMika

    Help with C56 LSD?

    Unless you're using a clutch type LSD which requires friction modifier substance in the transmission fluid, else you will be needing only normal transmission fluid for gear type/helical/torsen LSD.
  39. xMika

    Help with C56 LSD?

    Hi. Just to let you know that only clutch type LSD requires LSD fluid in it. Helical or gear type LSD only requires normal transmission fluid.Iin many cases, like Toyota S54 Helical LSD found in the ST202 Celica and SW20 MR2, using LSD gear fluid will cause a clunking noise wheareas there will...
  40. xMika

    3S-FE,GE,GTE Discussion/Gathering

    St171 gearbox is the best for the 3S-GTE from its gear ratio ..
  41. xMika

    3S-FE,GE,GTE Discussion/Gathering

    gearbox st185 boleh lock tapi tak tahan lama .. berat lagi .. biasa pakai gearbox st171 je ..
  42. xMika

    VIOS-the question is?

    lower ride =/= better performance .. sometimes it will increase the car body roll during cornering
  43. xMika

    TTT on 5th Oct Friday

    we have about 6~7 3S-GE's & GTE's players in toyota corona group :)
  44. xMika

    TTT on 5th Oct Friday

    Re: TT on 5th Oct Friday hmmmm interesting ...
  45. xMika

    4AFE alternator wire position

    i think the click click sound is the relay in the fuse box ?
  46. xMika

    new 86 engine 12.5:1 - can we do same?

    huh ? New 86 use boxer engine wor .. you want to reduce displacement for higher compression by shaving off the block ? Why don't just use high compression piston ?
  47. xMika

    which is better

    i'm using tanabe hyper medalion muffler ..
  48. xMika

    Toyota Gearbox problems

    I wonder if you really know much about how your engine functions and have basic knowledge about cars besides being pro in complaining lol .. you cant pinpoint the problem ??? when the problem occurs you as a driver should make a smart guess where the problem came from .. dont blame the service...
  49. xMika

    Savvy convoy marshalls behaving like thugs

    you know la ... small dogs like chihuahua only can bark to make itself looks more intimidating whilst a blow of kick to the nose could kill it already ... bigger dogs just stay calm and attack when needed .. same theory ... savvy ma .. no power ma drive like damn power to show off la .. other...
  50. xMika

    Need help about AE111..

    levin with fixed headlights .. trueno with pop up style headlights ..