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    Is P2 Axia a good buy?

    Oh my fxxking hxll! That's a lot of crumple zone!
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    Carburetor Problem - PROTON ISWARA

    Get a half-cut carb? It's a gamble.
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    How problematic is VW's 7 speed DSG?

    I would ask the Salesman about how the 2+3 warranty works. Then ask a VW owner who had owned a VW pass the manufacturer's warranty period and is now covered by Allianz. How is Allianz handling claims? What are the terms and conditions of claims? Is there such a thing as minimum claim amount...
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    which tyre you will recommend to your friend?

    I think he likes his friend here. If not he would not come to the forum to ask. The consideration now is 'how much' he likes his friend. If he likes him A LOT, then.....otherwise.....There's a possibility he's actually asking for himself but a bit shy and worried of how others would think of...
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    Proton GSC Spied!

    Overall, good-looking. Despite the negative comments, Proton designers at least know how to 'borrow' the good designs from other manufacturers. More concern with the engine.
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    Myvi 1.5 problem while travel long distance.

    vr2turbo, I get your argument. From my personal experience with Toyota's T-IV ATF was that it's not that lasting. It's good for 20k kms thereabout. Beyond that, my car felt sluggish. This feeling is obvious when driving long journeys. I don't believe it's synthetic-based. Any recommendation for...
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    Myvi 1.5 problem while travel long distance.

    The Lubegard additive is compatible with Toyota T-IV that you are using. If you're afraid of which Lubegard ATF additive to use, the safe bet is to use their LUBEGARD Platinum Universal ATF Protectant.
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    Reliable Workshop

    Not sure but the boss himself drives an Mk5.
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    Reliable Workshop

    VIBRANT AUTO SERVICE 8, LORONG BURMAH, 10250 PULAU TIKUS, PENANG. Tel: 604-2261215 Mobile: 012-523 9325 (AH CHUAN)
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    Myvi 1.5 problem while travel long distance.

    If your gearbox is still shifting down reasonably quick when going uphill or overtaking then it's hasn't got 'lazy' because of ATF overheat. I would say all AT cars has plumbing to the radiator to cool down the ATF. Now this leaves the engine oil to worry about. Use higher viscosity oil like...
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    Swift RRP Reinforced Engine Mount

    Hi, I'm interested. Tried to call your mobile but can't get thru. Is this item still available now?
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    Satria Neo RS Limited - 11

    This dude is selling his car, not the brake pads. BTW, a rarity. Hope it finds a new owner soon.
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    ae111 headache problem

    If it's the distributor, the engine will crank but will die immediately you release the ignition key. Most likely is the starter. Replace it totally with a new one. Try not to use recond or serviced unit.
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    I bet he/she doesn't even know what's the cause of the confusion.
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    Gear Oil for manual Neo

    PAKELO GLOBAL GEAR DLS SAE 75W/90 Compatible with both API GL-4 and GL-5, LSD and non-LSD gearboxes. Safe for synchronizers. Visit LCT OilMaster | or email for more details and where to get it.
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    Becareful @ R&R Seremban

    Another place to watch out is the R&R Gua Tempurung southbound. If you are traveling with a companion and you need to take a leak and you happened to stop at this R&R, make sure one of you stayed with the car and take turns to go to the toilet. Extra caution is needed if you see a tow truck...
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    Camaro went Kaboom at Yas Marina Circuit

    It's as dangerous as going to check on a fireworks that didn't go off after the fuse finished burning.
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    Evo 9 Steering Vibrate at 230km/h

    what are you doing at that kind of speed? :hmmmm:
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    Forte: Brake caliper painting.

    Thanks for the info.
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    Forte: Brake caliper painting.

    What paint did you guys use? hi-temp? Looks good.
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    PS Powersport tuning products

    I will definitely follow the progress of the build, ala TVB series or otherwise. It's not everyday we can follow an engine rebuild from our computer. Let's see how all the things fall into places.
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    PS Powersport tuning products

    FP, I met your guru, Lo at Exodus Sunway many years ago before he ventured out. He was the one who convinced me to installed the spark energizer in my car. Frank and very knowledgeable person to talk to when the conversation is about car modifications. Seen the 'monster' skyline at the back of...
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    The Engine Oil Discussion Thread

    There are so many automotive oil brands out there in the market it's mind-boggling. You can't possibly put all the brands in the poll. Some may see this poll as a marketing ploy to promote certain products while some do honestly believe the result as all-conclusive of the popularity of a certain...
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    Recommendation Engine oil for Myvi

    To make an oil multi-grade, viscosity index improvers are added into the formulation. A real SAE 10W40 are more costly to make partly due to the VII and additive package used for this viscosity are generally more expensive compared to SAE 10W30. This comparison is true in those days when, say 15...
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    Engine Oil Change

    Amsoil is sure an OTAI Oil. Pretty new to our market though it's got many loyal users in the States who'd vouch it's the best synthetic oil money can buy. As with any oil remember to check oil level occasionally and top up when necessary.
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    BMW E34 1JZ-GTE Twin Turbo

    Benchmark WTS. Read and learnt. Honest-to-good way to sell.:rock:
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    Engine Damper Kit

    I'm still interested in this item if you'd check with your source in Taiwan whether they have developed one for the Suzuki Swift.
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    Recommendation Engine oil for Myvi

    Try Pakelo Krypton XT LA SAE 5W30 or 5W40
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    Stolen car in Batu Lanchang, Penang

    viosman, you cannot simply identify anyone with a white waja to the bf of the coffee shop owner's daughter although it's not common to see a white waja. The last time I saw one was an unmarked cop car.
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    HELP! Waja High Beam cannot off!

    this must be one of the weirdest things to happen to any car.
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    Useful tip:Blinking AirBag Light @ Dash

    Different car brand has different reset sequence. You have to be specific which brand are you referring to for your tips to be useful. I guess Nissan or maybe Renault?
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    [HELP] on AE111 SRS Airbag Light

    It's a broken spiral cable. Located behind the steering. You also will lose the function of the horn when this is broken.
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    looking for hyundai coupe/tuscani 2002-2007 so badly!!!

    very rare. a fellow resident is driving a black one.
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    Cutting edge Flatberry BB by Porsche Design

    if you can own a Posh, what is a 10k phone to you?
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    Cutting edge Flatberry BB by Porsche Design

    RM to GBP exch. rate now is 5 times+. So we are talking about a 10-grand BB.
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    what engine oil for your b16a

    Pakelo Krypton XT 5W40 Pakelo Motor Oil :: The Art Of Making Lubricants
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    the wheel game is f**king over!

    Awesome!!! F**king big ass set of wheel
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    recon to pure CF after spray painted can ?

    the subject made me pening...:confused: now i got it. can. sand it down and polish. better let the pro do it.
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    VW GTI GOLF MK6 for sale.

    My dream car. I wish I had the money... and not to mention my wife's blessing to change car.
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    0w-40 vs 5w-40?

    viscosity is viscosity. at the end of the day, it's up to the film strength that counts. going from 0W40 to 5W40 is fine because in our tropical weather we don't have to bother too much about the 0 and 5 visco no.
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    hard to shift to 2nd gear

    Seems like there's a lot of negative feedback on the Redline MT-90. Personally, a friend's Civic with LSD also experience hard shift especially when it's cold. Noticeably the 2nd gear. According to him, the issue didn't surface immediately when he first poured in the MT90. It was a gradual...
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    Inspira any problems ????

    Engine-wise, it is my opinion you should not face much of an issue with it since it's the tried and tested Mitsu engine. You just need to pay more attention to the gearbox since it's a CVT. Interior fit quality is good for a local car but the inherent quality of the material used is yet to be...
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    hard to shift to 2nd gear

    It's the the gear oil incompatible with the synchros causing hard shift. Check whether your gear box calls for GL-4 or GL-5 spec oil. Bear in mind that a gearbox that calls for GL-4 must not use GL-5 spec oil due to the EP content of GL-5 oil wears out the synchros. Revert to 75W90 that is GL-4...
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    Random Shot: Aston Martin DBS Volante

    with V8 or V12 engine?
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    Cleaning Stained Headlights with Autosol

    Colgate has one type with whitening formula that polishes your teeth. Maybe it can work. But I guess you'll need a lot of it. Toothpaste has been known to work on chrome.
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    Cleaning Stained Headlights with Autosol

    I find Autosol too coarse. For badly stained or aged covers, you'll noticed a big improvement from afar. Furthermore Autosol don't leave a protectant. What I've done is use a #2000 grit sandpaper to sand it lightly. Never apply brute force. In fact I purposely use "used" #2000 grit paper because...
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    Another GTR crashed

    Negligence on the part of the owner. Now that this news is public, insurance will reject claim application for sure. Not many GTR35 around. Block plate no. oso useless. One application submitted for a total loss claim for a 35 in the near future will raise suspicion.
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    Price Hike?

    Is there anyone selling MOTUL 8100 Eco-Clean 5W30? How much? A friend is looking for this oil to use in his Pug Thanks in advance
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    Engine Damper Kit

    hi you have this kit for Suzuki Swift ZC21S?