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  1. mazranz

    Fairlady Club ?

    Still have mine... though in workshop...
  2. mazranz

    Fairlady Club ?

    There isn't one per say but have a look here for all your fair lady needs :)
  3. mazranz

    car vibrating like crazy!!!! urgent advise

    I think drive shaft... does it shake when you rev higher (not faster)?
  4. mazranz

    SQ stuff for sale

    Bro any price for alpine hce-c500 and Ina-w900e? Thanks!
  5. mazranz

    Z car gallery

    Mine was silver or blue ;) but I still have it. mainly parked in the shop. Most likely might make it race ready for classic car races (25 years and older cars). No use trying to sell it. I think it's quite difficult to sell. How much are you looking to get for your car?
  6. mazranz

    Z car gallery

    Sad.... why la? BTW, how long have you had your Z?
  7. mazranz

    Golf GTi check engine light

    What year is your car? I heard there are some problems with 08-09 Audi/VW 2.0 TFSI engines, which is related to the camshaft adjuster. My audi had the problem, just out of workshop for 1 month. Same problems you are complaining about. Luckily under warranty, so in total they changed the...
  8. mazranz

    [WTB] 300ZX Z32 half-cut

    do you know which year the cut is from?
  9. [WTB] 300ZX Z32 half-cut

    Looking for Z32 halfcut. Preferably from late model 1994 or newer. PM if you have one in stock! Thanks Maz
  10. mazranz

    Audi rs6 avant 5.0 twin turbo

  11. mazranz

    Nissan 350z Fairlady 2004/2010

    what are you upgrading to? ;)
  12. mazranz

    Which one will have higher maintenance/running cost,Audi Q7 or Merc W221 S-Class??

    Re: Which one will have higher maintenance/running cost,Audi Q7 or Merc W221 S-Class? I think Audi is lower. Service every 15k km and only change engine oil. 60k service change ATF/dsg fluid, brake pads. Less than 2k. My car already at 70k. No problems to report. Dads Merc had brake failure...
  13. mazranz

    Old Timer's Section - If u ain't dead yet, pls login here and TCSS..

    old timers still hanging around la... or already sold of their ride and moved on.... He still have the car I think... search on FB for him!
  14. mazranz

    300zx Tommy kaira edition M30Z (z32)

    how much you letting go? need to rebuild my machine thanks!
  15. mazranz

    Z car gallery

    OMG!! What are they trying to do!?!?:banghead:
  16. mazranz

    Nissan Fairlady Club
  17. mazranz

    v6, car 300zx - z32 me taiko

    hi there... sorry can't even see your name... but Z32 parts are not so easy to find but if you look online still quite easy. Non-turbo? I have now TT so I get about 300 ~ 400 km on a full tank... city driving really drinks fuel. If you can, have it tuned so that you can optimise the fuel...
  18. mazranz

    Nissan Fairlady 300zx Twin-turbo '91 (M)

    did the car managed to get sold?
  19. mazranz

    Should I get 350z Auto or Manual ?? :(

    I think you're looking at two very different types of car here. The BMWs will be your daily driver and 350Z will be the showpiece :) Very hard to compare to 320d because that is a diesel and you can pretty much go from SG to Thailand border on one tank of gas. Anyway, I don't have a 350Z but...
  20. mazranz

    Z car gallery

    Midship... you should check out our facebook page for fairlady malaysia Log masuk | Facebook
  21. mazranz

    JL Audio Mobile Products + Price

    Do you have TR570?
  22. mazranz's RM50K Supercar beater project, sponsors needed

    I would like you to consider a VH45DE for the engine. I know it sounds crazy but super car killer needs a killer engine/sound to match!
  23. mazranz

    Unichip tuner

    Try calling this chap... Robyn 01228 61100
  24. mazranz

    Unichip tuner

    depends who your previous tuner was...
  25. mazranz

    Nissan Fairlady Club

    Welcome Faizal. We'll keep you updated when something comes up.
  26. mazranz

    Z car gallery

    Rendered 2013 370Z Hybrid Love the long nose!
  27. mazranz

    Should i get a HR? Opinion needed

    Sorry Joeseng... I'm only driving a 300ZX so can't comment on the HR engines. Unless you are willing to mod your engine, try to get the best you can afford. Maz
  28. mazranz

    Fairlady Owners,Lets Gear Up & Convoy to Port Dickson

    Sorry peeps. Just realised the roadtax for my Z is dead. Can't drive it around tonight. :(
  29. mazranz

    Fairlady Owners,Lets Gear Up & Convoy to Port Dickson

    No idea. Will only be free for sat night. SMS Hardee since he is in town more than me!
  30. mazranz

    Fairlady Owners,Lets Gear Up & Convoy to Port Dickson

    Sorry man... I'll only be back this coming weekend. Will you still be around?
  31. mazranz

    Serena 97 absorber

    Depends on your budget. Most aftermarket suspension are made to be more sporty so I don't think your dad would like that. If budget permits, go for custom shocks... There is one shop in pandan jaya I think and another in sunway. Friends place is in sunway and he will ask you how you want to...
  32. mazranz

    Fairlady Owners,Lets Gear Up & Convoy to Port Dickson

    Ok. We meet up at Mex r&r and then drive to cyberjaya. Where do you recommend to meet ?
  33. mazranz

    Fairlady Owners,Lets Gear Up & Convoy to Port Dickson

    Ok let's do a TT tomorrow around 10pm at the Mex highway R&R headig towards cyberjaya. Can discuss Saturday activity then.
  34. mazranz

    Fairlady Owners,Lets Gear Up & Convoy to Port Dickson

    I think saturday is best.
  35. mazranz

    Fairlady Owners,Lets Gear Up & Convoy to Port Dickson

    Guys. Friday or saturday morning drive is good with me. I think PD drive is a ittle boring, so genting or bukit tinggi? Although this afternoon traffic jam from gombak toll to genting tunnel. SMS me 0122829620
  36. mazranz

    Fairlady Owners,Lets Gear Up & Convoy to Port Dickson

    I'll Be around. Let me know the plan... If low numbers, let's do breakfast drive up to genting Goh tong jaya instead. A few cars is all we need.
  37. mazranz

    Activities Gallery

    Next gathering not known yet... hopefully after CNY. ... normally I will try to organize but now days quite often in Kuantan so its hard to do. Maybe someone else want to organize?
  38. mazranz

    Please Advise Engine Changed

    My name is Mazran ;) You can contact Keong at 012 338 3028
  39. mazranz

    Please Advise Engine Changed

    You can check out my friends place in section 20 pj. Jalan 20/7. KF greenzone beside nationwide express and paramour garden restaurant. Go talk to him. Easy going, good quality and price. Look for Keong. He did my 300zx overhaul and engine swap. No problems so far!
  40. mazranz

    Saturday Night Racing!

    Congrats Damian for posting a respectable lap time of 1:30.528 on the Sepang North Track. We need to see more Zs on the track next time!
  41. mazranz

    Saturday Night Racing!

    Goh. Racing at Sepang. Check out for more info.
  42. mazranz

    Saturday Night Racing!

    Sorry man. In Kuantan till next weekend. Hence the date. So ... Changing to 911 turbo. Not a bad upgrade :). Time to try something new, eh?
  43. mazranz

    Saturday Night Racing!

    Array... How is your car? Have to go and see it one of these days. HBS - at Sepang circuit.. Same concept like the batu tiga night fever. Looks like fun, but since I am working there, cannot take part in the race. I hear many sell off their Z already. Quite sad but that 3.5l road tax is...
  44. mazranz

    Saturday Night Racing!

    Hey z-car owners. How about we have a little gathering and take part in the Saturday Night Fever race? It's on the 15th Jan from 6pm. I was working there last weekend and there was just one Z. Need to see more on the track! No license needed. What say you all? Check out...
  45. mazranz

    Activities Gallery

    Hehe. Dunno man. It's all quiet these days. Many old owners sold off their car already and have not seen many new guys in here. Hijau, you have a z as well?
  46. mazranz

    Roads for spirited drives

    Must always repect the road... I think driver panic and press gas instead of brake!
  47. mazranz

    Activities Gallery

    Well... I don't think we took any pictures except for the photoshoot in putrajaya. Guess we are not very camera happy..
  48. mazranz

    Z car gallery

    That looks good. :) but must weight a ton!