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    Mazda RX-7/8 Marketplace Links - Parts & Others

    flowery driver door plastic.. no crack. 9.9/10 replace the dull looking unitone. 85 only text me 0122640930 off hour.
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    Selling AP and imported car ( cash n loan )

    anyone has not been conned by this guy? is his deal for real?
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    Mazda RX-7/8 Marketplace Links - Parts & Others

    have u got them ? text me 0172651680
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    Looking for Parts?

    anyone has st202 steering pinion rack and lower arms? pls sms me 0172651860 adam.tks
  5. toyota celica 3sgte 93(M)

    250 hp transplanted 3sgte, jpj approved well maintained will revealed what ever need to do, no hiding call or sms office hour can send you more pic no time waster nego till let go
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    Mazda RX-7/8 Marketplace Links - Parts & Others

    yes, mine is fd3s. today i just bought the 97 type RZ half cut big brake rotor and caliper, with everything that i don need on lelong now.. anyone just sms me 0172651680. office hour pls.
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    Mazda RX-7/8 Marketplace Links - Parts & Others

    hi bro, my car caught fire, need to buy my second half cut. anyone care to share the half cut. you could have the running engine. sms me 0172651680. towed my car third time in last 5 years. he he. adam
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    WTS 1983 E24 635CSI Rare Species

    for a car this age at this price,, you can keep the car ... wakakaka.
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    Mazda RX-7/8 Marketplace Links - Parts & Others

    anyone has rx8 gear shift knob to let go? pm me pls.
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    Buy & Sell your RX-7 and RX-8 here.

    what i hate the most is,,, the car died in somewhere then waits for hours for the tow driver to come.. who need to shake off first.. ha ha..
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    Buy & Sell your RX-7 and RX-8 here.

    the cost has taken over the choices of car.. i think the r e blog apparently has died..
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    Buy & Sell your RX-7 and RX-8 here.

    guess they don care about the interior,, and as for engine can easily buy a half cut and swapped in.. and then wa la ready for drift.. or is my guess wrong?
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    Proton Gen2 CPS H-Line

    how the steering color quite garang.. ori ka.
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    Mazda RX-7/8 Marketplace Links - Parts & Others

    bro i am looking for fd3s rear bonnet, silver preferably as mine, the hole for the spoiler has rusted beyond use and leaking water. pm me pls. thanks.
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    Two GTR35 Serious Crash in Kuantan...

    better go to sepang tract, nowadays can rent some sportscar rx7 for 2k and ram the whole day. once you go sepang tract you stay cool on the trunk road.
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    Knowing RX8 Before Buying...

    i heard the 8 has lots of ignition coil and steering system problem..
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    Buy & Sell your RX-7 and RX-8 here.

    just whack your price kow kow,,sure got people sell.. it is all about the price.. haha
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    Mazda RX-7/8 Marketplace Links - Parts & Others

    8jj same for rx8 and 7 ori rim la. no wider.
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    Problem bout belting for FD3S

    if it is me, i just pay for the 30,, second option remove the air pump which is redundant, then you need an adaptor which cost another few hundred.. easier pay the 30.
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    need parts for my sa22c rx7 savanna URGENT

    why start a new blog la. .
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    DIY projects

    i have done 5 sets of putting aluminium brackets in place of the fragile fibre bracket for the stock head lamp lid, think i have perfected the technique... wa ka ka ... i have put the carbon fiber sticker onto central console,, but it really look cheapy.. would put up the pic later,, my camera...
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    FD3S vs retard owner

    hey,,, the pricing in Japan like same in malaysia ka..
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    Essential RX maintenance

    fc half cut about 5k ka. workmanship 100 for each item.400total.radiator fluid, oil, aircon gas, etc misc 600, maybe transport say 800. sound like about there la..
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    RCA Dragon Prosperity Trackday

    bro what is the model for the last black toyota 2 door,, look like mazda lantis with pop up light?? cheers good work
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    Mazda RX-7/8 Marketplace Links - Parts & Others

    i got extra 6 pug ceramic clutch disc for fc/fd to share..
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    For the love of our cars and our passion.

    if you want to love your 7 more.. check this link..purch
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    For the love of our cars and our passion.

    never give up on re.. nothing weigh as light (in average pocket) but power as fast.. with such look and handling.. keep it alive..
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    Another Bull Bites the Dust. Gallardo totals at Guthrie Highway

    people get excited during cny or holiday something one of reason ha.. the tyre thread look still ok.. maybe the brake tak cukup ..
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    DIY projects

    the irony is,, the carbon sticker look cheapy cheapy,,on the other hand, the old plastic look dull and injured(some paint already peeled off).. i heard painting could cause much shortened life span with eventual cracking up in a short time,, that is why thinking of putting sticker.. he he.
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    DIY projects

    all wise bros, i am thinking of next project putting carbon decal sticker on the plastic interior panel.. any constructive idea on the choice of colors and whether it is good for long term.. got silver, black, red maroon, blue .. i am thinking of silver la.. comment la.
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    For the love of our cars and our passion.

    to elsm.. if the car explode ,, just rebuild lo,, it only means the parts already in verge of rebuild..
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    For the love of our cars and our passion.

    fd has done no 1 in 24 hr endurance race before in australia what..
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    [Car Stolen] Gold Corolla AE101

    never (include parts shop)buy anything from unsure source,, it could be stolen. when the buying stop the stealing stop too..
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    Buy & Sell your RX-7 and RX-8 here.

    last month dec, got one ad in mudah to sell fd at 45 k.. don give up on fd.. repair or touch up affordable..
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    DIY projects

    due to shortage of parts,, started this project for modifying master power window switch,, due to poor response towards the previous posting ,, i would make long story short,, connect the wire (easy la plus minors electric points bla bla) then make bigger hole or reduce size of switch then...
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    for rx7 lover - feed bodykit

    fd can be made into porsche with RE kit(cost about 60k, enough to buy one fd in malaysia), , can be made into ferrari by FEED kit.. ha ha. btw, i have the spoiler in the video.. fit onto my car .
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    fd owners...

    some time i ask myself would i avoid compound by traffic police if i drive slowly,, after what i experienced yesterday the answer is clear,, the traffic block is out there to cari makan.. just ram your sports ride baby.. don fucking care.. ha ha...
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    Buy & Sell your RX-7 and RX-8 here.

    why so many selling,, is it becoz gov going to stop half cut import...
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    Random Shot: Lamborghini Aventador

    front look cause instant erection
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    just bought used rx7..and needs help about my cars idle

    the engine timing is so fucking high.. lower the timing bro..
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    Infiniti officially lands in Kuala Lumpur - 315bhp 3.7L powers all models

    ya la.. all three models should be my guess 200 the most.. as the local tax is 100 percent.. bodoh.
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    RE Amemiya @ Pasir Gudang Circuit 18th Oct 2011

    just for discussion,, anyone could let his fd or rx8 for ramming in tract for a price, and how much should that be.. if engine or gear kong, owner bear..or any better idea??
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    Rotary Engine no good lah

    check the historical 1st series rx7 headlamp and how the modernization has make the later changes. and see how simple was the subframe in 1st series.
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    Where to get new parts?

    i suggest we list down the new parts from where and what brand we have bought before so the newbie could know where to source them.. i start with 1)fuel filter, buy from any shop , use hyundai one 2)oil filter, the same 3) clutch disc, oem, i used exedy (buy from mechanic) before, give burning...
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    Rotary Engine no good lah

    to experienced fd's ,, esp to phat and alchemis,, my rear brake rotor is kind of worn, i think less than 18mm.. would the braking more powerful if i change the rotor now or no difference in braking distance.. or other words, would the braking distance longer if the rotor is less than minimal...
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    Rotary Engine no good lah

    better check your turbo.. intercooler shd not has oil isnt it...
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    Rotary Engine no good lah

    check the coolant leaking into engine..
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    Please help me with RE engine !

    no need to add la.. use petrol RON97 good enough lo.
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    DIY projects

    this the late pic of how to strengtern the inner door handle,, 1st pic has the inner door cup strengterned with metal plate at the friction area.. i drilled it to become bigger hole to allow the screw to go thru. 2nd pic has additional screw into the part of metal very close to the pulling...
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    Be careful!

    i think we all must work together NOT to buy any parts which is suspicious,, it could come from one of the stolen 7,, .. sad..