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  1. *NEW* Hyundai all model RAYA SALES !!

    Hi guys, i'm part timer on this sales and kindly give me some support :D I'm main on HYUNDAI but selling all brand of cars, new or used or recond. To save your time, you can let me know what the best price you get for your wanted-to-buy car, then i'll try to quote better than that if i can :)...
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    Extractor differences

    whats the different from those white steel extractor that wai heng, wai yip, XIN or etc compare to zenden, hotbits, powerzone...chromed extractor ? besides chromed and last long ? any much diff in performance ?:hmmmm:
  3. *Used* ORI nokia 6280 SELLING CHEAP !

    A girl owner previously, superb condition, and taking very good care on it, 99.9% scratchless. Let go for rm1.25k with 13months warranty left. Correct, its left 13months ! The new set come with 15months warranty as explanation below. the package come with all original by CSL distributor also...
  4. D2S HID bulb for sale, modded H4 based

    a pair of used 4350k bulb for sale modded to H4 kaki, used 3months, SOLD its just plug and play if u have ballast and ignitor....for H4 user interested pm me or call 019-6366613 bakuteh/ray location klang valley/serdang reason : change to higher K bulb p/s : a pair D2S bulb only...
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    Below Rm500 Kelisa Mod

    what should i do or what can i my kelisa while my $$ is just 500 bucks..? exterior (got bodykit, whatelse ?) or performance...?
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    Spring for kelisa ?

    i wanna get a sport spring for my kelisa, comfort and lowered are prefer, bout handling, if it is better than stock then is very good...... :P for a bad news, i've on budget ....RM 400 :( , any1 can recommend ? i've heard Dr.Spring is not bad but still not that clear, and if got another brand...