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    n/a B8 vs B8T

    then....wat next?
  2. M

    New engine

    go 4 180....turbo...
  3. M

    Gearbox Lantis for B8

    not remember..but u can contact of the halfcut worker...
  4. M

    Looking to repair/buy new seats for Astina

    bro..better change to b8 seat...more comfort and good looking
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    need advice about clutch for B8 in TX3

    bro......better go to Bryan Ipoh Mali..kingz of clutch modification!
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    Looking for Mazda 626 V6 Cronos ECU

    bro ..feel free to visit killerbees forum...a lot of rare items which pusher ready to let go there!
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    Gearbox Lantis for B8

    go to butterworth..... a lot of rare spare part of junk yard mazda sleep there!
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    tx3 sampan 1990 rear brake caliper

    bro go to some upgrade...change to lantis v6 knuckle.....its better!
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    Suspension for mazda BG

    bro...try survey to nearest Ultra Racing dealer....or try catch at 2nd dealer "potong kereta"..some bf part can fix to bd..
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    How much boost can b8 bpt/bpd stand before explode?

    ' bro bout "aquarium fish bone"?...its work!
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    Turbo Upgrade For B6t?

    below than 1.0 bar its consider safe....depend on u setup and ur mechanic experience and last but not least ur LUCKS!....caw!!!
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    for Bd n Bf user

    wow....waiting 4 sleeping monster!
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    Gearbox Lantis for B8

    any secret receipi to hybrid the junkyard g/box?...4 b6t or tx3:itsme:
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    looking b8 210 air flow sensor

    210 code for afm?....
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    FOrd Ranger CamShaft??

    Bro...your better go to cycle n carriage....many part there....
  16. M


    all throw to junkyard!!!
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    knukle 5 lugs for mazda

    Tiu na seng la!!!!!
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    TX3 Sampan BPT 180 for sale

    Bro....please check ur mail.....
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    Perak Drift Showoff! 26th February 2006

    Hi Anybody have a pic at event 2007 DEC 30...
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    TX3 Sampan BPT 180 for sale

  21. M

    TX3 Sampan BPT 180 for sale

    Bumpppp!!!! Loan will arrange.....
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    TX3 Sampan BPT 180 for sale

    Hi All As per subject above. Model:TX3 sampan Engine : BPT 180 Price : 12K Neg (Cash) Location : Ipoh Very serious buyer are welcome for test drive Contact me : 012 2989940
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    market price 4 b8 180@b8 210 hcut??

    + intallation+gear mali!!!
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    Ms Type B For Sale~~ JDM or MDM(Malaysia Domestic Market)
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    Any common problems with BPT engines?

    long live B8!!
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    Any common problems with BPT engines?

    bro... where u heard?....not true la....
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    Anyone driven Mazda Astina? astination..
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    mazda speed@210 seat

  29. M

    Looking For BG Rear Calliper

    try call this..........0192387908...
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    mazdaspeed ms-o1R 15''x7 pics

    pic cannot open la..bro
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    Big Engine Problem: FORD TX3, 2dr - sampan (HELP)

    kasi bakar je...itu chop shop!!!!
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    B6 LSD GearBox (2wD)

    shoter ratio mean drink much more fuel....?
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    FS:TX3 GEARBOX 1.8 Manual

    bro complete wit d/shaft?
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    B6 DOHC half Cut price?

    last month my fren bought tuten rawang.. 5.2k is consider ples buy...
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    B6 DOHC half Cut price?

    bro.. location...ples.. the halfcut 210 3.2k.. my fren now searching........
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    What turbo and injector for 250-300whp ??

    vf10 hybrid.......
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    Looking 4 Bg Bodypart...

    nobody not put the gun to your head man!!!
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    ford laser tx3

    hard to find but still can find...
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    Looking 4 Bg Bodypart...

    Item:Mazda BG limited@rare reflector Price:RM550 Contact:012-6586658
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    half-cut place for astina

    many ppl having same prob like U.... so difficult ooo...2 find this molding pillar....
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    B8 fuel pump question

    all already sleep lor!!!
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    B8 owners... let's share your B8's experience

    flatlander... u..kaki race ha?
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    Mazda B6 1.8T

    K10 WANt to keep 4 spare part la... let him buy la...
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    Mazda 1.8cc DOHC or 1.8cc V6 good on Malaysia Roads!!! agree wit always b care wit ur foot!!
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    Anyone driven Mazda Astina?

    factory stock...astina is cun ooo
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    looking for any gearbox for B6T!!!!

    so many item u have arr...monkey
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    B8 owners... let's share your B8's experience

    wow..all bg tapau mitsui here... sr20 how arr?...
  48. M

    Mazda B6 1.8T

    illegal?....sorry!!! fre bump 2 U..
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    Anyone driven old unit telstar?

    eiii mr vf10.. where u know ha? dont simply2 answer ooo... or u have xperient driving this ha? u tell me la...
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    Mazda B6 1.8T

    so let chop de car la...hahaha