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  1. WTS: 2 x Achilles ATR Sport 2

    2 used Achilles ATR Sport 2 tyres for RM100! 70% tread left. 205 45 17. COD Bangsar South. PM me here to discuss.
  2. deacon

    Honda Integra DC2 JDM front stolen.

    My car has been stolen, it is Championship White has a black Cwest front lip and a black Mugen spoiler in the back. It also has silver enkei rpf1 rims. Liscence plate number is WGD 6800. If you spot it let me know here via PM or email me at Thank you in advanced for the help...
  3. Lot of Honda B series parts!

    1 Type R 3 spoke non-airbag steering wheel in bad condition. SOLD 1 B18C GSR intake manifold with no secondary butterfly valves. RM150 1 B series 60mm throttle body with no TPS. RM200 1 set of stock B series cam pullies. [no pic] FREE 1 stock B series crank pulley from a B18C. [no pic] FREE...
  4. For sale P30 B16A OBD1 ECU

    This is a JDM P30 ECU that came out of my car as i am now using a programmable ECU. ECU works. Vtec open 5800rpm Can be chipped. Price is negotiable, no low balling please. Please think twice before posting a comment that doesn't contribute anything. Thanks. PM me for those...
  5. Hondata s200 for sale

    Hi guys, I bought a hondata s200 not long ago with the intention of using it. But i have recently decided (regretfully) to keep my car stock, so i will be selling the hondata s200 off. Price is a very reasonable RM850. Currently i believe the tuning already on it is suited for a H22A...
  6. Exhaust & DC2R meter cluster

    Hi guys got an exhaust that came out of my car. 2 inch Border 304 max exhaust but got no stamp. Was on my DC2, its got a kick ass sound and its LOUD! Still got fiber :) I also have a DC2R meter cluster for sale. Its an extra. See pic. Asking price? Exhaust - SOLD SOLD SOLD! DC2R meter...
  7. deacon

    What's this? A Z faster than a R34? Honto ka neh?!

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  8. deacon

    B series TPS

    Anyone know where to get brand new ones not halfcut shop ones? Another question is if i get a brand new aftermarket throttle body that doesnt come with a TPS do i use back my old one?
  9. deacon

    Wheel bearings!

    Hi guys, How many of you that own Protons, namely Satrias or Satria GTIs have had to change your wheel bearings before? I am currently experience symptoms of worn out wheel bearings but whenever i send it to the shop there are no problems probably because the bearings haven't been heated...
  10. 5 Zigen Fireball 17 inch rims for SALE!!

    5Zigen Fireball – made in Japan Like new and immaculately kept. Used for 3 months only then sold off my old car now in storage. All center caps available. 17 inch - 8 holes – 114.3 / 100 Serious buyers only. Call or SMS owner direct – 012 295 2225 (Roen) No trade-ins accepted sorry...
  11. deacon

    4g93p ecus

    0450 5537 - is step 0 i understand. 2468 What i need to know is whether or not these ecus can accommodate obd2 port access? Tried searching and no one has ever posted this information.
  12. deacon

    ECU reflash

    Anyone know where i can do this and for how much is the going rate? Don't want to get taken for a ride.
  13. WTS Cheap stuff

    4G93P inlet manifold RM100 nego Civic EG B16A intake plus air filter for RM100 nego Mivec original spark plug cables RM50 Both prices are negotiable. No gurantee as the parts are already so cheap. I wouldn't want to ship these items out via mail because i am lazy. I don't have pictures...
  14. deacon

    Spoon vtec controller

    Hi everyone, Need your help in a BIG way! Does anyone have any instructions for the spoon vtec controller. I just need to know what each coloured wire does! Thank you in advance my sifus!
  15. deacon

    Need help with Mivec 1.8

    I need someone who is a damn smart guy who has hooked up a RPM shift light to a mivec solenoid. The wiring has already been pulled into the car so its just a matter of running a relay from the RPM shift light to the mivec wiring to activate it. Can someone with a vast amount of intelligence...
  16. For sale or Trade: VAFC Blue Screen

  17. 4G93 parts for sale

    all items sold!
  18. Wireless network USB 2.0 adapter

    Hi everyone. I have 2 wireless adapters for sale both are made by PROLINK WG2000. Both are wireless just in case nobody read properly ;) I am selling them because my parents both have laptops equiped for wireless. They work both for laptops and PCs. I bought both for RM175 a piece. Which means...
  19. deacon

    i know its a random post but.....

    got beat by a '99 gti in my '00 gti. he had the same muffler but with circular holes on either side. dunno whether i damn slow on the stepping or what but he kept pulling damn upset :confused:
  20. deacon

    4g93 lots of questions!

    well actually its just one. how much money would it take to get 180whp on my gti n/a tune no turbo no supercharger? i hope there isnt another thread on this if so just point me in the right direction. oh and i need a part list of things i need to get for achieve this! thanks in advance...
  21. deacon

    4g93 (increase displacement)

    a friend and i were having a discussion about different ways to modify my gti. we were discussing junkyard evo engines and perhaps getting a 4g93t engine. one question came up is whether or not i can stroke my existing 4g93 to 2.0 without machining and milling? and i was thinking were i to go...