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  1. AD_EG

    4g93 Mivec Turbo Waja project(Many pictures be warned)

    Ohhh mai gawd hahahah... This owner sot2... Easy to spot with hi shoei kakakakka... Hi bro
  2. AD_EG

    Power FC and FC Hako

    Hi guys, wanted to ask if anyone using FC hako to connect to the power fc? And if any of you attempted to tune your power FC with just the commander ? As i know the functions avail via commander is limited and its best to gain full excess... datalogit seems to be a lil steep pricing...
  3. AD_EG

    DIY - Defi Gauges on RB - Oil Temp, Water Temp & Oil press

    Sup zth, how you fellas been... ill try to post up some of the DIY's that I was able to take some photos... This is installation is on an RB but it would apply to I would say most cars with a few changes here and there...esp at the wiring or sensor adapters installation. So if you're...
  4. AD_EG

    Exhaust setup

    bro wanna play this engine..just keep it basic..invest more on long term stuff for the car...such as suspension, brakes etc...things can be sued when you do an major engine upgrade or engine swap... for the got ur exh setup covered alr ...what ever changes you make from here wont...
  5. AD_EG

    Transplanted engine vs Speedometer

    but generally hitting the redline dont mean anything without checking your power curve on the dyno.. so dont be revving it at redline thinking you're making power all the way up...always follow the feel and sound of the engine...after much spirited driving on your engine, you can feel when is...
  6. AD_EG

    Transplanted engine vs Speedometer

    normally depends on the sensors... when you change the engine... comes with gearbox...that gearbox got its own speedo. 4g15 and 4g93 dont share the same ur mech surely install with ecu wiring and gb as even if ur meter ori...he would have connected that speedo to ur...
  7. AD_EG

    looking for parts? post it here...

    any idea where i can get a geniune water pump, idler and tensioner for rb25det
  8. AD_EG

    KE70 with 4A-GE

    i spent nearly abt 3 full weekends...abt 6 hours a day, trying to find all the leaks in the car. esp around those rear lights, chromes, rubber area... etc2. so if car has "new paint" dont take that as such a great thing. Most importantly always check for rust...once owned the...
  9. AD_EG

    Repairing SpeedMeter circuitboard

    bro can post a full picture and clearer picture of the rear meter? i cant see any burnt marks, on the circuit board you can follow the lines there will be like codes to indicate the wiring terminal/ can see if that burnt area is related to the speedo circuit. have you checked the...
  10. AD_EG

    Abandon grey wira(DAF 9756) outside jalil damai appartment

    after accident it got abandoned. since got plate number try to inform authorities
  11. AD_EG

    Evo 6 complete head

  12. AD_EG

    Battlefield: Sabah

    No polls if emergency declared. :congrats::congrats::congrats::congrats::congrats::congrats::congrats::congrats::congrats:
  13. Evo 6 complete head

    As per the title, complete head for sale.. location JB, parcel can be arranged for outstation buyers. Pls sms only as ill be at work, will be difficult to take calls.
  14. AD_EG

    Panasonic Double Din, with 8 disc changer

    can rcv malysian stations
  15. AD_EG

    Light weight sport rim, will make a different in daily use?

    yup, it will aslo make your wallet super light. :biggrin:
  16. AD_EG

    Looking for honda civic ek3 (QME7299)

    whoah. report the car stolen and take the car back la.since legally the car is still yours.
  17. AD_EG

    Wira Fully Converted Evo III [pic inside]

    any engine bay pic bro
  18. AD_EG

    Car idling not stable and petrol usage high

    in this case, sounds like a sensor problem bro. im not so famliar with ur car model, but i get a feeling its a problem with maybe airflow sensor
  19. AD_EG

    Satria Gti Stolen @ Palm Spring Kota Damansara

    these fellas must be so high on drugs to be able to do such things. now days these kind of crimes getting more and more violent.
  20. AD_EG

    Wira Fully Converted Evo III [pic inside]

    will give you a call tonight bro. serious buyer. thanks.
  21. AD_EG

    Satria Gti Stolen @ Palm Spring Kota Damansara

    mad la this fellas. that day they said its some major syndicate to ship these cars overseas and sell em at a high price. sorry bro for your loss. bro L2s the thieves brake into another car to take their access pass to bring car out.
  22. AD_EG

    General talk for bank loan (Car, housing or personal loan) - True stories

    i 100% agree with bro L2s. 2 killers in SG is property n vehicle. other than thats its cheap. esp food, still can get $3 economy rice with chicken + 2 vege, with good portion. near town area. cheap in the sense dont convert. cause their salary and malaysia salary more or less the same $ to...
  23. AD_EG

    B18C non type r~

    i previously used b18c GSR..i had great fun with this engine its powerful. good FC.. this engine is lower in compression, hence ron 95 should be able to adapt. the intake manifold is dual stage, which helps alot for city driving. when i play with this engine, i change to b16a pistons, to...
  24. AD_EG

    General talk for bank loan (Car, housing or personal loan) - True stories

    yup..its normal for mom's not to be happy abt riding bike. my mom didnt like it either but she had no choice but to accept. and alot of people say its dangerous. yes it is, so is anything in life. there is risk in everything we do.
  25. AD_EG

    General talk for bank loan (Car, housing or personal loan) - True stories

    Bro izwan, for you to be thinking/discussing about all this is very healthy. it shows that you have a need to know or learn attitude which will help you. so don worry bro. and in fact, i think by talking ab out this you already somewhat have the "uncle mentality". hehehe, but in all honesty...
  26. AD_EG

    General talk for bank loan (Car, housing or personal loan) - True stories

    A loan is a must...esp at a young age. if you are not born rich, you must have a loan sooner or later. after that its all about discipline. my dad passed away when i was 20(while in college) i was the youngest, my bro was in college too... the fee's fopr the both of us was as you know very heavy...
  27. AD_EG

    General talk for bank loan (Car, housing or personal loan) - True stories

    izwan, curious bro, the bank u mentioned u resigned from @ johore is it Citi? and where in SG are u working ?
  28. AD_EG

    Head valve cover nut oily/greasy

    should be able to re-thread
  29. AD_EG

    Head valve cover nut oily/greasy

    either the nut needs to replaced or the thread worn out cause over tighten.
  30. AD_EG

    JusT To Satisfy My CuriositY

    same engine bro. they used this same engines in all the wiras, satrias etc
  31. AD_EG

    Over Lean/Rich Symptoms

    not so bad la if too rich, but FC will be bad, puffing black smoke, and plugs will foul up earlier, performance a bit sluggish in short better to be running rich than lean.
  32. AD_EG

    Over Lean/Rich Symptoms

    dyno rental i think between rm50-100. tuning cost depedns what ECU/piggyback u using. dont be malu bro..hp is just a number. not important...and that is malu? or having a BLOWN engine cause continue to drive on lean setup is more malu?
  33. AD_EG

    FUYOHH EVO 10 police car VS Satria GTI !

    smarttag cant detect so fast bro. still will smash into the barrier ---------- Post added at 05:40 PM ---------- 6 hour anti-bump limit - Previous post was at 05:38 PM ---------- the GTI driving with fear and risking everybody elses life with no care .. the police need to drive carefully...
  34. AD_EG

    eK original Absorber SO4

    check ur pm
  35. AD_EG

    Wira Slammed Superbike Store Repeatedly!!

    ya i agree..recently i read, the goverment is also allowing people to apply for AUTO driving license only.. im so worried this is going to increase number of accidents and inexperienced days also so worrying, some of these young drivers or lady drivers...dont bother to use side...
  36. AD_EG

    radiator questions

    if on stock hose and radiator, its not recommended cause it was designed to handle 0.9bar. my mech once mentioned that it could cause the stock radiator to leak over a period of time due to the pressure.
  37. AD_EG

    Wira Slammed Superbike Store Repeatedly!!

    bandar sri permaisuri
  38. AD_EG

    radiator questions

    higher than normal? slightly higher than middle line? or at red line?
  39. AD_EG

    Proton Putra EVO 3 Turbo Microtech LT10s

    bro kumar, thats a nice ride.... sad to hear ur selling but kind of glad too...cause im actually looking for an Evo3 for my brother. im just waiting for his personal loan to be approved and ill give you a call bro..
  40. AD_EG

    Wira Slammed Superbike Store Repeatedly!!

    Some of you might have already heard of this news on tuesday, an aunty driving a proton wira, rammed into a volvo XC60(superbike store owners brother), and then in a state of panic, reversed into 2 myvi's and rammed 4 motorcycles and a superbike store at bandar sri permaisuri. Bikes smashed -...
  41. AD_EG

    radiator questions

    1.the radiator helps dispersing heat through the fins/chambers, and gets help from the fan and outside air to also cool down the water inside. so the water goes into the engine and back out to the radiator to be cooled, and then sent back into the engine. 2.not normal bro, need to see if any...
  42. AD_EG

    Faulty Alarm.

    yup changing the siren alone is possible and its definitely related to ur siren. could either be wire loose/disconnected...normally the siren should be in the engine bay...ill try and see if i can get a pic for you. i had an siren go bust after heavy rain, somehow rain got in, after a few...
  43. AD_EG

    150 cars stolen daily & Car thieves stay ahead with advanced technology

    sommore if they are going to use a car for robbery, the most common car or nrmal looking car is the best choice. and if they going to sell to the estates, these kind of normal cars are preffered choice as well
  44. AD_EG

    150 cars stolen daily & Car thieves stay ahead with advanced technology

    tahts freaking scary numbers.
  45. AD_EG

    Another Bull Bites the Dust. Gallardo totals at Guthrie Highway

    omg... why are there so much of these supercars recently getting into accidents la wei ---------- Post added at 10:06 AM ---------- 6 hour anti-bump limit - Previous post was at 10:04 AM ---------- why all jumping to conclusions about the driver etc etc...nobody knows the full story. don be so...
  46. AD_EG


    ARP Headstuds..i think ur good to go...
  47. AD_EG

    Look Out Point, Hulu Langat, Closed? Why?

    maybe they never "pow" MPKJ
  48. AD_EG

    backfire prob!!

    bro what engine you using, evo 3?