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  1. l2s_turbo

    CRC MAF cleaner

    Can it be used on those EVO3 MAF sensors? Where to get them in jb or sg??
  2. l2s_turbo

    4g63T c.o.p conversion

    Wow.. i'm interested! How much does it cost?
  3. l2s_turbo

    Perdana RVR 4g63 turbo upgrade

    What i know RVR RS is belongs to 2nd Gen, where they have front mount intercooler like mine.
  4. l2s_turbo

    myvi 282mm honda kit for sale

    Can 15" fit?
  5. l2s_turbo

    Looking for new tyres for MyVi (195/50/15)

    I long time din go there buy already, because that auntie forever busy.. made me waited for more than 30mins just to get the tyres... now go to my friend's shop at nusa bestari.. the very big Hankook logo.. about 6 shops link together de.. tonnes of rims and tyres.. but he never carry PS3.. i...
  6. l2s_turbo

    Looking for new tyres for MyVi (195/50/15)

    You mean U-Liang? That auntie?
  7. l2s_turbo

    Custom Turbo Kit (Suzuki Swift)

    Bro, better open a new thread to avoid confusion...
  8. l2s_turbo

    Custom Turbo Kit (Suzuki Swift)

    Then comes the gauges for monitoring each and every important things, seats to hold you properly when your car is already good in handling, but driver cannot sit properly thru the corner you took, ... never ending.. till lastly, change car... wahahaha....
  9. l2s_turbo

    Custom Turbo Kit (Suzuki Swift)

    I'm in jb.. haha... if possible to meet up, i'll show you some poisons.. haha.. it's a basic setup.. but you need to take many things into consideration... Brakes and suspension too... you wouldn't just drive at 80km/h after turbo charge right? So can you stop in time if you can speed that fast...
  10. l2s_turbo

    Custom Turbo Kit (Suzuki Swift)

    Welcome to the dark side.... well i must say, it depends on what you want basically... You can have a full new setup with the price as advertised in the website like some of the famous brand to name a few, speedworks turbo kit, zage turbo kit, hks turbo kit and bla bla bla.. to something that...
  11. l2s_turbo

    advice needed for buying a modified car...

    Just get a Honda Civic with B16A/B16B for a start.. have fun from there...
  12. l2s_turbo

    Sigh... S'greans are WORST Pple on Earth....

    If the limit of COE has reached, you can either scrap or retain the car and bid for another COE on that particular month. Like one of my friend, he bought a civic del sol 2 door 2 seater open top for SGD2500 with 1 yr COE left.. The car is full with goodies.. such as B20B, racing seats, big...
  13. l2s_turbo

    advice needed for buying a modified car...

    My sincere opinion, don't buy that satria with 300bhp... instead start with a satria neo 1.6.. I know young blood like your age like adrenaline.. but bear in mind, a 300bhp car is not really easy to handle especially when you were so used to viva's power... try driving a kenari/kelisa with K3VET...
  14. l2s_turbo

    205/45/16 tyre recommandation

    For that size, I'm using PS3.. still so far the best..
  15. l2s_turbo

    Knocking after bolt on turbo

    Erm, bro I also used HKS platinum plugs previously, cold plug.. also not as expensive as yours ler.. Import directly from Japan too... ---------- Post added at 01:19 PM ---------- 6 hour anti-bump limit - Previous post was at 11:29 AM ---------- Bro my car also doesn't have fuel pressure...
  16. l2s_turbo

    Knocking after bolt on turbo

    Bro, there's another guy in jb that can tune Unichip other than visworks.. If you interested I can give you his contact.. He is previously from visworks.. He is one of the top tuner there before.. Or if you are more keen to spend a bit more to settle your problem once and for all.. I can intro...
  17. l2s_turbo

    Knocking after bolt on turbo

    Unichip cannot control bigger injectors replacing stock, it can only control extra injector.. How many cc is your extra injector? Did you change fuel pump? Fuel pressure regulator? And bro, did your check engine light pop out? I'm a unichip Q user with BOT on my swift.. currently running 0.7bar...
  18. l2s_turbo

    Suzuki Swift Bumper and exhaust change

    I have used rear twin tip muffler for sale.. if interested pm me...
  19. l2s_turbo

    Perdana RVR 4g63 turbo upgrade

    You can try using unichip.. i had mine dynoed at 198hp and 28kg/mm torque.. injectors also stock.. only mod the exhaust pipings and intake.. too high power, your gear box will definately slip.. FC wise is RON 95 full tank at 350km.. if drive slowly never anyhow boost is 380km.. if boost all the...
  20. l2s_turbo

    Turbo upgrade..Ecu upgrade

    If you doesn't want the sound, just choose those recirculating valves rather than blow off valves.. or you can also custom the blow off valve to a recirculating valve by changing the front mouth adapter.
  21. l2s_turbo

    Bolt On Turbo on NA Engine

    Yes, better to put aftermarket ones.. bigger but again not too big.. in order to protect your GB.. the oil will get heated up very fast if you boost around too often..
  22. l2s_turbo

    Bolt On Turbo on NA Engine

    Bro for alza engine i'm not sure of the compression ratio.. for swift 1.5, the engine is low comp setting, unless it's 1.6 and that's high comp setup for stock.. That's why 1.6 swift sport and civic type R only can use Ron 97 above fuel.. as for swift 1.5, it's originally low comp.. so if i were...
  23. l2s_turbo

    Bolt On Turbo on NA Engine

    After BOT, you have a few things to also monitor, 1)Oil temp 2)Water Temp 3)AFR 4)Oil Press For me, i installed oil cooler as well.. change radiator fan, change thermostat, change radiator cap only did not change the radiator, as not enough space.. so use back stock.. water temp when...
  24. l2s_turbo

    port n polish cylinder head gain

    Bro, take a look back at your down pipe size.. if your intake volume has changed, but your exhaust volume did not change, it'll give you downside performance.. just like ppl say.. "makan banyak tapi berak sikit" you know what i mean? Engine are not like our stomach can dissolve some of the foods...
  25. l2s_turbo

    Bolt On Turbo on NA Engine

    Hi, here are some of my opinions, 1) Better to use Emanage Ultimate(direct change injector) or Unichip(side feed injector) to control if budget permits. You can set if more precise using the MAP sensor/Turbo module. 2) Erm this one i have to go home check. 3) If stock, best to stay within...
  26. l2s_turbo

    Tire Price list Zth

    Heard of Altenzo? Any feedback on that?
  27. l2s_turbo

    Tire Price list Zth

    Continental? Hankook? Michellin? Are they not recommended? But owner doesn't want to upgrade to 15".. Yokohama C-Drive 2 how much?
  28. l2s_turbo

    Tire Price list Zth

    Hmm.. good in both wet and dry.. balance... budget did not set..
  29. l2s_turbo

    Tire Price list Zth

    Any price and recommendation for tyre size 185/60/14? Which is the best, better and good? Anyone? ---------- Post added at 04:08 PM ---------- 6 hour anti-bump limit - Previous post was at 01:39 PM ---------- Any recommendations??
  30. l2s_turbo

    Sad news: Please drive safe guys!

    The rumours are said to be 490hp.. but the truth isn't so.. sorry I can't reveal much here as to respect the deceased decision for staying low profile when he was alive..the car just came out from dyno last haiz... hope you guys understand..:bawling:
  31. l2s_turbo

    Sad news: Please drive safe guys!

    I only can say he tested his car on the wrong track.. he was my friend's car buddy.. His car was just out from a huge mod and a huge power bump.. speechless.. just RIP.. hope that the comments here wouldn't be that insensitive.. He is just another car enthusiast like us.. but chosen the wrong...
  32. l2s_turbo

    zc21 m15a camber kit

    Singapore Project S has it..
  33. l2s_turbo

    [Urgent] Where to make Oil Cooler Lines?

    Bro find those that sells hydraulic hoses.. they can custom the correct length and size for you. I did mine after the cheap aluminium fitting fails on my swift after 6 months installation.. the swivel head just leaks.. so change it to those hydraulic hose crimp type.. confirm ok.. if you really...
  34. l2s_turbo

    Big Brake Kits for Suzuki Swift

    Done my rear disc conversion.. Will upload the pics later.. Stay tuned :biggrin:
  35. l2s_turbo

    Suzuki Swift: 1.5 (m15a/zc21): Discussions/Opinions

    Anymore swifters around?
  36. l2s_turbo

    Average Modifications Price

    Personally it has to depends on whether you are a NA or a Turbo fan person.. I know a guy in sg did his swift NA spent at least SGD 20k++ just to get what he was satisfied with some expensive items like sun line racing full exhaust system costing sgd2k, motec m800, Carrillo pistons, okada...
  37. l2s_turbo

    Help me with my fuel system

    Check your vacuum hose and vacuum source too..
  38. l2s_turbo

    changing suzuki swift m15a auto to manual.

    So far my swift auto gb can stand 260++Nm and 180hp of beating.. and thank god to it.. i guess that's the max it can go.. ---------- Post added at 05:20 PM ---------- 6 hour anti-bump limit - Previous post was at 05:09 PM ---------- The small island beside malaysia will have many items...
  39. l2s_turbo

    changing suzuki swift m15a auto to manual.

    I agree with you bro, but sometimes you just can't help but to be upset about it when on the straight they can pull away.. but when it comes to a corner.... you'll see i'll be smiling away because luckily i'm in my swift... :proud:
  40. l2s_turbo

    Skyline on fire?

    This is very sad... :(
  41. l2s_turbo

    Has anyone tried rear mounted turbo?

    It's really new to me... how come intercooler piping so long.. no lag meh???
  42. l2s_turbo

    Exhaust system for auto tranny

    Hi bro, i'm driving a 1.5 auto swift here.. so far what i did to my ride is; Simota carbon charger with custom air inlet Rear muffler change to S-flow twin tail pipe Plug cables change to NGK Plugs change to Torque Master plugs (damn good stuffs) Throttle controller (you must have wondering...
  43. l2s_turbo

    BBK Choice

    It really depends on your budget.. Endless will be the top of my list.. but both of my car currently using 4 pots from other car makes.. GTO 4pot and Lexus UCF21 4pot.. Both serves me well but i prefer the Lexus ones.. :burnout:
  44. l2s_turbo

    Perdana Lower Arm Bush

    Yup that's why i've reverted back to stock bushing since i've change my rims to 18" too...
  45. l2s_turbo

    Ghost adventure gone wrong..

    Well i'll wait and see what the news will say tonight..
  46. l2s_turbo

    Perdana V6 Gearbox Problem

    Bro what gearbox you are transplanting? Manual? :)
  47. l2s_turbo

    Perdana Lower Arm Bush

    Well in the end i revert all back to stock bushings, changed all bushings.. see how long it can last...
  48. l2s_turbo

    self poison

    Yes i second that... hehe... go go go...
  49. l2s_turbo

    Ghost adventure gone wrong..

    This morning passed by this site, still many ppl surrounding this house.. Misteri Villa Nabila Johor JB (23 Remaja Hilang?)