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    Touch Screen Frozen (Touch screen kong)

    I screwed up trying to fix it up myself. I spoil the dashboard trying to take the unit was pretty nicely stuck especially the air cond vents...don't believe how easy it looks on youtube... Then I accidentally yanked out 4 wires from its loom when removing the unit and fried the board...
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    Convert to xenon head lights

    Yes you can
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    Touch Screen Frozen (Touch screen kong)

    Hi all.. Has anyone experienced this? According to other forums is quite a common problem especially in our hot weather. It has happened to me though. Anyone with experience how how they fixed theirs, kindly share. Thanks! Malcolm
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    Lexus CT200H

    Oh..I thought joking only.. Coz Hybrid supposed for great mileage n low fuel consumption..but if u gonna mod it kinda defeats the purpose no? This is just my own opinion's still your car.
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    Lexus CT200H

    Trolling u la...hahaha
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    Brake Rotor

    Hi Jimmy, I believe original GS300 brake system should be better than that, after all it's a Lexus/Toyota. Anyways, for warped brake rotors to my knowledge there is only 2 ways to solve, skim or replace. If it is beyond the tolerance for skimming, the only option is replacement. For me I...
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    Brake Rotor

    0-350 degrees celsius..
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    Brake Rotor

    Hi all... Just changed my brake rotors (project mu), brake pads (project mu), brake hoses (pro rs) and replaced brake fluid (endless). Brake rotors, hoses and pads purchased from Kakimotor sunway, apparently IS250 shares the same rotors as Alphard/Vellfire. 298mm is not mistaken. Wallet damage...
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    recond is250 with gps,how to get MY map

    Yeah..if only the navigation would work here in would be awesome!
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    WORKS Engineering Drop in Air Filter Gen2 Neo Waja Persona Saga BLM

    Hi! How to purchase? Malcolm
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    Work Emotion XT7

    4 hole or 5 holes?
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    honda civic eg4

    Nice many mods..
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    My Fren Ek4 B16a Kena Tapau By Le 4agze!

    Re: My Fren Ek4 B16a Kena Tapau By Le 4agze! Hahhahaa.....interesting...This still happpens ah?? This comparison never ceases to amaze me...
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    Seg ae101 digital a/c button blinking?????

    The solution is to replace the aircond ecu box...this part is faulty and is causing the aircond compressor to trip.
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    Impreza Ver9...URGENT SALE!

    Year 2005....Version 9...??
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    [wts] Nokia Communicator E90

    Reason for sale?
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    Subaru Forester Owner Head Count!

    Yeah, there's many on the road these days. Mine's an SF5 97/99, usually around Ampang area, So just wave or flash if u see me..
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    The Importance of having a thermostat

    Hi all.. I used to drive a rolla SE Limited with a supercharger engine.. and...i got rid of the lil thermostat car worked perfectly fine...actually i find that my car runs even overheating problems at all... Temperature stay pretty constant throughout...starting...
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    GT-Four RC

    Seen this car i think...a couple of times at poppy u hang out there? Should be this car considering it's so easy to spot..hahahha
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    Ghosts Talk

    hahahhaha...satria's story darn funneeee!!....
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    It's been such a long time since i did this... but... interesting experience.. Sadly for me..i've never been tionged....i wonder i not worthy??? hahahahahhaha
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    Beware : Dark tinted windscreen / glasses

    Yo Black.. Guess i was happily driving to Sri Petaling with my parents for tim sum this beautiful sunday morning....I was stopped by a patrol car.....For having black TInT! Hahhaha....Both of them came down...then looked around my whole car...then asked me if the tint was...
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    Timing belt and bearings

    Sorry sorry...false alarm..It turns out that when i installed my cd ice guy pulled a cable too hard...and i think it made the connection between my s-afc and ecu loose... so...that was why the check engine light came on and stuff....but i still really wanna know what it means when...
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    Timing belt and bearings

    Yo subaru gurus... What does it mean when the check engine light is on and the hold light is blinking continuosly? Really need expert help on this.... I'm driving a forester..year 97 Thanks all...!!
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    My Fren Ek4 B16a Kena Tapau By Le 4agze! can u just simply say that LE sucks? I think that's really rude.. Interesting topic...hahaha..the age old battle between 4AGZEs and B16s.... I guess we both know the story just too Lil Monster? Malcolm
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    Forester For Sale

    Eh>? Where did you ask? I really wanna know coz I'm looking for 1 around RM70k to RM80K...