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    BNIB Givi M11.0 Helmet.

    what size bro?
  2. W

    [WTS] AXT Performance Disc Brake & Pad (Australia)

    PM me price + installation for wira1.5...
  3. W

    Pioneer speaker set complete package

    the item still available?what is the last price if i cod at s.alam...
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    CCFL 3" projector fog light

    bro...can install bumper wira?are u provided installation?
  5. W

    Gambir for sale

    bro berminat mau order yg cecair...COD boleh?
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    [WTS] All NEW 2011 Pioneer CD Headunits MP3/USB/SD, iPod/iPhone 3/3GS/4/USB/SD/AUX

    Re: [WTS] All NEW 2011 Pioneer CD Headunits MP3/USB/SD, iPod/iPhone 3/3GS/4/USB/SD/A Pioneer DEH-5350UB include installation?
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    Protn Wira Brake Light

    my brake light not function...but when i on light is on.
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    Sound Deadening Spray

    can it use to belting engine or belting air-cond?
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    Rain Stain Remover

    anybody know the product can remove the stain??? ---------- Post added at 09:13 AM ---------- 6 hour anti-bump limit - Previous post was at 09:12 AM ---------- Where can i get the rubbing compound???
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    Car Baby Seat - M&P

    do u have a pic?
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    Jasma Adjustable Cam Pulley

    PM me price fo wira1.5 (M)...cod
  12. W

    Bodybuilding Supplement

    just wanna ask, which supplement is suitable to burn fat? n how much is the price?
  13. W

    New Tires For Sale.(offer)

    got Synergy M5 205/45/16....price..?
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    Engine - Wira 1.5 Manual UK Spec 2002 (VDO)

    are u will selling seperately? if yes i want to buy throttle body...
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    [WTS] Bosch Aero Twin Wiperblades

    Bro...PM me price for wira both side...
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    GAB Suspension Authorised dealer

    PM me price semi adjustable for wira1.5...
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    Sports Brake Rotor

    Bro... PM me price Sports Brake Rotor for Wira1.5...
  18. W

    Street & Performance Brake Upgrades

    PM me the price for wira1.5
  19. W

    GAB Suspension for Sale

    do have semi adjustable for wira1.5?
  20. W

    New and Used Bowling Balls for Sale!!

    ur location?
  21. W

    GARMIN GPS for nokia phone.....

    for nokia N81 can make it? Loc bandar tun razak...
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    [WTS]Adjusterble Number Plate Holder

    bro if include postage to KL how much i must top up?
  23. W

    [WTS] few horn button from Japan u have boss kit for evo 3?
  24. W

    Eagle Eyes and R3 Product For Sales

    Eagle Eyes Head Lamp for proton much?
  25. W

    [WTS] Real Carbon Fibre Hood,Trunk or Custom

    pm the price for proton wira hood?
  26. W

    Improve ur car cornering

    bro if i wan Car spring cushion(SILICON) rear only...can ar? how much? my car wira sedan 1.5...
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    NEW Pioneer 2008 lineup~ Introductory offer!

    Pioneer DEH-3050UB best price?ur location?my loc tesco cheras...
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    wira/satria/putra eagle eye whole set for sale..(RM299) underpromotion

    just want to know...the cover is plastic or glass?
  29. W

    [WTS]GAB Suspension Products, Sports/Adjustable

    looking for SL Series for wira1.5 me the price incluse installation...
  30. W

    Spring/absober pro ride new

    what are the different between abs sport and abs standard?
  31. W

    XYZ Adjustable Coilover For Sale!!!

    Super Sport Bro for wira1.5 sedan for family car how much?
  32. W

    Easy Money gang..sistem pawahan lembu yang halal...10-12% profit bulanan...

    pm me the berapa $$$ kena keluarkan bro? hehehehe....
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    Euro Jersey 2008

    bro...xxL have or not?
  34. W

    Speaker Cover Putra/ Satria GTI/ Wira (ABS OEM)

    bro...this one for speaker door trim?
  35. W

    Fuel Regulator

    anybody can show me how to install fuel regulator to my wira1.5...hope can attach the pic n instruction.
  36. W

    fuel regulator

    tq for u info bro...
  37. W

    fuel regulator

    whats best pressure for wira 1.5...?? opinion pls..
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    Bowling Ball + Brunswick Beg + Bowl Shoe cheap

    where is ur location?
  39. W

    Bowling Ball + Brunswick Beg + Bowl Shoe cheap

    how about the hole size? what is diameter?
  40. W

    bowling ball n single bag for sell

    if i want do that how much the cost?
  41. W

    bowling ball n single bag for sell

    how about the finger? what is diameter?
  42. W

    15" 5zigen 5ZR 8spoke sportrim RM1200nett only!!!

    how about the tyre %?
  43. W

    Pioneer 2008 model In Store now

    what a different between pioneer and eclipse?
  44. W

    Loose Weight Now, Ask Me HOW????
  45. W

    [wts] Evo 1 Spoiler Complete With Cap

    can u attach the pic?what colour?
  46. W

    Pentium 4 For Sale (crazy Price!!)

    pM me the crazy price...
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